Monday, January 16, 2017

Adidas NHL Pride Series

Alright guys! So this was originally a NeatO Gang project, but since everyone is a couple series behind me(don't worry I'm on their ass on getting content out), I'm taking creative control of this series.

So if you're not a hockey guy, Adidas owns Reebok, who makes the NHL jerseys. Starting next year, they're putting Adidas on the sweaters. This means that they're eliminating alternate jerseys and redoing some uniforms just like Reebok did when they started their term.
I had this idea on Thanksgiving of alternate jerseys reflecting the cities the teams are in. Pretty simple and would produce a lot of new jerseys for alternates. Since this would hypothetically be Adidas first original sets, they all would have Adidas stripes just to annoy everyone. I don't make the rules, the template does.

Without further adieu, here is the first.

Winnipeg Jets

This was the first I did. Manitoba's flag is a sea of red with a union jack in the top left and a seal on the main bit. I used the red from the jets logo as the main color, and put that seal on the shoulders just like the Flames. The white and grey make a chrome looking stripe, bordered by navy. Also put some military chevrons on the sleeve. Nothing too crazy, just feeling out this project.

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