Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 4/120 Iowa State

4/120 Iowa State
I kept the same basic design as their current ones, but I added some maroon from the logo. I added the cyclone bird logo, since it is awesome. I made the pants with 2 different colour stripes. The numbers are similar to the ones they currently use.

NCAA Jersey redesign: 3/120 Wisconsin

Hey, sorry, I had baseball practice, and other thing to do, so I couldn't post. I'll post 2 today.

3/120 Wisconsin
So, Mburmy helped me with this one. I like their current ones, but I thought I could do something with them. I added the badger on the sleeves. I also did something kind of cool, I thought. I put "Badgers" on the home, and "Wisconsin" on the road. I'm not sure that its been done for a football jersey. I changed the font to resemble the W logo. And that's about it!
Iowa State will be coming up shortly.

Monday, September 28, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 2/120 USF

2/120 USF
So I really like how they look now. The whole horns thing just works, cause ya know, they're the Bulls. I changed the helmet to the actual gold, not like some yellowish one they use now. I tried some gold pants to see how they look, and I thought it looked like it worked. I did go with a black jersey, just as a nice alternate. Oh, and I know... Grothe is out for the whole year. Pants are also interchangeable.

Tomorrow is Wisconsin!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 1/120 Wyoming

So for my first, why not start at the bottom with Wyoming. One thing I didn't like was how the home set normally is white/brown/yellow. So I went with something new, and gave them a unique brown helmet. The jersey design, I think, looks awesome. It started out as just a mock up of the Mizzu-Nike template. Then the pants have the same pattern as the jersey. Pants are interchangeable.

Next: USF see you tomorrow!

NCAA Jersey redesign

This is what I have been working on recently.

Alright, I started a project on the boards, I'll try to release a team a day untill all 120 teams jerseys are posted.

Get ready! It's a commin'!