Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pro Combat 2011: Stanford

Last one. Stanford's logos don't have black. So I'm not sure why Nike wants it to be.

Red and green. Complimentary colors. I did a two stripe sleeve stripe, and to add some more, piping and having the sleeves a darker red. The numbers have little trees in them for effect. Lastly, the pants match the sleeves.

Take notes, Nike.

Pro Combat 2011: Oregon

Oregon's pro combats were a dark version of the National Championship game set. YAWN.

If you want to do volt, and black. Do something cool. Like me. I put more volt than the number outlines. The duck wings aren't a glossy deal, and the sleeves have the gradient pattern. The pants are a dark grey, and the numbers and helmet are a dark steel pastern. i forget what Nike calls it, but it's not just one color.

Pro Combat 2011: Ohio State

Am I the only one that hates Ohio State's uniforms? The helmets are shiny, the sleeve stripes are weird, and the pants are matte. No wonder I root for Michigan when they're head to head.

I wanted to do a modern twist. I added piping that ran around the sleeves and had a stripe that hasn't been done before. I made the shells and pants be matte, and gave the numbers two outlines. I tried to remain consistent with the striping on the sleeve pants, and socks too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pro Combat 2011: Navy

I did this before the actual ones were released, but they actually came out VERY similar.

What I went for was to look like an actual navy officer uniform. I gave them monochrome navy, a white helmet, and yellow stripes near the ends of the sleeves. I didn't want the goat logo on here, just because of how sloppy it is. I tried having a balance between white and yellow to keep it looking sharp, and I feel like it turned out like what I was going for.

Ottawa Senators FC

Yesterday, Tim from emailed me with a little challenge.

He said that the Senators' new alt jersey looked like a soccer jersey with the chest stripes, and crests. I kind of agreed to that statement, and fulfilled his request.

I had more fun than I should've which is always good. I tried to make it more hockey like. I put reebok logos on it, made the shoulders have a yolk like a hockey jersey. I matched the jersey pants and socks, and put a Canadian flag on the sleeves for fun. Here's my concept.

Go check out his blog everyone. I'm a huge Lightning fan, but I still enjoyed reading some stuff.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pro Combat 2011: Michigan State

I wanted to have a spartan motif as much as I could. I decided on a cape design over the top, like the old Steelers jersey. Near the cuffs, I put a design like San Jose State, you know. The number and script is custom, and I can show a big version of the script if anyone wants to, but here it is.

Next Pro Combat: Navy

Pro Combat 2011: LSU

I was looking at images for throwback, and some stuff from the 1959 team that was undefeated. The helmets had numbers, similar to the Eagles, with some modifications, I think I matched it. The jerseys are the same as the current, so I added gold for the typical nike throwback look. The old set had block numbers, but I matched the helmet font. You could say it was a "Feauxback"

Next Pro Combat: Michigan State

Pro Combat 2011: Georgia

I wanted to make atleast one of their sets consistent. By that, I mean the pattern I've come to use for almost every concept the Helmet/jersey/pants alternate colors 1/2/1. The primaries are red/red/silver. One thing Nike has done was use a granite color. I thought that this team would look pretty good using this. As far as the design, I did what looks good to me, and made it Pro Combat-esqe

Next Pro Combat: LSU

Pro Combat 2011: Boise State

The template I made has a default gradient sleeve pattern. I was playing around, and came up with this. I went for a Michigan State-like jersey pattern to continue the blue from the sleeve. The numbers match the sleeves, and so does the helmet, and pants stripe. Basically, I wanted more blue and orange, and did it.

Next Pro Combat: Georgia

Pro Combat 2011: Army

This will probably be close to what they're gonna do. I'm predicting a white version of their digital camo jersey, but I did something different. The camo now has a gold hue, like the current road set. Other than that, it's pretty simple with camo on the helmet, pants, sleeves, and numbers. I tried to do some Nike-type stuff with other design.

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