Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lacrosse Concepts

So I actually had a job designing logos for this lacrosse company! For like, 3 weeks. I got busy, and the concept was difficult and I haven't talked to the guy since. He offered 40 bucks for each concept, but whatever.

So the first concept was for a team called the bandits. All he said was they wanted holsters on their pants. I gave them holsters. I legitimately drew a realistic gun with a belt, stitching, and shadow. Even a belt buckle! i thought this one was really really cool.

 Then, he told me a team named the Parrotheads needed a set. That was for exam week, which screwed me over. I submitted one design, a simple one, but he said they wanted crazy. I did this one, which I actually liked a whole lot. The jerseys would be reversible, so that explains that!

Thought you guys wanted to see that.

Lacrosse Concept Challenge

 So I got this email asking for help
Hello Michael,
I'm Jack Goods, I write over at as one of the top box lacrosse writers. We are working on a new project that we will be unveiling soon where we are creating our own fake lacrosse league from scratch, having people vote on the cities and then team names. Then we will have a contest where we have people brand the teams with logos. Its similar to what Icethetics did. i know you have an audience of graphic artists and I was wondering if you could help us get the word out. Its a great opportunity for designers because management from the professional lacrosse franchises read the site and someone's work could catch their eye. Thanks for considering.

If you're interested, go to, and look for the league information. I might send in a few myself, actually. So good luck to my readers!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bridgeport Sound Tigers

The Islanders' minor league team has one of the best logos in the AHL. I did alter them a little bit, though. Instead of grey, I used light blue. I added an alternate with a new script logo that I put on the shoulders.
 The jerseys are based off of NY's first edge jersey, because I loathe the current ones. I thought this set's color balance looked good with the colors used.
This was my last one I made, actually. Sorry if you were expecting more!

Adirondack Phantoms

The Flyers' little club is very similar to the Flyers identity wise. But I made them even closer. I eliminated the purple used in the primary. The Alternate is a version of the Flyers logo, but with an A for Adirondack, rather than P for Philly. 
 The Jerseys were just me trying some new things. I had these suspender type design, which almost continue to the shoulder yoke. Then i had simple striping on the sleeves and socks.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oklahoma City Barons

Some minor changes to their logo set. First, I replaced red with orange to match Edmonton, and I just thought it went better with the scheme. On the logos themselves, I deleted the shadow on the lettering, because I felt it made the logo much more cluttered.

The jerseys are based off the first edge uniforms for the Oilers. The only difference would be sleeve stripes I ran down the length of the sleeve. I also added piping, but other than that it's pretty toned down!