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WIHF - Leagues

The gap between leagues of the world is enough to see a visible gap in style and skill of play. Taylor and Alexander decided this gap is where they would draw the line in their Super 10 pitch. In order to keep the Super 10 even and competitive, the 9 best leagues were grouped. 

The first order of business was to make non-Russian KHL teams that defected from their own league to go back. The KHL was strong enough, and Jokerit, Slovan Bratislava, and Medvescak Zagreb would help boost their domestic leagues. The first choice were the 3 best leagues in the world, the NHL, KHL, and Canadian Dominion Cup. Sweden's SHL, and Finland's Liiga soon followed. There were spaces for 4 more leagues to fill the remaining holes. The Slovak and Czech Extraliga made the jump to the top tier. The German DEL was chosen as the 8th league. It came down to the Swiss and Austrian leagues. Both leagues were about even, and considred the 9th and 10th best leagues in the world. The commissioners of the leagues decided to merge the two, since together they fit under the 24 team maximum. They secured Zagreb to play in their league, and in addition to Olimpija Ljubljana made the geography of the league stretch the Alps, and renamed the league the AlpenLiga

Then, the matter of settling Tier 2. These leagues didn't sell out 20,000 seat arenas, they were about player and hockey development. The 20 leagues would have a wider gap from top to bottom than tier 1, but still remain competitive. The 2nd tier was unique, there were 3 kind of leagues. First was the minor league, hiding under the shadow of the top tier league of the same country with the intention of growing top players. The AHL continues to have this tie with the NHL. Second was the promotion league. Much like soccer, some leagues chose the tradition of the worst teams moving down from the top tier, and the best teams moving up. The best team from Liiga 2 in Finland would move up to the top Liiga. For the AlpenLiga, a promotion playoffs would occur, with the 2nd tier of Switzerland and Austria attempting to knock off the worst teams of the AlpenLiga. The resulting relegations would be sorted into the correct tier 2 league accordingly. The third form was the top tier of non top tier countries. Examples of this are the British Elite Ice Hockey league, and Serie A in Italy. Taylor and Alexander stressed that these stand alone leagues could compete in tier 1 if they're deemed good enough. Ideally, the leagues would grow, the best players would be picked off by top tier teams, and the return investment helps the teams grow. 

The leagues not associated with these tiers were all together but wouldn't face eachother. The best team in the ECHL, or Australian league wouldn't have the resources to travel to Europe. Promotion to the 2nd tier is possible, for both leagues and teams through performance.

Taylor wanted a common logo thread between the tier's leagues. A two color black and white logo in a shape that would immediately tell you what tier they were in. They can be seen below. 

Kontinental Hockey League, National Hockey League, Swedish Hockey League, Slovak Extraliga, Deutschland Eishockey Liga, Liiga(FIN), Czech Extraliga, AlpenLiga

American Hockey League, Canadian Hockey Leagues, Junior Hockey League (RUS), HockeyAllsvenskan (SWE), Liiga 2 (FIN), 2nd Bundesliga (GER), Czech 1. Liga, Slovak 1. Liga, National League B (SUI), Austrian National League, Elite Ice Hockey League (GB), GET-Ligaen (NOR), Ligue Magnus (FRA), Metal Ligaen (DEN), Serie A (ITA), Belarusian Extraleague, Polska Liga (POL), MOL Liga (HUN/ROM), NedBelLux League, Asian Ice Hockey League

The teams started preseason. This is the majority of the team's only opportunity to play teams from different countries. The Lightning and Flyers barnstormed Europe for 2 weeks, playing in places like Munich, Budapest, and Sochi. Several upsets occurred, making people question the tiers, but overall the best games were between same tier teams in different countries. The teams came home, and started the regular season, setting channel records for the NHL network's round the clock coverage on the first day of league play October 1st.


The league logos are a mix of current, country coat of arms, and sponsor logos. The logos appear on the collar of all the uniforms.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Asylum Bowl

I don't think I've posted these! The Fantasy Football team I run is in a league on the Logo Asylum, just a bunch of guys from the Creamer boards that did a spin off message board. The Asylum Bowl is our version of the Super Bowl. I was inspired by the old Grey Cup logos, and made ours using a similar template, with unique locational differences. The 3 games so far have been in Amsterdam, New Orleans, and London.

World Ice Hockey Federation

Our story begins in 2025. Hockey is stagnant in the landscape of sports. With winters becoming shorter due to global warming, and piss poor management by some of the leaders of the sport, morale is low and a change is needed.

The NHL had a cataclysmic change in the early 2020s. The 2013 collective bargaining agreement came to an end in 2023, causing more missed games. The season was shortened to 44 games that year, causing many players to moonlight across the pond. European hockey was growing stronger, so more players remained in their country of origin. The NHL play was more physical, and sick Datsyukian mitts were a thing of the past. 2023 marked a low point in the league’s history. The fans just weren’t showing up. The Panthers moved to Kansas City, and the Coyotes moved to Quebec City following that season. Toronto and Montreal continued to have expensive tickets despite putting sub par players on the ice every night, causing low attendance and support. In an interview, a reporter asked Gary Bettman(now 72) what he thought about the financial troubles in Montreal, to which he jokingly replied “I hear that new arena they built in New Orleans is nice”. This was ultimately the last straw. The 8 Canadian team owners secretly got together and proposed breaking away from the NHL. For the next year, the battle went on in the court. Ultimately, the Canadian teams split and formed the Canadian Dominion Cup effective for the 2026 season. Bettman came away with pride, claiming that they lost the battle but won the war, keeping the trademark Stanley Cup. But little did he know, a mutiny took place, and he was impeached by the owners from the position of commissioner. The CDC played with 8 teams for 2 years before expanding to 12 for 2028-29 season. They retained the rights to CHL junior players, absorbed the Canadian AHL teams, and the NHL lost a chunk of their talent. More Canadian players would stay in the great white north as a result of the new Canadian league. The NHL expanded to 24 with Las Vegas and Seattle both getting teams. The NHL did what they could and put the league on firm footing for the near future.

Everything wasn’t just great for the European teams either. The KHL was recruiting the best teams in Europe, emerging as a rival to the North American leagues. That was until the 2024 season was cancelled do to political unrest and an overthrowing of Vladimir Putin. The European teams that had abandoned their leagues went back to their countries. Russia missed out on a year of hockey, and the talent level dropped, and is being built back. The Champions Hockey League was formed in 2014, a hockey version of Champions League soccer. In the next 10 years, the gap between the good leagues and bad leagues grew and grew. Swedish teams wouldn’t want to play if they had to show up and hand a team from Italy an 8-0 loss. Eventually, the CHL folded and would be remembered as a good idea, but had poor execution.

On the international front, things were just as bad. The Olympics were the only real cornerstone event of international hockey. The best of the best played every 4 years, and then 2 weeks after it started, the teams were blown apart and sent to their respective leagues. In 2016, the Hockey World Cup happened once, and then they didn’t hold it again. The IIHF had their World Championships. Year after year, the summer World Championships got overlooked in the eyes of the players. The majority of players were tired of almost an entire year of hockey, and chose to go on vacation than play a depleted roster of international teams in exotic places like Belarus. In 2021 the IIHF recorded a record loss in profit. They decided not to hold the World Championship yearly, but instead make it a 4 year tournament starting in 2024. That tournament was alright, but the IIHF didn’t do nearly as well as they would’ve liked. The leagues of the world were running away with the power, instead of being ran by a parent federation. in 2027 the IIHF recorded a record loss for the 6th year in a row. That was enough for the governing body, and they declared for bankruptcy. The federation would cancel their 2028 world championship as they worked on the plan for the future.

That’s when 2 smart and handsome men from the US spoke up, and changed the world of hockey as we know it. Michael Taylor, and Dylan Alexander began working on the layout of a new hockey federation. This included a global player market, a way every team would be connected, rather than separated by leagues and borders. Players from Canada could be traded to Finland for example, like how FIFA has been running their federation for years. The idea was that the top tier of hockey was as even as it has ever been. The best in the world deserve to play against the best. The duo put together a plan of action. A 6 month regular season with the occasional international breaks. Then the best teams in each league would play in their respective playoffs. After that, the 9 champions of the 9 best leagues, plus the defending champion would play in a high profile tournament for the best team in the world. The idea was first posted on a sports logo message board, and then gained popularity among hockey fans. The fans liked the idea because they could finally prove to everyone else that their club was the best in the world. Taylor and Alexander traveled to Switzerland to pitch the idea to the IIHF. They loved it, but were worried about the leagues and owners approving it. The duo hosted the leaders of the 9 best leagues in Zurich in a meeting the summer of 2028.

Here is their proposal. The leagues of the world would be broken up into tiers, based on the skill level in their league. Tier 1 would have the 9 best leagues in the world. Tier 2 would have 20 leagues. The leagues in Tier 2 would be various minor leagues, relegation leagues for Tier 1, and other leagues that’s play level isn’t good enough for Tier 1. The champions of Tier 1 leagues play in a tournament called the Super 10 in a rotating host city. The 20 champions from Tier 2 would play in their version of the Super 10 in a selected European city. The leagues must have between 12-24 teams to be eligible. After a month of preseason, each team would play a 60 game regular season schedule over 6 months. The season would run from October to March 31st, 40 days for the playoffs, then the Tier championships begin on May 19th. The qualified teams would be placed in randomized groups of 5 with the group winners moving to a knockout tournament. The international teams would have a more important in the hockey world. Almost every 6 weeks from the start of hockey season, the international teams would play exhibition games. A new point system would be used for rankings, based off the international rugby point exchange system. Those rankings would determine the teams that qualify for the Olympics and World Championship when apply. Those tournaments would replace international breaks when they’re going on. The idea of a pumped up international system really sparked some interest to continue with the “proving you’re the best in the world” idea. Several other changes were made to make the rules of the game universal. They proposed the adoption of the NHL sized rinks and the trapezoid behind the goal, and a unified points system based off the NHL system(2 for win, 1 for OTL, 0 for a loss)

You know what? Here are some pretty graphics that will explain it better.

The plan went over better than expected. The leaders agreed that the 2029-30 season would be the first year under this format. Players could be traded in the world market starting July 1st, and the first international games would start in August. Taylor and Alexander were announced as the new leaders of the IIHF, but rebranded as the World Ice Hockey Federation, in order to usher in the new era of a global game.

Dylan and I branded a lot of stuff, and will go through the leagues, and the season with everyone showing off what we made, ultimately ending with the Super 10 tournament, and Tier 2 Cup. The winter Olympics would take place in 2030, so the jerseys for that will also be posted.


Gonna start posting some projects I've been busy with for you all!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Oklahoma Superspeedway

I haven't done one of these in a long time! I used to make formula 1 tracks, but this is one of the most in depth one I made. 

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I went to Talladega for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race. I've had an idea for a while that I've pitched to my friend, and he was on board but said "they'd never build one of these again". But from the start, I chose Oklahoma as the location for the fake track. Talladega is between Birmingham and Atlanta to draw fans from both cities. This one would be near the highway between Oklahoma City, and Tulsa.

Anyway, it's an infamous super speedway like Talladega and Daytona. Those two tracks are tri-oval shaped. This one would be different. It's an oval track, that hypothetically would provide the same super speedway racing that everyone loves. The front and back stretch are three quarters of a mile. Each turn would be a half mile, at 33 degrees. So it'd be a 2.5 mile track. Basically, it would be a big turn leading to Talladega's backstretch twice a lap. Most big crashes happen coming out of turns, so I made sure to give a lot of space on the apron to spin. The backstretch is limited due to the pits and road course(which I'll get to later). Daytona and Talladega don't have much grass anymore due to them not wanting cars to hit a lip and flip. I tried to design the big track with safety in mind. There's one big grand stand with sights in mind. The track would be north-south, with the stands on the west to block the sun during late Sundays

The road course is so the track wont only host events one or two weekends a year. The road course was designed with IndyCar or sports car in mind. The big front stretch remains in play, before a chicane. The inner track on the turns are along the wall, not effecting the super speedway. The layout was designed to fit in the open area. I used the Indianapolis Motor Speedway course and the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi as inspirations with tight corners and rhythm sections.

The inner part has enough room to house 3 series worth of cars and trucks seen on a normal NASCAR weekend. There's a big entry/exit to help the evacuation of the track before and after a race. The only other thing I want to mention is the white designs between the tracks and road. If I had my way, the track would be totally Green. I put 6 big wind turbines to power the track, provide a backdrop to the shots of the backstretch.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I know what Chivas USA will look like in 2017

If you may or may not know, Chivas USA played their last MLS game yesterday. Originally started as a feeder club for Liga MX side CD Guadalajara, Chivas played 9 years and made little ripples in the league’s history. The best they could do is get knocked out of the Western Conference Semifinals 4 years in a row. They’ve been in the shadow of the LA Galaxy, who owned the stadium Chivas played at, and won 3(maybe 4) championships in the 9 seasons Chivas played. They are folding, but a new team will take their place in 2017. Here is what I’ve concluded the team should/will look like when they play in 2017.

No more references to Chivas USA
Have a drastically different identity to the Galaxy
Look at owner Vincent Tan’s other teams identities
Use downtown LA, and the people there to their advantage
Philip Guber would own this team, and the Dodgers.

So those 5 things combined for the logo I made.

Vincent Tan cited “a global brand” for his reason of changing 100 years of blue and white for Cardiff City, to copy Manchester United. I believe he’ll do the same. The name ca be changed from “football” to “futbol” to actually attract a Spanish crowd that Chivas really couldn’t. I studied MLS logos and found most of them were pretty simple, and ended in a bottom point. They all had complete names, and most had an animal as a main identity. No MLS team uses a bear. Finally, Guber owns the Dodgers, and Golden State Warriors. Tan owns Cardiff City. The biggest tie is their royal blue colors. That’s why I went with a blue and white clash for the club.

So if you see this Vincent Tan, hit me up.

Florida Flags

I'm alive, just not updating. I'm in between some projects. Right now, my main focus is a little blog where I make a flag for every county in Florida. Yep, all 67 of them. I'm about half way done. Check out my blog here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tumblr Premier League

So I wanted to do a fantasy EPL team this year, so I recruited a close group of friends from tumblr to go all in with a league. Fake logos and team names, the whole 9 yards. I've taken a hiatus from the boards, but I just thought I'd show you all some of wht I've been playing with.

So we had 14 teams this year, and my good bud Jeremy and I started branding the league. Jeremy created the league logo which is found above. Gonna be honest, this whole league was born from me thinking it would be funny to be a team called Dads FC just because of the jokes I could make (my supporter's group is called the Stepdads). But I just told everyone to be creative with their team names and we'll do the rest. Here's the 14 logos together.

The ones i did are

Dads FC - I took a West Ham approach. I did crossed hammers, and put the team motto "Let's Build A Deck" underneath.

KBFC - My friend wanted Kyle Beckerman as a logo, so I did what I could with the red USA jersey and dreadlocks.
StarBomb FC - Named after the video game themed band of Game Grumps host, their logo is neon light-like, modeled after Italy.

Atletico Fedora - Just a joke towards the neckbeard population, modeled after Southampton.

SCPDFC - for a huge Mad Men fan and thought the Lucky Strike logo would be good to use

Bogus FC - My friend wanted Bill and Ted's excellent adventure as a theme, and often takes pictures with his Jack Daniels. Modeled after Aston Villa

Vada Vada - They're named after a song by The Garden and I made them look like Juventus

Hedgehog United - Sonic was the basis for this one. I put a ring from the game around it and an outline of Sonic

Sharks MD FC - Training to be a doctor, I used WBA as a basis with a shark logo I made with a stethescope
My Bed FC - My friend works for SKC and was gonna only pic hot players for her team

So yeah! I've been doing a lot of graphic work and blowing everyone away because no one but me has been in a league like this. I do best and worst players of the week, some other graphics, and even mock Tifos.

The kits for the players of the week look like this

Saturday, August 30, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Bermuda

Finally posting this one. I've taken a long break just to do some other things, but I've had this done for a bit.

So I wanted to do something with tribal patterns for Bermuda. The Gombey Warriors get a circular crest like what they have currently, but I put a lot more in it. Theres triangles lining the outside, theres a ball with a banner, the FA title, and the outline of the island. Pretty simple.

Introducing Under Armour to the project! I just kinda played around with some designs. I used the under armour pattern I used for the shorts in my US Soccer 2030 series.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Under Armour Football

So I was trying to find a football design cut that I made a long long time ago. I remembered exactly what I made it for, me redoing all of Under Armour's college teams. This was around the same time Nike was doing their Pro Combat series and template, so my thinking was a unified UA network of teams.

The thing is, I couldn't find any trace of this series on this blog. So here is a look at some old concepts that you may have never seen!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Barbados

A lot of people couldn't wait until I did this team just because of the trident.

The trident needed to be the main feature of the crest, so I worked from there. I put it on a long shape with a banner running over it. The banner has shades adding depth to it. I did a big yellow stripe down the middle to match the flag, and added the year their FA was founded to kill the open space.

I really wanted to do a Philadelphia Union stripe look but it just didn't work. The number on the yellow was black but I had the other designs white so it could be seen on the blue. I had that kit set and then I played with the clash. I loved the faux hoops on the yellow kit(which I love cause t looks like Sweden) so I brought the hoops to the blue kit and thought it looked really good.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Dominica

Dominica was pretty basic and done really quickly because the ideas came to me pretty fast.

The crest is a simple shield with the country's flag on it. The inner seal is replaced with DFA for the association's initials. The 10 stars around the crest match the 10 from the middle of the flag. 

The kits are pretty basic. I chose adidas with a green and black look. The stripes across the middle match the ones on the flag with, with some adidas details over top. The clash is pretty basic all white. I went with red because there isn't any on the home set. I did the traditional modern adidas looks that carry over from the other concepts I've done.

Monday, August 11, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Montserrat

Montserrat is historically bad at international soccer, and I guarantee it's their lack of a good logo and kits.

So their logo was a fresh start. Their flag has a few shades of blue and green, so I decided to use them. There's no navy, but I thought that it really tied it together. I went with an Italian badge with some ribbons around it. The stripes are a nice design and the main feature is a harp, because there's one on the crest for their Irish heritage.

I went with Lotto because they were not being represented much in this series. I saw the Seattle Reign kits and absolutely loved them. It has a big Ajax style stripe down the middle. The entire uniform is navy and royal blue. The kits are green and white as an homage to the Irish heritage I mentioned earlier. I put navy accents on everything, with the idea in mind that the kits are interchangeable.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Belize

Hey I've been to this country!

The logo was just a rounded pentagon, something used in a lot of logos, but none in this project. It seems pretty generic, but I put some drop shadow to add some depth to it. The rounded font was used because everything about this crest is round.

I had the idea for Belize kits for a few weeks. I love the French kits, especially the colors. I could do the same thing here. Blue/White/Red on the home, hoping to establish some kind of brand. I didn't want to do a white clash jersey, so I did red with pinstripes. Pretty basic, but I was going for a clean look.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - St. Kitts and Nevis

I wanted to give these guys a completely new and bad ass look. Their flag was really neat, and I wanted to use it for sure. I put the flag in a crest shape, put a banner underneath it. The main feature is a ball with wings in the middle. The wings come from the pelican on the current crest, and coat of arms of the country.

I just had trouble incorporating 4 prominent colors into the jerseys. What I did was take a few cues from the Ghana team. All red on one, all white on the other. I went red on the home. I put a collar detail that is new for the puma templates, and sublimated very small is stripes running across. There, they are broken up by two stars to match the stars on the flag. you can see it better in the crest preview circle.

Monday, August 4, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Puerto Rico

Next is El Hurican!

So I thought that Puerto Rico could completely run the vertical candy cane look for CONCACAF. It would match their flag, and be unique in between all the solid reds and greens in the federation. That was my first plan. I matched the stripes on the crest. The center of the crest is Puerto Rico and the year the Federation was founded around a soccer ball with a star shaped pattern because of the flag.

I mentioned the kits before, but I balanced it all with blue cuffs, numbers, and pants. I had to do hooped socks though, because it just felt right. The clash could've been anything. I didn't want to just throw in a blue one, so I decided orange. There wasn't any orange in CONCACAF to this point, and the Puerto Rico Islanders rocked a similar look when they played in the NASL. Something new and different!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Guyana

I looked forward to doing Guyana, just because I got to put two Rowdies players on the back.

So the Golden Jaguars needed a new look. I wanted to do something like a flag wrapping around a ball that's in a circle. But it didn't really work out. What I did was make a Cosmos looking design. I used the flag as the basis of which colors go where. The ball has a simple jaguar spot pattern as the dark spots on the ball.

I chose Warrior for these guys because I could use the nickname design on the back. I did a stripe down the crest broken up by sublimated diagonal stripes on monochrome green. The clash was inspired by the look Brazil wore for a lot of the World Cup. The sleeves have jaguar spots on them with various sizes of the spots on the ball.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Antigua and Barbuda

This was a pretty fun concept to play with. The flag is so unique and needed to be included. I put them in a diamond because the shape would work with the flag. The thing about this one was that I thought the federation initials could be dropped. I felt like once you see the flag design and ball you could imagine what this logo was for. 

Their current kits have a monochrome black and yellow look. What I did was introduce a new kit all together. They've gone red/black before, but i thought it would be a good look to bring back. Errea are on the kits, and the home is essentially the ones Errea made for Norwich this past season. The clash is all yellow with a different top design.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Grenada

So this little island nation was another blank canvas. I wanted to use their unique flag as the basis of the concept. I did a styleized flag with concentric circles. The overlap of the green and yellow made a nice lime green color. I put them in a circle, with Grenada Football and the 6 stars for the 6 parishes on the island.

The kits were pretty cool. I loved the way the yellow and red looked together. I introduced Kappa to the project, so I needed to do some uniquely Kappa things. The logo is featured on the sides of the torso like they're known to do. On the clash, I wanted to do some sort of gradient with the green, yellow, and lime green. I tried to use the USF basketball uniforms as my basis for this one. I did some pinstripes to add to the design.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - St. Lucia

I felt like this team needed a complete facelift. Look up their kits, because they're just god awful.

So where could I go with this? The island was owned by the English before it was a country. So what if I made their cest look like an English side. The crest is a simple shape with a banner running across it. The name and year the national team was founded ison there. I put the shape on the national flag, balanced with a simplified parrot from the national crest.

The uniforms just needed a face lift. I went with a softer blue and wanted that to be the main focus of the set. With black and yellow to balance it out on the sleeves and shoulders. I went with Admiral because I think they make clean looks. The clash was always gonna be all black, because I wanted a unique look. I did a stripe to match the sleeve holes running down the front and called it a day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - St Vincent and the Grenadines

I liked this one because I thought that the name of the country sounds like the name of an indie band.

So with these guys, I loved the chevrons on the flag. I wanted to use it as the main focus of the crest. I thought that I could put the 3 chevrons on a diamond logo. Then I realized, if i put two on each side, I could make it look like the flag, and the shape would be similar to the Vancouver Whitecaps. The name of the federation is SVGFF but I thought that rearranging it for the sake of design might work.

On the kits, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to copy Brazil. I basically did that, and put some patterns on the home. The road is all white because I didn't want to do a blue clash. The name on the back is "Vincy Heat", which was perfect because I used the Heat font.

Monday, July 21, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Guatemala

So for Guatemala, I wanted to go super classy, and try to start a trend with the team. That's why I took light blue and run with it. 

The logo takes some cues from the Australia world cup logo. I put a wreath around a Resplendent Quetzal, both are found on the crest of the country. The stylized bird is on the current crest of Guatemala. I made a few modifications to make it more bird like. Then I put the federation name and the year it was established underneath. I wanted to do something that looked like it was created years ago.

Guatemala has sashes on both jerseys today, and I thought that that could become CONCACAF's version of the famous Argentina kits. I switched them to Umbro, and I took the font from the England 2010 World Cup jersey. The current home is monochrome royal blue, but I thought light blue and navy looked great together. I was excited to post this because it's one of my cleanest.

Guatemala update

Sunday, July 20, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Suriname

This was the first concept I did after I told myself that this project was dipping in creativity. So for this little Dutch nation I went all out.

The logo was just kinda thrown together. I really wanted to use the flag in some way, so what I did was put the wine stripe with the yellow star on the top, then underneath the abbreviation I put green and wine stripes. The crest looks almost like a cleaned up USMNT crest currently being used. 

The current uniforms are monochrome white and green, but I wanted to do something that stood out in the confederation. I went with all green on the home, with some Argentina World Cup clash hoops on it. The clash was spurred from an old EPL clash concept i did. I love yellow and a deep red together, so I just kinda went wild with it. Wine with yellow stripes on the top, then yellow shorts, and wine socks. I also went the next step and updated my template to match the World Cup template Adidas used.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Dominican Republic

I had this idea for the Dominican team for about a week before I got to actually create it.

The logo is pretty generic. I took Israel and Ireland as inspiration for this crest. The colored ring around the middle is in the pattern the flag is. I put a new ball design in the middle to give it something new.

The kit is the bread and butter of the concept. I did halves on the home shirt. I thought quarters like the flag would be over kill, but halves of two bold colors would make a nice distinct home jersey. The shorts and socks are both white to compliment the top. The clash is white with a sublimated cross like the flag. This whole set might be on of my favorites I've done.

Friday, July 18, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Aruba

I couldn't wait till i hit #12 because after this point almost every country was a fun Caribbean nation.

The colors were yellow and sky blue obviously, but it needed something else. I threw in navy because there needed to be a darker color to make everything go together. The logo is a basic circle with the flag in the center. It wasn't too inspired, but nothing I did using the crest of the nation worked amazingly. I did like the steering wheel on the crest enough to use it behind the neck.

I wanted to do an Admiral kit, and I thought this would be a good chance to do it. I wanted very very simple and classy. I went with the yellow/light blue/yellow pattern, but did very little detail design wise because I thought the white just needed to be compromised by the navy. I think it's a very clean look.

Monday, July 14, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Canada

This is the one a lot of people have been waiting for! I had a long Football manager save with this national team. I know way more about their player than I probably should, but I wanted to make this one special.

So the crest is very simple. I wanted a badge that was based on the Maple Leaf, but also could be used as a strong logo for the national soccer association. Imagine this as the Canadian version of the 3 lions crest. 

The main jersey was always going to be monochrome red. I didn't want black on this so the crest is white. I put pinstripes on the top to give a little life to the kit. The clash is white with black accents. I based this one directly off of the Manchester United clash kit that looked exactly like this. Not sure how recent that kit is, but it looked absolute class.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Cuba

The Cubans was a team that I kinda knew what I wanted to do going into the concept. I love Greece's logo with the flag vertical, and I wanted to try to bring that to the Cubans. The shape is the vertical flag, with the red triangle shape moved to the bottom to create a chevron. The hardest part of this whole concept was finding the right font for CUBA.

For the Kits, it's really a generic Adidas look that I threw some piping and sublimated stripes on. Nothing crazy to write home about, but I did do their traditional colors for home and road.

Friday, July 11, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Jamaica

Here's my rebrand for the Reggae Boyz!

So the current crest is pretty generic, and I wanted to do something out there, and not confined to a crest shape. I love Bolton's old logo, so I wanted something wispy to be the tail of this crest. I did a simple monogram for the Jamaican Football Federation, and played around with ribbons. But I was looking into national symbols, and found great inspiration. The national bird is a humming bird, called a doctor bird on the island. Check out their tail, and you can see how I got inspiration for the concept.

I actually thought Puma did their kits up until researching what color the clash should be. Kappa has those rights currently, but Usain Bolt carries the Puma flag for the country, so why not make them completely dress the nation? The home is pretty simple, and the clash has a wavy pattern I thought would look good for a team nicknamed the Reggae Boyz.

Update for Jamaica

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Haiti

Believe it or not, but this isn't my first Haiti soccer concept. Over 4 years ago, I posted this crap!

But I saw that concept, and I thought that there was definatley something I could build off of. The palm tree wasn't working for me, but I replaced it with a ball. I wanted to use the split flag they have as the main part of the crest. It has a simple Bundesliga look, and I really liked it. I mean, I didn't put too much intensive research into, just what looked good.

The home kits are generic red/blue/red just like their current tops. I did have the design from the clash on there, but I thought that would look bad if thte templates are the same, you know? So I kinda did a lay up on the kits, but I still thought it looked good.