Friday, April 23, 2010

NHL Playoff Redesign: 4 of 8

Hey guys. Just realized the first team I've done on inkscape was the higher seed!

Devils and Flyers are on today's plate. With New Jersey, I wanted to go beyond red and black. Being me, I happened to love the red and green get ups they had. To be honest, these are just RBK edge versions of the old jerseys. Added a green alt for good measure.

One thing for Phily, I knew I wanted an orange home. Then to keep it up with the jerseys of the past, I made them like how you see. Instead of a plain white hem stripe, I added black borders. Then I noticed the current socks they had, and liked them a lot. I made the hem match the socks, and then matched up the sleeve part with the hem. Im not sure if that makes sense, but just look at the concept and tell me what you think.

NHL Playoff Redesign: 3 of 8

Some big changes for this next set, Vancouver and LA.

I LOVE the Canucks' Johnny V, and Running Canuck logo. I focused on lumberjacks for this concept. You'll either love it or hate it. What better way to tie in Lumberjacks, than plaid? That's right, plaid on the stripes. Someone did something like this a long time ago, but I'm fairly sure I made this one my own. I got rid of the whale completely. I had originally grabbed the wrong template(LA's third) but decided some piping wouldn't hurt. The plaid is Navy from the running logo, and whatever colour the jersey isn't.

For the Kings, the thing that seemed to work the best was a black and silver combo. I used some stripes from the Gretzky days. I brought back the shield logo for the shoulder, and third, just because that logo set works so well together. How about a grey alt? I thought it would work in the way I used it.


NHL Playoff Redesign: 2 of 8

Here's my Sabres, and Bruins concepts. My thinking behind the Sabres was that I don't really care for the circle logo, and why revert back to the past to a team that hasn't won the cup. But their jersey now isn't good either. So I decided to make a jersey similar to the third. I noticed the socks ont he current were basic stripes, that I liked. Thus, I put them on the sleeves. I ran piping up and around the shoulder yoke. Tha fantastic B-Sword logo is on the sleeves, just so there is no circle logo. Then to add a little something, I did put something from the past as the crest, the ol' buffalo soda pop script.

For the Bs, I ALMOST did a concept like this. But it didn't really appeal to me as well as the currents. The shoulder yoke is more acute than currently. Yellow socks just didn't seem to flow with the all black set, personally. Hmm, the whites are similar to the currents too. I did adjust the numbers, and they look better without the yellow on the outer most line. A yellow alt, how original, the Bear logo is the crest, since it also too is fantastic.


NHL Playoff Redesign: 1 of 8

Hey guys, I'm in the mood for some concepts on ice. And because I don't have a curling uniform template, I guess I'll go with hockey.

I want to do 2 at a time, and release them based on first round match up. So 16 teams come in 8 sets. Got it?

First up was the Western Conference 4-5 match up, the Phoenix Coyotes and Detroit Red Wings. I never realized how awesome the 'Yotes logo set was. All their logos are really great, I think. I don't like how the current set only really uses brick red, and white. I expanded the colours to include sand and black. First, I started with a new sleeve stripe, then ran a stripe of the same pattern up the under arm. A tie up seemed necessary since they're so cool. I used 2 logos on the shoulders, the PHX state logo, and the new circle logo. Also note I left the white jersey's numbers sand. I loved how it looked.

For the Wings, you can't really do that much. I tried changing some stuff, but nothing worked quite as good as the current. Home and road are the same, with the Winter Classic set as the alternate.



Monday, April 5, 2010

Haiti Soccer

I was contacted by a man who said he wanted to pitch soccer kits to the Haiti national team. He wanted me to desig the kits for them, so I obviously did!
How's that?

NCAA Lacrosse Concepts

Hey guys. I was in the mood to do some concepts, for a sport that doesn't get much face time in the concept section. So here is some college lacrosse concepts. First, I needed a new template. The template I used is all mine, so I could send it out if you wish.

I decided to start at the top. The top 3 teams in the country are Syracuse, Virginia, and Cornell. Here!

#1 Syracuse
The current uniforms are really bland. Just orange names, and numbers. I added some blue, and a modern design.

#2 Virginia
I googled Virginia Lacrosse, and saw the jerseys. They had a stripe that ran from one sleeve to the other under the collar. I used that, but moved it up. The stripe ran from each sleeve. Then added some flair to it. I used the same design on the shorts, too. I noticed the script was the same as the NHL Phoenix font, so that explains why I used the Coyotes number font.

#3 Cornell
First thing I did was search Cornell Football, and saw that the jerseys used dual stripes on everything. Why not carry that over to this? You can see where I got it. Then I remembered the basketball team's pants, and so I put them on here. I got rid of the drop-shadow numbers, and made them block, with outlines to match the logos. Vectorizing the Cornell logo was a lot easier than I thought, actually!