Tuesday, March 7, 2017

World Baseball Cup Concept Dump

Hey guys. Some of you might remember this unfinished series. It was a long concept of if high profile international baseball was started in the 50s, and by this time it would be a massive event.

I did like 10 full recaps of the fake tournaments up to 1989, then stopped. The reason? I created my highly popular soccer template and it changed my whole view on templates, and since this was on my old one, and I had so many done for 1993 onwards, it would have been a bitch to remake.

Since then I learned illustrator and realized how truly hard I made it on myself without using clipping groups on the sleeve and stuff. Anyways, I've been looking at these concepts forever and wanting to post. I believe the document with all my plans are on my old laptop which crapped out and was replaced. So I think this series is dead.

But capitalizing on the WBC trend, I'm gonna show off some stuff. I'll post my event logos, then maybe some highlights for the uniforms. They're all designed to fit that era, and was one of my favorite projects ever.

1993 - South Korea
New super power Korea brought the game back to Asia

1997 - Florida 
This was pre-Rays hype for Tropicana Field, with games in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville

2001 - Latin America
A massive 4 country bid with Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Venezuela hosting in their best stadium.

2005 - Taiwan
They had 4 stadiums new enough to host games, and would host for the first time

2009 - Caribbean
I believe the second time these two would host. A joint bid since they don't have the 4 stadiums they'd need individually.

2013 - California
LA, San Francisco, Anaheim, and San Diego.

So that's where we are now! Might do 2017 with Australia or Mexico. Who knows. Here is all of them together.