Friday, May 25, 2012

Centre Toronto YC

So if you haven't noticed, the teams from Toronto are named after where they play. This team would be the big team that draws the big named players, being the big team in the city. Hypothetically, the Leafs ownership group would run this team(So they won't be very good!). I used the Leafs color scheme(and leaf shape). The crest says the team name, and has the skyline of the city from Lake Ontario. I used the skyline from the WBC Toronto logo, if you're wondering.
I wanted to differentiate from Tampa, so I did monochrome blue and white on both sets. Both have hoops running around the jerseys for a design.

Winnipeg Aggies

I really couldn't think of a nickname for this team. I looked at a bunch of names, like Falcons and Moose, but didn't want the same one as a hockey team. Aggies was suggested in a later post, and I liked it enough to choose it! I went in the direction based off of this concept . I loved it too much and figured it would work. Manitoba is a plains province, so the wheat and farming theme works. Honestly, there was no reason behind this concept. I just liked it.
 I went with a brand Canada is well familiar with, reebok, for WYC. I tried to do modern strokes and designs based off of other reebok soccer designs. Originally I had a white jersey instead of a tan jersey. I quickly threw that away, and did the tan colored jersey.

Ottawa 1867

Here is another team I brought back from my soccer series, because I liked the logo too much. Canada became a country in 1867, the capital is Ottawa, so it was fitting I thought. I did have Black/Red/Pewter, but dropped it because white makes a better identity. The logos are simple, I guess.
I kept the same jerseys too, basically. I did a chest wrap around in black and red, and tried to tie it to other teams in the city. I alternated the adidas stripes, and went for simplicity with this whole set.

Patrie Montreal

This is Montreal's other team! This was based off of the Canadiens' set, obviously. This could be the team that draws the fans because of it. Both teams are in Centre Bell, so the field is the same. The logo is based off of the flag of Montreal. Patrie means "homeland" in french, so that is why the flag is used. The alternate is the leaf from the Canadiens' old logo, with M on it. This is a simple set, I thought.

Then one might be able to guess where these came from.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maroons de Montreal

So these guys and Patrie both would share Centre Bell. The name was based off of the old hockey team in Montreal, and since they'd be a Habs influenced team's rival, then why not be the rival of the rival? The M-leis logo is based off of ScottySpring's one he did for a fantasy team a while ago. It's so ingenious to do that. I then added stripes behind it because there hasn't been a team with vertical stripes yet! I pieced this one together, and loved the final version.

I went monochrome maroon and white for the home and clash jerseys. I used stripes, and BMO as a sponsor. I wanted it to be modern and classy.

Vancouver Reign

I originally had a logo that was a triangle, like Empire NYC, and a crown on the top. I really wasn't feeling it, and so I looked up an old soccer concept and used that crest. I changed the volleyball(which WOULD be fitting) to a V for Vancouver, and decided to use it as a motif. I used the colors from the skating Johnny Canuck logo because they look SO good together, and it ties to the city.

Simple jerseys, I did the V on the front with the lines coming from it. It was sort of an homage to the Canucks' V jerseys, but I thought of that after I came up with the idea

YC Hamilton

So I did this with a few teams to go in the United States league. I was playing around with a hexigon design. I just made some symmetrical patterns in black and yellow, because that's basically Hamilton's colors. I used one of my favorite fonts and tried to mold an identity.

The jerseys were me messing around. In my world, Canada isnt signed to a manufacturer! So I did puma, and made up a design.

Washington Federals

"The Feds" would be a great nickname. If you remember the juggernaut logo I considered, you can see I changed a lot. I dropped gold, and made the pentagon white, and put the flag in the middle and stuck with the motif throughout. The alt is a simple DC. I went for simplicity with this one for sure dropping the gold and trying to use a lot of white.

I looked for what works here. A design boxing in the flag motif on the chest. I went for red/navy on the clash because the Caps look REALLY good like that. I actually love this set as a whole.

So this was the last American team I did! Get ready for Canada.

Fan Art!?

So I got some fan art in my email courtesy of Jack! He is trying some baseball teams, and here are his first two.
here are two of the teams in the Eastern Division. The first team is the Durham Bulls. (They are promoted from Triple A to my league) and the second is the Montreal Musketeers. I have 11 teams out of 32 done so far
Remember, ideas can be just as valuable as the presentation. So don't get on his back for hand drawing these. Sketches are how great concepts are started. I'm sure if he had the resources, he could do some cool work. So look for more of these!