Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stadia Arcaida

This is also back!

32 in 32: 21/32

21/30 South Korea
One thing the logo needed is more red in it. The logo was all blue, but jersey is red. I thought of this before I actually saw the current, I put tiger stripes on the back, since this team is nicknamed the Tigers! Then nike design on the normal spots, nothing crazy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

32 in 32: 20/32

20/32 Mexico
Now, I wanted to go for a look like this. I think that pattern going across is really cool, but in the end it ended up like those 1998 jerseys most people hated. The thing about that one was that it had too much of a difference in colour, I made mine closer. I kept the black clash jersey, since it actually looks pretty good now. The jerseys are actually the shades of green from 06.

Monday, June 28, 2010

32 in 32: 19/32

19/32 Denmark
I love the way Denmark's crest is. It really is fantastic. I just made a design similar to an adidas template back in 2006. I put one of the flower design from the crest onto the chest, similar to Valencia's white jersey. Not really much to say about this one. Mexico is next.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

32 in 32: 18/32

18/32 Ghana
Dang, I didn't plan on these teams being released now.

I actually really like how one jersey is red/yellow, while the other is white/black. The team nickname is the black stars, thus the reason there are black stars on the jersey. The stripes connecting the front and back design make the Ghana flag. Thats really about it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

32 in 32: 17/32

17/32 England
Grrrrrrrrr. Bad day.

Anywho here is the second best team in group C! I LOVE the refreshing all white look England has now. SO for this concept, that's what I went for. I also liked the 06 flag type deal on the sleeve, so I put it just on the white. Umbro is owned by Nike, and I resisted temptation to put Nike style everywhere.

Friday, June 25, 2010

32 in 32: 16/32

16/32 United States
Hey everyone. Here is actually one of my favorite concepts so far. I really liked the horizontal stripes on the US's previous kits. But I liked the sublimated style of the current. I mixed both, and added some things. As you can see, I only had the pattern on the front, just for effect. Then nike style on the other parts of the kit.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

32 in 32: 15/32

15/32 Slovakia
This was just kinda something that came to me, and I put it together. Anything is better than the rec team adidas template they use. I made a logo from a shape I came up with. I was actually playing around with one of the functions you can do which is kinda like a paint brush. I started to make mountains, which Slovakia has, so I went with it. I decided I wanted to get annoying with sublimated patterns on the back. The things are the crest of Slovakia. Lastly, I threw in a collar just cause I could, and it seemed more professional looking.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

32 in 32: 14/32

14/32 Paraguay
I had to keep the stripes for this Paraguay concept. I thought I'd be different and only have two on the front, so its not an over load of stripes. The white clash is cool because it has a stripe that matches the logo with the stripes running down.

Chicago White Sox

9/30 Chicago White Sox
I wanted to mix it up a bit with this concept. Some might love, some might make me go back and redo it.

I found out that the White Sox and Tigers use basically the same font, so I went retro with this. I loved the Chicago script that they wore in the 70s, so I tried to match the Sox logo with a similar font. The alternate uses an update sock from a primary logo used in the 50s and 60s. It is surrounded by the diamond in the current alternate. The primary IS the cap logo, like now.

The jerseys are also new. I decided against pinstripes, just to be different. So no pinstripes and the design used on the black alt now on the sleeves and collars. The numbers match the scripts, and the front numbers are on line with the logo. Also notice the white socks! With stirups!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

32 in 32: 13/32

13/32 France
Fitting today as Les Bleus are knocked out.

This was started from the basic idea their 06 kits had with the white jersey and a pattern like their flag on the front. As you can see, i did the same here. I had the normal red/white/blue combo, but added navy so balance it out, and match the logo. I traced the logo with no gradients, because frankly it sucks that way. I liked how the adidas stripes were different colours now, so I used them here. Comments maybe?

Monday, June 21, 2010

32 in 32: 12/32

12/32 Australia
Honestly, the Socceroos have the worst jerseys in the whole tournament. I hope you wont think that about mine. I ran design up each sleeve as seen below, on the front and back. I almost put a map of Australia on the front but that would be way too tacky. I made the logo not gradient, and made the blue, green so it would match the home jerseys better.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

32 in 32: 11/32

11/32 Nigeria
The current jersey is just weak adidas template, that is all green. I mixed it up, and made the jersey resemble the flag again. I made the team a new logo also, the current isn't very good at all. I updated it with an eagle carrying a ball, due to the nickname super eagles. I'll just leave this here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

32 in 32: 10/32

10/32 Uruguay
Lets start with the logo. I had an idea for a logo like this, and decided to break it out for one of these teams. I didn't care for Uruguay's logo so I made this one. 4 stars that match the current logo, with stripes like the flag. The kits are pretty simple. Puma style on everything in the Uruguay blue. The White jersey has stripes that match the logo and flag.

Friday, June 18, 2010

32 in 32: 9/32

9/32 Honduras
Nothing too spectacular. The white kits have the normal nike stuff, then around the neck there is a design with the 5 stars from the flag of Honduras. The blue kit has stripes matching most of their previous jerseys. I did take off that H on their chest they normally have. Can anyone enlighten me on what that was for? Anywho, here it is.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

32 in 32: 8/32

8/32 Italy
Two design elements I had going here. Last year at the confederations cup, the Italians wore a blue/brown combo. I loved it so much, that I brought it back for this concept. It seems new and refreshing, still using blue. The jerseys are similar to the 2006 Germany kits, with the bar with the German flag going across the chest. Same idea, but with Italy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Washington Nationals

8/30 Washington Nationals
One thing with this series I tried to do, was explore other colour combos. The NL East currently has 3 red and blue teams. I decided to make it just one in the world of raysox(see the Phillies). I was toying around with red, bronze, and an off white. It needed a darker colour, anything but blue. I tried black, and maybe a darker red. Then I tried brown, and it looked fantastic. I really like the first scripts as compared to the cursive scripts that match the W. I used those as you can see. I wanted to make a W that matched the scripts, but I really couldn't stray away from that classic logo. The primary is a combination of one of the logos they had, with the capital building.

You know how some teams have double piping on their jerseys, well i did the unthinkable. BAM TRIPLE PIPING. No neck piping or anything, just sleeves. The home match the off white from the logo. The names and numbers match the scripts. Thats pretty much it

32 in 32: 7/32

7/32 Ivory Coast
Today's concept is for the so called best team in Africa. Kinda modern design, not really connected to the current. Just random puma design. I did make the home a solid creamsicle, and the clash all white. I used the updated logo that they introduced for the world cup.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

San Diego Padres

7/30 San Diego Padres
I'm continuing to get rid of the blues in the majors. This is one of the easier teams to do that. The padres use to have a sweet colour scheme in Brown/yellow/orange. I just HAD to bring it back. But thats it, I kept the current logos. I made the swinging friar more prominent in the set. Consistency was also lacking. The only script with a drop shadow was the Padres one. What I did was use the same effect on the cap logo and the San Diego script.

The jerseys are a throwback to the jerseys used back when the colours were used. They had 3 stripes on the sleeves, so I brought it back, with the same pattern on the collar. The numbers match the scripts, but I decided to not put outlines on the name. The home cap has the yellow front, since it would clash with the grey. The alternate is also a throwback to the road brown set they wore with yellow sleeves.

32 in 32: 6/32

6/32 Best Korea
This team, it was kinda weird doing it to be honest. They didn't release their jersey until after i did it, so I basically redid the whole identity. Their current logo is just the flag on North Korea, with a green hexagon with a soccer ball. I kep the same shape, and basically turned the flag vertically. Then added the name, and ball. The jerseys also are similar to the flag. It's basically the same effect as the Canadiens' set. I didn't get too wild but I thought it was enough.

32 in 32: 5/32

5/32 Germany
Germany consistently has a great home white jersey. Simple striping white, with black bottoms. Basically just adidas striping, with a vertical flag of Germany running up the backs. Their clash jersey has had many different styles. In '06, they had a red kit, with black sleeves. So I went a different route with an army green top, and white shorts.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

32 in 32: 4/32

4/32 New Zealand
Next is the team from New Zealand. This is a pretty simple set, which is all you need for the team. Their nickname is the "all whites", which is the opposite of the rugby team which is the all blacks. So on the home, I went with the storm trooper look, with a sublimated fern on the stomach area. The clash is basically the black version of the home. The logo is also new. Now, it's a fern wit rounded parts. The fern I used is actually the rugby's team. I thought the logo was self explanatory with a soccer ball and the shape of the islands. Here it is!

32 in 32: 3/32

3/32 The Netherlands
Time for a team that gets bandwagoned the most during world cups. This team use to have a white kit that had a red and blue sash. for the 2006 World cup. I liked it so much, I decided to use it on the home and clash. I kept a collar, and the Nike band things. The pants on the home are white, instead of black on the current set. The white jersey is basically the current jersey, with the sash.

Friday, June 11, 2010

32 in 32: 2/32

2/32 Japan
I originally ditched tradition and made a new logo and kit using red and black. Then when I made the concept on the new template, I decided to bring back the current logo, and colours. Normally, japanese kits are pretty wild, with random design. I decided to tone it down and have a simple jersey. I put adidas striping sunning up the side to the armpit. Then a collar effect on the neck.

32 in 32: 1/32

1/32 South Africa
First up is the hosts. Lets start with the logo. I was first gonna use the logo I used for the Draw Brawl a while ago. Ultimately, I decided on the current, which I tried to recreate. You might remember my Drawl Brawl concept jersey. I loved it so much, it started the idea of this project. I used the flag as inspiration, and wanted to tie it in to the jersey. I kept the same colours as the current, with yellow/green, and green/yellow. Adidas striping on it, keeping the brand.

32 World Cup concepts, in 32 days


Well maybe some ladies...

Since November I decided I wanted to do jerseys for each world cup team, then release one for 32 days. I got to about 24 when I decided I wanted to put them on a better template, since the one i was using looked bad an unprofessional. So for like a week I've been replacing each team, making changes, and collecting vector logos. I made them in a random order, and you can see when each team is coming up above. I used the actual logo probably 2/3rds of the time, but couldn't resist to make my own logo on some bad ones. Some jerseys are more out there and new, some closely resemble the currents(with some changes.)

I start posting the day before the first match, then end up posting #32 on the day of the final. I started with the host South Africa because it was fitting.

I'm a day behind, but I'll keep updated

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies

6/30 Philadelphia Phillies
I LOVED the maroon and light blue scheme, so I brought it back. There's really nothing ground breaking to do with this team. The primary is the shape of Citizen's Bank park. I made a home plate like some stadium logos. The bell included in this set also resembles the bell tower lights in the park. Same old P logo, and script. I WANTED to do a Philadelphia script, but its way too long for a jersey.

I nearly took away the pinstripes, but found they had history when the team won their first championship. The roads are suppose to resemble the currents, but with different stripes. The alt's are the light blue form of the grey. Note, the sleeve patch is the numbers from the currents. BUT WAIT, under hem now is the bell. Does that work?

St. Louis Cardinals

5/30 St. Louis Cardinals
I love the Cards' set now, the thing is, their package isn't bold. It's plain red, and navy, then with a weak yellow. I took that into consideration and have a product I'm happy with. The new colours are red/maroon/golden yellow. The maroon boosts the red, and gives it an old time feel. The first StL logo on the site is maroon! I basically used the same primary, but with the arch from the allstar game logo. The birds on bat logo is the same, but I added a St. Louis one for the roads. Kept the StL, added a bird head, and the primary without Cardinals for a patch.

The jerseys are my favorite. They have a badass retro jersey with piping running up the sleeves. The current has no piping what-so-ever. This also plays into the bold affect. The rest is basically the same, with maroon, instad of navy. Also added something for stir-ups.