Sunday, June 26, 2011


What is Yakball?

Yakball is a sport I made up, which is gaining popularity with kids in the area. My goal this summer is to found a 5 team league consisting of students from 6 high schools in the Tampa Bay area. Before the concepts, I shall give you the rules.

Basic Rules
4 players on the field, per team
Four 10 minute periods in a Yakball game
Goal of the game is to bounce the ball into the target, a 3 by 6 box 4 feet off the ground
Most points win
The ball is in play, even after points. Once a point is scored, the possession is changed, and play is resumed behind the 2 point line
The playing field is broken up into 3 zones, 2 point zone, neutral zone, and crease zone.
A game ball is a Volleyball
The playing field is 36 feet wide at the wall, 56 feet wide at the far end and 56 feet long
Play is opened by a faceoff, one occurs at the start of each half
A crease is a semi-circle in front of the target, no offensive player is allowed in the crease.
The crease zone comes out 16 feet from the wall, and players with possession cannot move when in this zone. They can rotate on a pivot foot, however.
A shot from behind the 2 point line in the 2 point zone is worth 2 points
A foul results in a Penalty for the team, a 4 on 3 advantage for the team who had the foul commited against them.
2 passes must be made before a point is scored
Hitting is allowed, but nothing to the head and back. Legal hits are only to the player with the ball.
Fouls include: Illegal hit, tripping, catch interference, 5 second rule, and crease violation.
A ball that goes out of bounds is a change in possession, and results in an inbound.
Only throwing the ball, and heading the ball counts. No kicking the ball into the target.
The Center must remain in the box the whole game, unless subbed.
When a shot is taken, only one player non center can be in the box. 3 or more players in the box on a shot results in a change of possession.

Center- The player near the crease. He will be there to clear up space for the other players, defelect shots into the target, and even block shots. A big tall person would play here.
Enforcer- The player at the top. The catalyst of the offense, the player who does faceoffs, and runs the offense. A player with a sharp shot would play here
Left wing- The player to the left of the box. A left wing would try to get open shots by running around and getting open. A right handed player would play here.
Right wing- The same type player as a left winger. A lefty would be play here.

Point- A shot that hits the wall inside the target
Assisst- A pass before a point. If the scorer has the ball for more than 5 seconds, then there is no assist
Deflection- A redirection of a shot by another offensive player. The player shooting gets the point, and the deflector gets a deflection
Block- A block of a shot
Rebound- Gathering of a loose ball after a shot
Hit- A check to a player with the ball
Fouls- A penalty resulting in a uneven situation

Now, to the concepts. Being a non-school related sport, I thought making logos made sense, plus it was an opportunity to work my skills. The teams are the Dunedin Falcons, Palm Harbor Hurricanes, Tarpon Springs Spongers, East Lake Eagles, Countryside Cougars, and Cavalry Warriors.

Seriously, it's a lot of fun. If you're interested, and want to start playing where you are, join our site(below), and post in the forums. We're gonna film a training video, then film games.

Florida Panthers, inspired by the Predators

Let me explain.

I saw the Nashville Predators' new set, and I just went YESSSS. I've grown as a designer, and really have become drawn to simplistic logos, or atleast simplified versions of logos. I cannot wait for a Lightning-Predators game, if you're still confused.

That being said, I've had trouble coming up with reams to do logos for. I kinda came up with some ideas, seen here(which I'm still working on, and you'll see eventually) And I was looking at the NHL logos, and realized immediately needed it the most.

With no primary changes in their team's history, the Panthers seem to be stuck in the edgy 90s. I wanted to go with a fiercer, smoother look. First off, I changed the colors. A deeper red and blue, with a bold yellow. I pretty much traced the logo, and did my best. For almost every point, I made it rounder and tried to just get away from the jaggedness. Really, the only parts that are like that are the teeth, nails, ears, and the chest detail. The alt is based off the FLA logo, and the palm tree logo. Here is a comparison.

On the jerseys, I did what more people want, bring back the simple striped red jersey. To be honest, I don't like the old jerseys. I just don't. I like the currents a lot more, in fact. But I do think red is the way to go. I love the way the yellow pops on the darker colors, personally, so that is why white is only on the numbers. The navy alt is the same template, with the alt logo on the front now. I didn't put hem stripes just because the balance of it would seem weird. I love when stripes on the sleeves don't have torso stripes.

But no one reads discriptions, Ohhh! concept!

Thomas Bowl logo request

I got a logo request a while ago, I thought I emailed him with some questions, turns out I didn't. So I got an email wondering what's the deal, got all the information I needed and went to work.

Basically, the Thomas Bowl is a family football game around Christmas in Dayton, OH. The game is presented by Dr. Pepper*, and the teams playing are Ohio State, and Johns Hopkins. I did a fairly generic logo based off a logo I was going to make for the Citrus Series(Rays-Marlins). So here it is!

*Not really, lol.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NHL Canada: West

5/7 Edmonton Oilers
I NEVER choose to go retro with this concept, but I thought when I made it on inkscape, it looked so good. I darkened the blue and orange, and brought back the roughneck logo. The current homes remain the same. I matched the road to the home, depicting the Gretzky years. Finally, the alternate is an orange version of the home, which would sell well in Edmonton, at like, the mall or something.

6/7 Calgary Flames
I'm not a fan of the throwback, or the current, but the current could be improved on. That's what I did here. I tried simplifying it, no crazy stripes or anything. The under arm is full black, not crazy. Two simple black and yellow stripes on the sleeves. The roads are a white version of the home. The font is also block, instead of the italicized ones now. The new alt is a black version, which reminds me of the days with the horse logo.

7/7 Vancouver Canucks
Last, the Western Conference champs. Instead of all this whale/Johnny/Ice rink mixmatch, I went with one. The choice was simple, Vancouver Orcas, Vancouver Ice-something, Vancouver Canucks. The V logo is the primary, with the running Johnny as an alt. No silver is used outside the logo, and I used a navy to go with the blue-green northwest feel. I decided to put yoke piping to balance out the top with the simple stripes. Finally, the green alt with the full body logo because he's wearing green! Simple as that.

NHL Canada: East

So with all the news about Winnipeg, and all the new concepts coming out, I thought I should try. I wanted to do a redesign series with the NHL, so I kind of did part of it now! The others will be released later. I'll go East to West

1/7 Montreal Canadiens
You can't change much about the Habs. I mean, you could match the home and away, but I felt like keeping it the same. The way their jersey is unique and clean makes the set just gorgeous. As an alt, I wanted to do a blue jersey. I wasn't really a fan, so i threw in a retro concept from the 1909-1910 season, as depicted in the 100 year celebration year two seasons ago.

2/7 Ottawa Senators
With Canada being the hockey mecca, and the Ottawa Senators being a team around in the 1920s, there isn't a good reason to have that modern of a template. As it's been done before, stripes, with the roman design to tie into the now primary side logo. I chose to de-clutter it by not having a waist stripe. The alt is a faux-back using the current logos to represent a jersey from the first Ottawa Senators.

3/7 Toronto Maple Leafs
One thing many people on here want is the bringing back of the retro leaf logo. I did that to an extent. I just love the way it looks compared to the clip art-y leaf now. I replaced the off center block font with the current modern font. The home and away couldn't be approved upon, so why change? The Alt is a throwback to the days around 1940. Not an actual jersey, but close. 4 sleeve stripes, and a 2 part yoke is used. The pants were tan when this set was first around, so it remains.