Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Fantasy Hockey Identity

Hey gang, and Happy Holidays!

So this guy in the BayMen's league didn't really have an actual logo set. He just used an outline of Alaska, with the big dipper stars inside. So I offered to do him a logo set.

I was messing around with colours, and stumbled upon this beautiful scheme. I'm a sucker for 2 shades of brown. But I just threw some elements together, because all he said was he wanted was an outline of Alaska with the stars, so I did it. Here's the logos.

I decided to put the Alaska flag in there, so I could put it as a shoulder patch in the jerseys. They have an older style, just stripes and stuff. The number font matches the script. Hmm nothing that crazy. Enjoy!
So C&C please!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

San Francisco Bay Men Identity

Here's the identity of my new fantasy hockey team I took over recently.

Alright, first off, props go out to Firefly for the original set, which I updated.

I chose the colours based off a few things. Navy, and aqua for the water, and orange which is for the Golden Gate bridge, and the Giants. The primary logo is Firefly's logo, updated with my colours and script. The SF alt is based off his, which had SF on an anchor. I did the same. Not really much to say...

I went with a non RBK edge cut with the jersey, and kinda made up a design. I call the alternate, the Golden Gate alt. I call it that because It uses the bridge logo, and the orange colour. The partial logo is the main logo on the crest.

So how'd I do? Comment below.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moar Fan Art!

Hey guys. Our friend Jon sent in some more concepts for the Big 10! This time it was Northwestern, and the Gophers.

Northwestern, he put some steeler stripes on the sleeves, and added a black alt. He put the N logo with a wildcat on the shell. Hmm if you comment, and point out anything else do it.
Gopher time! So some Colt type stripes going on here, instead of the crappy piping. The one thing that sticks out is the cool yellow alt. Pretty creative there. He made a white helmet, which is new. Pretty good if you ask me.
So leave a comment, and tell us how Jon did! Send in your art, and it WILL get posted.

Update on my projects, I'm just messing with a few things at a time, and will try to get some posts this weekend.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

UF, FSU, and The U

I've been working on these for the last week, but I just get to post them after the Gators lose! This set of concepts are for the 3 major teams in Florida, UF, FSU, and The U. Come to think of it, all of these were influenced by the Nike Pro Combat set they wore.

21/120 Florida
Since my last one sucked, here's my new Gators concept. I used the stripes they have now, but changed them slightly. All of their stripes go Orange-Blue-White-Blue-Orange. I made the middle stripe the colour of the body of the jersey. Then on the middle stripe, I added a gator skin pattern. pretty revolutionary. I wasn't a fan of the white helmets, until the Pro Combat set was played in. I used it here. I brought back the Orange jerseys that Emmit Smith wore during his tenure in Gainesville. Here it is!
Here's a close up of the stripes.

22/120 Florida State
Since this was one of the best Pro Combat sets released, I based this concept off of it. Lets see... I used the updated numbers. I used the feather from that set on the collars, and pants. The arrow is an updated one, that I found online. I believe it's Rare Design's. I put the FSU logo on the sleeves. The alternate is an all black for the Unconquered tradition.
23/120 Miami
Pro Combat focused on an aspect of the logo. Part orange, part green. The numbers were, and on the stripe on the pants, both sides were different. I had an idea like this, but never finished. I did that idea on the white jersey. I pretty much made up most of the rest, like the little stripes at the end of each big stripe. The sleeve cuffs are 2 different colours, see my nifty presentation for that. Oh! I made the primary orange, a throwback to the Burney Kosar era.

Comments, yo.

I might take a break for a few weeks on the NCAA concepts. I have baseball conditioning, no ideas, and an idea for a truly EPIC series.

Fan Art!?

Hey guys, I have some fan art I never posted!

One is an old concept from my buddy TC over at The Clubhouse. I'm sure he forgot he did this... It's for my team, the Rays. Their current alternate jersey has blue wording, on a blue jersey. He changed it to white on blue.

Not bad. But I think I like the blue on blue more, to be honest.

Next is a concept for the Illini. This was done by a student at THE Ohio State University. Sorry, I forget your name. With this, he did a pretty out there concept. He used a spear logo, which doesn't look all that bad. Personally, I think it's better than their current piping nightmare.
Gotta love my old template!

He said he was going to work on some more Big 10 schools, and I waited for another email. I haven't gotten one, so I decided to post it.

Alright fellow SLS-ers. I have some announcements. I'm 1 concept away from posting another set of NCAA jerseys. Then I'm gonna take a break from that, and work on one of the coolest concept ideas I've ever had. It is also a collaboration with our sister site, The Clubhouse. Look forward to that.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jacksonville Captains

So a friend of mine wanted me to do a fantasy set for a team on the CCSLC boards. The team is the Jacksonville Captains, which he made up. Not much to explain about this concept, so here it is.

I'm actually in this fantasy league. I took over a team that was 3-17 last season, and of right now, I'm 5-0.

Well that's all I have currently, I'm working on some more NCAA concepts, and another fantasy set, but this one is for me. I also am working on and off on a project set to come out this summer. Just you wait.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

BCS Buster Concepts

Continuing with my little off and on project. Screw the whole 20 team thing for now, I'm gonna post some at random. Here's concepts for 3 teams trying to crash the BCS bowls. They all have pretty bad jerseys, IMO, but here's my take.

18/120: TCU
Their jerseys are plain jerseys, with a spike pattern on the cuffs. I tried to combine those, and the Pro Combat jerseys. I used a purple helmet, with black streaks, like the blood stripes on the Pro Combat set. I kept the cuffs, but made the sleeves a different colour. I was consistent with the numbers, since they have 2 different fonts for their jerseys. Hmm, the pants are interchangeable. Enjoy.

19/120 Cincinnati
I love the claw mark motif now, but their jerseys are lacking. It's an adidas template with horns, kinda lame. I took the pants stripe, with a pattern on the under arm with claws. The white pants don't have a stripe underneath like so. Also, no outline on stripes or numbers.

20/120 Boise State
Well, their Fiesta Bowl jerseys were pretty... bleh. The current ones are a hot mess. So I went modern, with a modern design. Honestly, this is my least favorite. But here's an opportunity to give me some C&C.


I did another competition on the boards, and once the anonymous voting is done, I'll post it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Minnesota Nike Pro Combat

I was talking to TC of The Clubhouse about the Pro Combat teams, and we were naming some Nike teams that would be cool to have jerseys like this. We said Oregon, and we also said Minnesota. I did Oregon, then had an idea for Minne.

What I did, was use the tail pattern found on a full body gopher logo. I put it on the pants, and helmet. The sleeves are a stripe with halftone gradient, similar to what Nike used on Virginia Tech. I went with yellow, just to be kind of different, that and they're the GOLDEN Gophers. I chose a more modern font, instead of a block. That should cover it, enjoy.
Anyone want to request any team, of any sport? I'll do anything. I'll keep doing the Lapwings concept.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oregon Nike Pro Combat Jersey

Last week, Nike came out with a new kind of uniform. One that's lighter, stronger, and safer. My first thought was witchcraft, but then I saw how cool they looked. Read more about them at The Clubhouse.

If you watch ANY college football, you know Oregon comes out with the craziest jersey combos. But the thing is, they aren't part of this program. Because of this, I made one for them! The Pro Combat jerseys have some really modern design, or a throwback. I took the duck wings on their current jerseys, and put them on the sleeve. I did a bunch of them on top of eachother to look like duck wings. The pants just have Oregon written down the sides. The helmet is suppose to be the carbon helmet that they wear. Well, here ya go.
I might do more if an idea strikes. Here's a list of teams that are a part of the program.
  • Florida
  • LSU
  • Texas*
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida State*
  • Miami
  • Virginia Tech*
  • Missouri
  • TCU*
  • Ohio State*
They're wearing them this weekend. So far the ones with asterisks have been photoed. Follow The Clubhouse to see them all when they get posted.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lapwings request: Part 1

Alright, so I've been working on sketches off and on for this request. I'll admit, I'm not great at strait up concepts, so this first concept is a little sketchy. I will smooth it out as I go a long. From pictures online, I've made up what a lapwing looks like, as a mean hockey player. I only have the head done, and working on the body angles, and things. So how is this?
So anyone care to critique this? I did what he wanted so far.

I'm gonna work on a little NCAA concept for you guys, so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Armed Forces Concepts

So, I was watching College Gameday, and they were at the Army vs Air Force game. Watching that got me in the mood for some NCAA concepts. They're all teams I haven't done in my series, so they all count.

15/120 Air Force
Air Force is one of those teams who fell to the Missu football template. I took them in a more classic direction. I went with sleeve stripes, with an Air Force bolt inside them. The helmet has a bolt, with the number under it.

16/120 Army
I'm not a fan of their current jerseys, mostly because of the random grey stripe in between the gold. I put shoulder stripes, instead of high sleeve stripes. I almost went with the camo pants/helmet but I think it wouldn't work for a team with such a long history.

17/120 Navy
For my last one, I took the style of the jerseys they wore for Army-Navy last year. They wore the pants seen on the road jersey. I similar stripes on the sleeve, and socks.

So how did I do? I plan to use that set up for the next few in my total redsign. I'm redoing most of the ones I said would be posted, since I don't really like most of them anymore.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Football Concepts

Like promised here's some concepts I've been doing. I chose these teams for the out there alternate jerseys.

Here's the Saints, their current jerseys are just a normal jersey. I added similar stripes found on the helmet, and pants. I added an outline on the numbers to match the saints logo. I added a gold sock, and a white pant to get rid of the unitard look(jersey, pant, sock same colour.)
For the Seahawks, I first planned to cut a colour of blue, and add silver. It just didn't look as good as the current colours. I added a similar sleeve design, and put a larger bird logo on the side. The home and away pants are interchangeable, but the green alt had white pants always. That was the one thing that didn't look good when they wore them earlier this year. I also made the jerseys have dark numbers on the alt.
C&C please. I have no idea what I'm gonna do next. I'll probably work on the Belgian logo some, maybe a concept for the Rays(have some AWESOME sketches.) Maybe some new logos for my school. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 2, 2009

CCSLC Competition: Player logo

So I entered a competition on the boards where you designed player logos. I did my favorite player, Evan Longoria. It's self explanatory. Click the link under for a white background.
So how'd i do? Comments are below.

I'm working on some NFL concepts for you all, so check back! I also have some fan art coming!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NFL jerseys

Hey guys. Just 2 concepts here for ya'll. I did these to try a new template.

So I had to watch the Bills play the Jets. The Bills have pretty much the UGLIEST uniform int he NFL. Nothing is consistent, and there is too many colours(here's what they look like.) I simplified WAY down. I used a design they had for most of their history, a low sleeve stripe. I also dropped the royal blue, so this could have a more modern feel. I just tweaked a few things here and there, like 2 outlines of the numbers, and on the team name on the chest. Enjoy.I did this, just so I would have something to post with the Bills concept. From about 1961 to 1997 the Broncos wore an orange home jersey. Then they rebranded, brought in navy jerseys, and a modern template. I brought back the orange, used a modern jersey, and went at it. You may notice this template is similar to my Wyoming concept, but alas, it's different. Here it is!
Comments please!

NCAA Jersey redesign: 14/120 Alabama

14/120 Alabama
Continuing with the SEC here's my tide concept. The tide have a pretty basic uniform now. I added hounds tooth to the collars, and changed from numbers to the A logo. The hounds tooth was ANNOYING to make on inkscape. On the shoulders, I added numbers to make up for the dropping of the helmet numbers.

I wasn't pleased with my Gators concept, so I'll repost when I redo it. Same with LSU.

NCAA Jersey redesign: 13/120 Tennessee

13/120: Tennessee
How about this? Light blue! I added it as an accent colour, because other sports at UT use it. I ended up doing adidas type stripes on this concept. The current team uses adidas, and plus, the 3 stripes are awesome.

Gonna post 'Bama real quick...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hockey Concepts

Well, it was pleasantly cold down here in Florida today, so I decided to do some hockey concepts.

The first is for my team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. I only like the current alternate, only because it's blue. It's has random piping, and "Bolts" across the chest. So I did what I would do to it. I made a classic blue jersey, and put the Florida logo as the crest. I did put the Bolts script on the shoulder, so there wouldn't be Tampa Bay in small letters like on the primary logo.

Next was the Bruins. They have such a nice logo set. One of my favorite logos is the bear logo(see crest). Their alternate is the same as the home, but without a shoulder yoke, and a new logo. I say they shoulda gone nuts, and went yellow. 29 of 30 of the homes in the NHL are black, red, or blue(The Flyers changed to orange this season). I followed a similar yoke, and made new sleeve stripes because white on yellow doesn't really provide contrast. So here ya go!

Felt like doing 1 more. Personally, I LOVE the Johnny Canuck logo you see below. So I used it on this green alt jersey. I made it different than the current, with piping, and outlines on the numbers. Way better than their current Alt which is their home with a retro stick-in-ice logo. This is way better, in my opinion.

I think I did a pretty good job on these. So what do you say? Leave a comment.

Thanks to Speedy from the CCSLC boards for this awesome template.

Friday, October 16, 2009

10 readers!?

Holy cow! That's more than I've had at one time, haha.

Some announcments. So my friend is going to start a site, which will basically be a sibling site of this one. We might do some collaborations with them sometime.

I'm working on things for the Belgian logo project. I have the head DOWN, but I'm working on the body.

I'll keep posting my college football stuff, so comment those!

NCAA Jersey redesign: 12/120 South Carolina

12/120 South Carolina

Right now, South Carolina's jerseys are flat out ugly. They're ridiculously busy. I found an old picture of the team, with Colts type stripes. I was going for that. Then I thought of something cool to do. I put the stripe found on the helmet, and pants on the shoulders. Jerseys are mix and match, like most. The SC logo is the baseball logo, but it's so awesome i put it on the pants.

The Vols are next.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 11/120 Oregon

11/120 Oregon
Alright, this is the one team that everyone does at least once. But I decided to go simple... in Oregon's terms. I used the duck wings on the collar because they're unique, and Oregon can't NOT be unique. But other than that, a plain uniform. I simplified their uniforms, but I still made it possible for any combo they want. I have green, white, and yellow helmets, jerseys, and pants. That should cover it!

South Carolina is next.

Friday, October 9, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 10/120 Oregon State

11/120 Oregon State
I know the "Sports Bra" jersey is frowned upon on the boards, but I kind of like it. It's similar to an extent. Currently, they have a plain jersey, which is cool, but I think that this is a team that can have a modern uni like their in state rivals. So I made a design like the former ones, but kept it different. Then I made pants stripes I thought worked. Uh, I used the font the OS logo is in. That should be it! here ya go!

Oregon, and the Gamecocks coming up.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 9/120 USC

9/120 USC
For this, I didn't do anything drastic, just did what I think improved the jerseys. I added some accent striping to the shoulders. Then for consistency, I made the pants with the same pattern. I'll admit it does look kind of awkward, but I do like how it ended up. So here it is!

Oregon State is tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 8/120 UNLV

Just gonna skip LSU, and post it when I redo it.

9/20 UNLV
Well just gonna post a few of my favorites to get them over with.
UNLV's jerseys pretty much suck. They use a silver design on the sleeves, and shoulder. Similar to this. I did the same idea, but used more red. I made Rebels on the front in the same font as the numbers. I also used the Rebel UNLV logo on the sleeves, and helmet, instead of just UNLV. Uhh, that should be it. Enjoy!

So I'll post a few of my favorites, like USC, Oregon State, maybe South Carolina. So come back. If you dont like something about my designs, tell me, and I'll make updates at the end of each 20

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Logo Request

So I got an email, asking for a logo request. Just read it for yourself...

Hi there,

I saw the possibility to request a logo concept. How does it work?
We are an amateur hockey club (ice & inline) in Belgium looking to revamp our logo. Thanks for informing me.

Then just explaining what to do, here's the reply

The name of the club is 'LAPWINGS' (a bird), based in the city of DUFFEL.
We were thinking of a mean looking bird in a hockey jersey with stick and gloves. Colors are: red helmet, white jersey with red and black stripes, black pants, red socks. We have a website where you can have a look at the old logo: The club has a team that plays in the highest inline hockey league in Belgium and plays also recreative ice hockey. The club is a member of the Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation. One player of the elite team plays for the Belgian National Team.

So I'm going to do this, and update my progress on this site with sketches and stuff. So that's coming up, and I'm real excited.

NCAA Jersey redesign: 7/120 Minnesota

7/120 Minnesota
Obviously, Minnesota is known more for hockey, than football. I wanted to try to reference a hockey jersey. I searched "Minnesota hockey jersey" and got this result. I thought I could do something with the multi coloured stripe. The current helmet has a yellow M, with a black outline. I turned the primary yellow, and put it on the helmet. The pants have the same striping as the jerseys. The pants are interchangeable, but I declare no yellow, on yellow combo! The Gopher M logo is on the sleeve also.
I'll post LSU tonight for the one that counts for Sunday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 6/120 Akron

6/120 Akron
Well since it was requested first, Akron is up next. I dislike what their jerseys look like now. So I went with kind of a modern template that has probably been done before, but I think its still an improvement. I dont like the current numbers, and nothing else really seemed good, so when in doubt, BLOCK! The pants pattern is one that is similar to the jersey pattern. I think I covered everything, so enjoy!
Minne is on deck.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 5/120 UL-L

5/120 Louisiana-Lafayette Rajin' Cajuns
Now on to the team with the best name in the FBS. Currently, their jerseys are red, and white, no yellow. I think the yellow in their logo looks awesome with the red and black. So basically, that's the direction I went in. On their helmet, it is a Rajin' Cajuns script. I put the circular logo on it. Hmmm, I put the fleur de lis on fire on the sleeves. THe current number font looked a little like the Ducks font, so I made it officially the Ducks font. The black and white pants can be switched, so they all wont be monochrome.

Akron, then Minnesota are next.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 4/120 Iowa State

4/120 Iowa State
I kept the same basic design as their current ones, but I added some maroon from the logo. I added the cyclone bird logo, since it is awesome. I made the pants with 2 different colour stripes. The numbers are similar to the ones they currently use.

NCAA Jersey redesign: 3/120 Wisconsin

Hey, sorry, I had baseball practice, and other thing to do, so I couldn't post. I'll post 2 today.

3/120 Wisconsin
So, Mburmy helped me with this one. I like their current ones, but I thought I could do something with them. I added the badger on the sleeves. I also did something kind of cool, I thought. I put "Badgers" on the home, and "Wisconsin" on the road. I'm not sure that its been done for a football jersey. I changed the font to resemble the W logo. And that's about it!
Iowa State will be coming up shortly.

Monday, September 28, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 2/120 USF

2/120 USF
So I really like how they look now. The whole horns thing just works, cause ya know, they're the Bulls. I changed the helmet to the actual gold, not like some yellowish one they use now. I tried some gold pants to see how they look, and I thought it looked like it worked. I did go with a black jersey, just as a nice alternate. Oh, and I know... Grothe is out for the whole year. Pants are also interchangeable.

Tomorrow is Wisconsin!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 1/120 Wyoming

So for my first, why not start at the bottom with Wyoming. One thing I didn't like was how the home set normally is white/brown/yellow. So I went with something new, and gave them a unique brown helmet. The jersey design, I think, looks awesome. It started out as just a mock up of the Mizzu-Nike template. Then the pants have the same pattern as the jersey. Pants are interchangeable.

Next: USF see you tomorrow!

NCAA Jersey redesign

This is what I have been working on recently.

Alright, I started a project on the boards, I'll try to release a team a day untill all 120 teams jerseys are posted.

Get ready! It's a commin'!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mariners concept

Miss me? lol.

So since I made the switch to inkscape, I havn't posted a completed concept (I've done several, but I'm saving them for later. )

So anywho, I really like when cities have the same colour scheme for all their teams. See Pittsburgh. Since the Sonics moved away, Seattle has 1 major team NOT 2 tone blue, and lime green. That team would be the Mariners.

So the direction I went in was changing the colours, not using the compass, and tying the logos with Seattle more. The current scheme seems too dark, and the aqua isn't used much anymore. I went with the Space Needle used in all of these. This concept really goes back to this concept I did in my old redesigning the MLB series.

The main logo uses aspects from this logo. The cap logos are a S and M(hahah) with the Space Needle. The scripts are basically the same. I added the Needle on the first letter in the same place as the cap logos.

For the jerseys, I changed a lot. I added piping to them. I also used the M's alternate numbers, since it ties in with the script. Plus, I mean, the other option was block. The BP is lime green. I chose that because another blue jersey wouldn't be as cool.

I tried my best to stay consistent with the numbers, and scripts.

So how'd I do? I have ideas for a Giants concept too.

C&C, por favor.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry Guys

Sorry, I've been just enjoying summer, and not doing concepts. I'm still working on my inkscape skills, and not amazingly awesome at it. I'm working on some stuff, and once I get them done, I'll post here.

go to Down on the Farm for baseball design news. The link is on the side.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Alright guys, I've been using paint for over a year. I thought it was time to move onto a different program. I have decided to use inkscape. My concepts will be neater from now on.Inkscape is a vector program, which is basically not bitmap.

Here's the concept I made based ont he totorial by fellow board member, gingerbread man.
Then putting my skills I learned into making this 76ers concept. I actually kind of like it.

So that's what you will be seeing from me in the future. I havn't been doing much concepts, since the only vector templates I have are basketball, and hockey. But stay tuned.

Anchorage Bucs

5/6 Anchorage Bucs
Nothing amazing on the logos. MLB Tucson fonts, with a pirate flag on a bat as a tertiary to be used as patched.
On the jerseys, I kept the pinstripes that the team wears now. I added an all grey road jersey.The last will be the Fire, I'll see if I can get that done tonight.