Sunday, November 22, 2009

BCS Buster Concepts

Continuing with my little off and on project. Screw the whole 20 team thing for now, I'm gonna post some at random. Here's concepts for 3 teams trying to crash the BCS bowls. They all have pretty bad jerseys, IMO, but here's my take.

18/120: TCU
Their jerseys are plain jerseys, with a spike pattern on the cuffs. I tried to combine those, and the Pro Combat jerseys. I used a purple helmet, with black streaks, like the blood stripes on the Pro Combat set. I kept the cuffs, but made the sleeves a different colour. I was consistent with the numbers, since they have 2 different fonts for their jerseys. Hmm, the pants are interchangeable. Enjoy.

19/120 Cincinnati
I love the claw mark motif now, but their jerseys are lacking. It's an adidas template with horns, kinda lame. I took the pants stripe, with a pattern on the under arm with claws. The white pants don't have a stripe underneath like so. Also, no outline on stripes or numbers.

20/120 Boise State
Well, their Fiesta Bowl jerseys were pretty... bleh. The current ones are a hot mess. So I went modern, with a modern design. Honestly, this is my least favorite. But here's an opportunity to give me some C&C.


I did another competition on the boards, and once the anonymous voting is done, I'll post it.

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  1. Good work man. I don't know much about football uni's but those look pretty clean which is a good thing.

    Also, maybe check out my blog, I'm trying to bring a group project together, definitely be cool to see what you think. Not trying to hack here.