Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Jersey Dynamite

I got a request to do a logo set for a youth baseball team in New Jersey named the New Jersey Dynamite. First colors I thought of were red and yellow, so i went with it. I didn't want to, but the font I overuse looked really good for this, I think. I made the logos, then realized that there wasn't anything dynamite-y. I added a wick to the I. There is 2 cap logos, one with an NJ, and then one with a D, and the state of New Jersey. Simple jerseys, with a design on under the sleeves.

He sent me a logo he drew, it was a block-y, so this was basically a concept that wont be used. But I thought it looked good. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seattle Grinders

Fantasy baseball concept! I updated an old concept of mine for the fantasy league I'm in. I composed a legitimate primary logo, instead of just a mug. I put a script on it! The script is slanted like many baseball logos are. I thought brown and green would look great for something Seattle and coffee related. Not much to say really. ENjoy it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My designs!

Using the videos from right hurr, I made the following. For the animals, I drew a Lion and a Panda. Just cause. Then, for the player, I drew Steven Stamkos.


Design help

One of the bestest designers in the world, Fraser Davidson, posted some videos about designing logos. He made videos on how to draw animals, people, and letter help. Here are some of the videos. Ill post my designs next.

More Fan Art!

Hey guys, Donald is back with another concept. This is for the Pitt Panthers. He liked the old colors and script better than the current, and thats what he went for. So, he tried to style the uniforms like to old uniforms that used these colors, but update it a little.