Wednesday, October 17, 2012

London City Lions

I've got another London team for you all. I based this team a little off Chelsea, but it is it's own thing. What I did, was made a crest and did chevrons on it as a motif to transfer over to the uniforms. What I did was make a lion head so it could stand out on it's own too. I tried to make it dynamic, but classical. The logo set itself is rather bland and simple.

The uniforms had the chevrons going on, and I did use a monochrome top set, and then white socks like what Chelsea uses. I felt like the white REALLY popped off the navy. The alternate is gold which should be unique to the league, and bright and different compared to the navy home.

Yakball Updates

I updated two logos from the US and Canada. I thought of a better way to do the Empire NYC secondary, instead of a star, I made the skyline the top point. And then I redid Exhibition Toronto's primary because I've hated it for the longest time, ahahha.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yakball: Wembley Wanderers

Moving on to the 3rd league in Yakball, this time will be the British Isles. I have teams in all 4 parts of the UK, and two teams in Dublin. 

First is a team from London. Originally I had a team at the Olympic park, but they're tearing down the basketball arena, so I put it in a more historic location. Wembley Wanderers was suggested, and I really loved it. I wanted to make a simple logo to make it seem classy. Simple hand made W in a roundel!
 The team was inspired by Arsenal(The other London team will be Chelsea, so heads up). I did red with white sleeves, and then made my own nike-fied clash with lightning bolt designs.

Working on London City's logo right now, so that will be next!