Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Hockey Concepts

Just wanted to try some things with my hockey template. Since the World Juniors are happening, I did some international concepts.

I think that Canada has one of the best looks in all of hockey. No real changes from their current.

I changed the color they used to a more light blue one. Then from there, I went along with the template, putting striping on the sleeves, and matching striping on the hem.

 This was the last team I did. I wanted to put atleast one design running down the sleeves, and I figured the Russians would be my best bet. To differ from all the other red and blue teams, I did monochrome red. Sort of an homage to the old Soviet teams. I put the Russian script running Rangers-style down the front.

I changed the yellow they used to a more golden yellow. I added white to give it some contrast. I didn't want any white to touch yellow, so it pops more. I felt like it gave the classic yellow and blue a facelift, like what the Predators are doing with their set. Other than that, relatively subdued.

United States
I did some new striping, and changed the shoulder yoke. I put a classic font instead of the Agency one they use now. The navy jersey has a white yoke instead of the shoulder ones that are on the current set.

Manchester Four

I wanted to do a concept for a team with the number. Four is how many players on the field on a team, and how many quarters there are in a game. I didn't want to exile the fans of City of United choosing a color palate used by one of them. I chose purple and gold(U of W Huskies colors), and went from there. A big 4 with 4 stars and a crest and I was set.

I LOVE the plaid pattern that Nike used this year for United, and carried it over. Over white pants and it looks different from every other team. The clash is gold with purple accents and I feel the colors carry this concept.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

YC Cardiff

I wanted to do a simple and classic concept that reflected not only Cardiff, but all of Wales. I did a simple C in a circle with the dragon from the Welsh flag. I toned down the green, and kept the red because that color scheme is awesome. Simplicity was the key to this set.
I originally wanted to do a white top and green bottom set, but the color scheme made me change my mind. I went with red over white like the national teams customary to Wales. Just some simple designs similar to Manchester United's former white kit. The clash kit is all green.

Monday, December 3, 2012


The NASL team from Atlanta is holding a logo design contest, and I figured I had a fair shot at the chance to have my logo used professionally. They posted the submissions on facebook, and I'm a little behind! Please go on facebook and like my logo, but only if you like it! But lets be honest, a lot of them are bad.