Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Hockey Concepts

Just wanted to try some things with my hockey template. Since the World Juniors are happening, I did some international concepts.

I think that Canada has one of the best looks in all of hockey. No real changes from their current.

I changed the color they used to a more light blue one. Then from there, I went along with the template, putting striping on the sleeves, and matching striping on the hem.

 This was the last team I did. I wanted to put atleast one design running down the sleeves, and I figured the Russians would be my best bet. To differ from all the other red and blue teams, I did monochrome red. Sort of an homage to the old Soviet teams. I put the Russian script running Rangers-style down the front.

I changed the yellow they used to a more golden yellow. I added white to give it some contrast. I didn't want any white to touch yellow, so it pops more. I felt like it gave the classic yellow and blue a facelift, like what the Predators are doing with their set. Other than that, relatively subdued.

United States
I did some new striping, and changed the shoulder yoke. I put a classic font instead of the Agency one they use now. The navy jersey has a white yoke instead of the shoulder ones that are on the current set.

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