Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Nascar Sprint Cup Mod

Hey guys. Been kinda laying low for the last couple days. Thought it might be cool to show you guys what I've been doing since saturday. One of my favorite games ever is Nascar Racing 3. It came out in 1999, and I spent years painting cars on the built in paint studio. I've painted whole fields of cars on the worse-than-ms-paint program. Last year, I started a sim racing series with some friends. Here is the link and I encourage people who like this thread to check it out.

I was planning on trying my best on the program to make it look half decent. Then I researched into it, and found out how to mod the game with designs from outside the game. I found all these templates and a community that REALLY helped me out. It had a lot of things that I needed to learn, but I ended up figuring it out. After a while, I started making 2013 cars. They had the body deisng for the Gen6 cars, but the pre-made 1999 set wasn't the same. So I took on the task to make 42 cars to sim races with(your car retires before the race as the 43rd car). 

I wasn't planning on redoing them for this year. I thought about doing some guys that needed to be done(Austin Dillon, etc). Then I went to their message board and a guy had beaten me to it. Too bad they were absolute crap. I knew I could do better, so starting at 3 Saturday, I started redoing it. I decided I would work numerically, I start at Jamie McMurray(#1) and work it to Carl Edwards(#99). A lot were simple number fixes, due to laziness that made me overlook the way some numbers were tilted on the passenger side door. But a lot were redrawn. I worked literally non-stop. I focused more on making things perfect due to the template being flat, and the patches wrapping around the bumper. So cars with designs that go around from the side to the front were a bitch. There was a lot of planning and file renaming but today at 5 I managed to finish. If you're wondering, I did 15 the first day, 20 yesterday, and 7 today. I'll post a list of cars later.

But weithout further adeu, here is some screenshots of everything. I'll post screenshots of some requested cars if you're interested. NOTE, this game is 15 years old. The color pallate isn't exactly extensive, so they might be a little off, but I assure you it is what it is.

If anyone finds this on google, email me and I'll hook you up with the mod.