Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trifecta Competition

Gah, I've been waiting to post this forever. The competition was to take a city without a franchise in a major sports league and make a team. I entered as the Tampa NBA team. The top 2 concepts advance to the final round, and I actually think I have a shot to do this.

I never do basketball concepts so this was a dificult one. I looked at NBA logos for inspiration, and worked them into my concept.
The team is the Tampa Tide, because Tampa is on the water, and water has tides. I used a beach-y colour combo, with navy, light blue, sand, and orange.
The jerseys are pretty simple. I made a sand alternate for sunday home games. I also but the players names under the numbers, like how the allstar jerseys are.
So can I get C&C on this? Hope I get to do another concept for you guys.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

EPLJR: Middlesbrough

14/20 Middlesborough
I'm bAAAAAAAAAAaaaaack.
The UEFA Championship got me back into the soccer concept mode
So for my next concept, I chose Middlesbrough. Just a random design for this one. I dropped the white chest...thingy. I went against what the team has recently done, that is, having red shorts. I made the clash black, and blue like the current kit. I used the same design as the home. I brought back the collared jerseys too

Everton, or Stoke City will be next.

Glacier Pilots

Team 3/6 Glacier Pilots
Alright so this one was fairly simple. I made new scripts, and tertiary logos. I kept the secondary as the one they use. It's a pilot that I traced from a picture. Kinda came out rough, but it'll do. I also made the colours Royal blue, and powder blueThe jerseys similar to the Brewers. No chest piping, but 2 colour sleeve piping. I made the numbers, and name the same look as the script.Most likely the Bucs next. I just need a primary logo.
I plan to make my jerseys on an action template. I had my Miners one done completely, but accidentally pressed don't save. Grrrrr doing that, and making it JPEG grind my gears.

Mat-Su Miners

Team 2/6 Mat-Su Miners
Alright, so with my second team it's for the Mat-Su Miners. Not much to say on the logos, except the main is Miners on a diamond with pick-axes in back. I used an 80s Blue Jay type font, just trying to be different. The tertiary is an M on a pick-ax.The jerseys are inspired by the sip up jerseys. I love that design.Comments appreciated.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peninsula Oilers

Team 1/6 Peninsula Oilers
The actual team logo is just a lame Oilers cursive font, with (ugh) Bank Gothic "Peninsula", and "Baseball". I change up the colours, by making the red darker, keeping black, and adding a bronze. The main logo was influenced by the Brewers main logo. The cap is a P, and O on an oil drop. Also I added new scripts.
From what I see on the Oilers site, they don't have a grey jersey, so I made the away red. Nothing amazingly special about the jersey, just keeping it simple.Comments please.

So send in our concepts, or request concepts for me to do.

Alaskan Baseball Project

So with the overload of MLB redesigns going on... There's 6 on the first page. I'm going to take another break from it, until it dies down(Mine was the original). I wanted to do something different in the concepts, rebranding a whole league. That League is the Alaskan Baseball League. Last summer, SI published an article that really interested me. It was about the Alaskan league. It was a prestigious summer league in Alaska for college players. Personally I think It would be cool to play up there. So it wasn't 'till today that I looked up the teams identities. Pretty much all the logos were weak. Including the League logo.(seen here) First I remade the main logo, which you can see above. I wanted to resemble the MLB logo, so I replaced the player with Alaska. I used the state flag blue, and a more golden yellow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hamilton Tigers?

Alright, this is my shot at the possible Hamilton team. I brought back the Tigers, and for this, I brought back 2 logos from the teams past. The animal cracker like tiger, and the H logo. I updated the Tiger a lot, to make it look like a tiger, but I wanted it to somewhat resemble the old logo. The H, I put the new script, which is crillee. I don't want to hear it...
The primary is a Penguin retro style circle logo.For the jerseys, I did the cliche thing to do with a team named after a big striped cat...stripes! I tried a few things, but the Capitals cut seemed like it worked the best.So C&C please.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Edmonton Oilers rebrand

Alright, so I started doodling in class the other day. It started to look like an oil rig. I just kept adding some things to it, and it ended up as a logo for the Edmonton Oilers. The first thing I did, was change the colour scheme. I exchanged the current red, for the retro orange. I made a new script for 3 of the logos. I made a tertiary with an oil drop, instead of the rig. Also, I added the Roughneck logo(love it) as the secondary.On the Jerseys, I made a modern look, with retro striping.Alright, C&C por favor.

RtMLB: Red Sox

Kay now, because of last season, this next team has become my most hated team EVAR!
So this year, the BoSox changed some of their logos. I brought back the design from last year. I originally planned to be original, and have the spoked Boston instead of the block one, but they apparently have that logo made already. So I kept the logos the same, since one of my ideas didn't work out.I made the Boston script blue, like the away script currently.Jerseys... Kept them the same basically. Added sleeve piping, red outline to the away lettering, and got rid of the blue jersey.No real ideas for other redos now, I'll get back to doing these once I do.

Send in your concepts, and I'll post them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

RtMLB: Indians

So I made a set for them a few weeks ago, just never posted it. So here's my redo.

So to start off the redos, I updated my Cleveland package. I went all out with this one, I sketched up the new logos, and made new scripts. I based them off my last set(Feather I logos). I sent the feather to the middle like how elliot said I should. I made a similar Cleveland script to my Indians one. I brought back Chief Wahoo to please most people who commented. The only thing I change on him, was adding a silver outline to match the rest of the set.
On the jerseys, I made them like the zip up jerseys. I actually really like how they turned out, especially the alt.So comments on the Tribe.

I'm half way done with Boston, and need a primary for the Rays.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

RBNY Clash Kit

So today, my friend wore his Red Bull New York jersey. I mentioned to him that it would be cool if they made the jersey look like the cans. Well I made it into a concept!(didn't see that one coming). I kept the big Red Bull logo on the front, and the script on the back. I took away the piping stuff, and only kept the adidas stripes on the sleeves, shorts, and socks.Pretty sure that'd be the only clash kit in the MLS.

So comments please.

Friday, May 1, 2009

MLF Championship logos

So as you may, or may not know about me; I started the Madden Sim league, Minor League Football. Since I'm a designer, I design the leagues logos. I mean, I pretty much designed the whole league. So one thing I do is the Championship logos. We held the first championship game a few weeks ago, I won it! :D, and It was based in Indy. I added bricks to give a shout out to Indy Motor Speedway.Next, for the upcoming season, we decided on having it at the Minneapolis, at the new TCF Bank Stadium. The Minnesota Golden Gophers will play there, so I used their scheme, with the Wild's green.
So far it's just a concept, nothing official.

C&C please?