Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NFL jerseys

Hey guys. Just 2 concepts here for ya'll. I did these to try a new template.

So I had to watch the Bills play the Jets. The Bills have pretty much the UGLIEST uniform int he NFL. Nothing is consistent, and there is too many colours(here's what they look like.) I simplified WAY down. I used a design they had for most of their history, a low sleeve stripe. I also dropped the royal blue, so this could have a more modern feel. I just tweaked a few things here and there, like 2 outlines of the numbers, and on the team name on the chest. Enjoy.I did this, just so I would have something to post with the Bills concept. From about 1961 to 1997 the Broncos wore an orange home jersey. Then they rebranded, brought in navy jerseys, and a modern template. I brought back the orange, used a modern jersey, and went at it. You may notice this template is similar to my Wyoming concept, but alas, it's different. Here it is!
Comments please!

NCAA Jersey redesign: 14/120 Alabama

14/120 Alabama
Continuing with the SEC here's my tide concept. The tide have a pretty basic uniform now. I added hounds tooth to the collars, and changed from numbers to the A logo. The hounds tooth was ANNOYING to make on inkscape. On the shoulders, I added numbers to make up for the dropping of the helmet numbers.

I wasn't pleased with my Gators concept, so I'll repost when I redo it. Same with LSU.

NCAA Jersey redesign: 13/120 Tennessee

13/120: Tennessee
How about this? Light blue! I added it as an accent colour, because other sports at UT use it. I ended up doing adidas type stripes on this concept. The current team uses adidas, and plus, the 3 stripes are awesome.

Gonna post 'Bama real quick...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hockey Concepts

Well, it was pleasantly cold down here in Florida today, so I decided to do some hockey concepts.

The first is for my team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. I only like the current alternate, only because it's blue. It's has random piping, and "Bolts" across the chest. So I did what I would do to it. I made a classic blue jersey, and put the Florida logo as the crest. I did put the Bolts script on the shoulder, so there wouldn't be Tampa Bay in small letters like on the primary logo.

Next was the Bruins. They have such a nice logo set. One of my favorite logos is the bear logo(see crest). Their alternate is the same as the home, but without a shoulder yoke, and a new logo. I say they shoulda gone nuts, and went yellow. 29 of 30 of the homes in the NHL are black, red, or blue(The Flyers changed to orange this season). I followed a similar yoke, and made new sleeve stripes because white on yellow doesn't really provide contrast. So here ya go!

Felt like doing 1 more. Personally, I LOVE the Johnny Canuck logo you see below. So I used it on this green alt jersey. I made it different than the current, with piping, and outlines on the numbers. Way better than their current Alt which is their home with a retro stick-in-ice logo. This is way better, in my opinion.

I think I did a pretty good job on these. So what do you say? Leave a comment.

Thanks to Speedy from the CCSLC boards for this awesome template.

Friday, October 16, 2009

10 readers!?

Holy cow! That's more than I've had at one time, haha.

Some announcments. So my friend is going to start a site, which will basically be a sibling site of this one. We might do some collaborations with them sometime.

I'm working on things for the Belgian logo project. I have the head DOWN, but I'm working on the body.

I'll keep posting my college football stuff, so comment those!

NCAA Jersey redesign: 12/120 South Carolina

12/120 South Carolina

Right now, South Carolina's jerseys are flat out ugly. They're ridiculously busy. I found an old picture of the team, with Colts type stripes. I was going for that. Then I thought of something cool to do. I put the stripe found on the helmet, and pants on the shoulders. Jerseys are mix and match, like most. The SC logo is the baseball logo, but it's so awesome i put it on the pants.

The Vols are next.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 11/120 Oregon

11/120 Oregon
Alright, this is the one team that everyone does at least once. But I decided to go simple... in Oregon's terms. I used the duck wings on the collar because they're unique, and Oregon can't NOT be unique. But other than that, a plain uniform. I simplified their uniforms, but I still made it possible for any combo they want. I have green, white, and yellow helmets, jerseys, and pants. That should cover it!

South Carolina is next.

Friday, October 9, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 10/120 Oregon State

11/120 Oregon State
I know the "Sports Bra" jersey is frowned upon on the boards, but I kind of like it. It's similar to an extent. Currently, they have a plain jersey, which is cool, but I think that this is a team that can have a modern uni like their in state rivals. So I made a design like the former ones, but kept it different. Then I made pants stripes I thought worked. Uh, I used the font the OS logo is in. That should be it! here ya go!

Oregon, and the Gamecocks coming up.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 9/120 USC

9/120 USC
For this, I didn't do anything drastic, just did what I think improved the jerseys. I added some accent striping to the shoulders. Then for consistency, I made the pants with the same pattern. I'll admit it does look kind of awkward, but I do like how it ended up. So here it is!

Oregon State is tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 8/120 UNLV

Just gonna skip LSU, and post it when I redo it.

9/20 UNLV
Well just gonna post a few of my favorites to get them over with.
UNLV's jerseys pretty much suck. They use a silver design on the sleeves, and shoulder. Similar to this. I did the same idea, but used more red. I made Rebels on the front in the same font as the numbers. I also used the Rebel UNLV logo on the sleeves, and helmet, instead of just UNLV. Uhh, that should be it. Enjoy!

So I'll post a few of my favorites, like USC, Oregon State, maybe South Carolina. So come back. If you dont like something about my designs, tell me, and I'll make updates at the end of each 20

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Logo Request

So I got an email, asking for a logo request. Just read it for yourself...

Hi there,

I saw the possibility to request a logo concept. How does it work?
We are an amateur hockey club (ice & inline) in Belgium looking to revamp our logo. Thanks for informing me.

Then just explaining what to do, here's the reply

The name of the club is 'LAPWINGS' (a bird), based in the city of DUFFEL.
We were thinking of a mean looking bird in a hockey jersey with stick and gloves. Colors are: red helmet, white jersey with red and black stripes, black pants, red socks. We have a website where you can have a look at the old logo: www.thelapwings.be. The club has a team that plays in the highest inline hockey league in Belgium and plays also recreative ice hockey. The club is a member of the Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation. One player of the elite team plays for the Belgian National Team.

So I'm going to do this, and update my progress on this site with sketches and stuff. So that's coming up, and I'm real excited.

NCAA Jersey redesign: 7/120 Minnesota

7/120 Minnesota
Obviously, Minnesota is known more for hockey, than football. I wanted to try to reference a hockey jersey. I searched "Minnesota hockey jersey" and got this result. I thought I could do something with the multi coloured stripe. The current helmet has a yellow M, with a black outline. I turned the primary yellow, and put it on the helmet. The pants have the same striping as the jerseys. The pants are interchangeable, but I declare no yellow, on yellow combo! The Gopher M logo is on the sleeve also.
I'll post LSU tonight for the one that counts for Sunday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 6/120 Akron

6/120 Akron
Well since it was requested first, Akron is up next. I dislike what their jerseys look like now. So I went with kind of a modern template that has probably been done before, but I think its still an improvement. I dont like the current numbers, and nothing else really seemed good, so when in doubt, BLOCK! The pants pattern is one that is similar to the jersey pattern. I think I covered everything, so enjoy!
Minne is on deck.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NCAA Jersey redesign: 5/120 UL-L

5/120 Louisiana-Lafayette Rajin' Cajuns
Now on to the team with the best name in the FBS. Currently, their jerseys are red, and white, no yellow. I think the yellow in their logo looks awesome with the red and black. So basically, that's the direction I went in. On their helmet, it is a Rajin' Cajuns script. I put the circular logo on it. Hmmm, I put the fleur de lis on fire on the sleeves. THe current number font looked a little like the Ducks font, so I made it officially the Ducks font. The black and white pants can be switched, so they all wont be monochrome.

Akron, then Minnesota are next.