Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rio Olympics: 2016

Finally! I get to post this.

I've always wanted to do a concept for the Brazil Olympics for 2016, before anyone else. I finally had a lead on a sketch, and brought it to life. Olympic logos are mostly abstract, and mine's no different. It's 3 lines in the shape of Brazil. It also doubles as an abstract view of Rio. Mountains in green, beaches in yellow, and ocean in blue.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Concepts from Tobacco Road

Meh, posting these now instead of waiting for my laptop. Here's the sequel to my UF, FSU, and The U concept post.

24/120 NC State
So easy upgrade here, their current is just a simple, no design jersey. I went with some shoulder stripes, which sort of tied into the wolf motif. The walking wolf logo on the sleeves. I made a custom State scrip for the chest, and if you look closely, the S is the primary logo. The pants just tie into the shoulder stripes.

25/120 UNC
So if you know anything about the TarHeels, you know argyle is a big design. So obviously, I took the idea and ran with it. The back is all argyle in a sublimated pattern. Very Nike of me. I put the ram logo on top of that, then a UNC, with the heel over the numbers.

26/120 Wake Forest
Another team that fell to the Mizzu template, I had to make a new style. I've seen someone do something like this, and thought it looked great. The stripe goes from over the shoulder, around, and down the back. The collar ends where the seam is. The numbers are Times New Roman, to match the WF logo on the helmet. I made a script with the same font for over the numbers. Lastly, I made a white helmet, just to see how I liked it, and I did.

27/120 Duke
My first attempt was boo'd by most everyone. I tried a horn design for attempt #2. Used a primary white jersey, and an alt black. FYI, the currents look like the Colts' jerseys.

SO c&c, I'm sketching up some new jerseys for the next set! Comment please.

Going old school

Well guys, to explain myself, my laptop has been busted for about 2 weeks now, and it's still being fixed. I was gonna wait ill I got it back before I posted, but it's been gone longer than I expected. So I'm on the ol' family computer for the time being.

But I couldn't stay away from concepts! I wanted to see if I had my paint skills. This is the first in 3 olympic related concepts for you all.

I whipped up a Sweden hockey concept. Nothing ground breaking. I designed new stripes, and a shoulder yoke.

Hows that?

I have some football concepts I'm about to post, then 2! logos for the upcoming London, and Rio Olympics. I need to slightly modify Rio, and transfer my London logo to inkscape. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sports Logo Spot news!

Alright, so you want the news I offered to share earlier? Well you got it!

This blog will be joining forces with my good friend TC, and will have 2 people posting concepts on here! We're doing this to have new updates regularly, to benefit us, and you guys.

So welcome him, and we'll get some new stuff up soon!