Sunday, March 24, 2013

Legione Roma

Hey guys, I really haven't had much time to do personal concepts, just paid jobs. But here is one for everyone. I might post everything for one project soon on here, so stay tuned.

Tim suggested this name, and I really liked it. I did a few things you see in Italian soccer, mainly the crest shape. Teams like Milan, and Juventus have oval shaped crests, and people even call it an Italian-style. I did a maroon and orange similar to Rome's soccer team Roma, and put vertical stripes on the kits, like so many Italian teams have. I arched Roma over it, and put a Roman soldier's helmet on it, which is just from the Senators' logo. Also the Roman numerals for the year.
I did vertical stripes matching the crest, but added a twist. I really like Barcelona's kits, which instead of the traditional red and blue, there is a gradient purple color. I tried to match that, just for effect. I did a color in between the two, so it looks like the stripes transition into eachother. The clash is white and black just because it can be. I wanted to do something different than maroon and orange, so I did.