Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Antigua and Barbuda

This was a pretty fun concept to play with. The flag is so unique and needed to be included. I put them in a diamond because the shape would work with the flag. The thing about this one was that I thought the federation initials could be dropped. I felt like once you see the flag design and ball you could imagine what this logo was for. 

Their current kits have a monochrome black and yellow look. What I did was introduce a new kit all together. They've gone red/black before, but i thought it would be a good look to bring back. Errea are on the kits, and the home is essentially the ones Errea made for Norwich this past season. The clash is all yellow with a different top design.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Grenada

So this little island nation was another blank canvas. I wanted to use their unique flag as the basis of the concept. I did a styleized flag with concentric circles. The overlap of the green and yellow made a nice lime green color. I put them in a circle, with Grenada Football and the 6 stars for the 6 parishes on the island.

The kits were pretty cool. I loved the way the yellow and red looked together. I introduced Kappa to the project, so I needed to do some uniquely Kappa things. The logo is featured on the sides of the torso like they're known to do. On the clash, I wanted to do some sort of gradient with the green, yellow, and lime green. I tried to use the USF basketball uniforms as my basis for this one. I did some pinstripes to add to the design.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - St. Lucia

I felt like this team needed a complete facelift. Look up their kits, because they're just god awful.

So where could I go with this? The island was owned by the English before it was a country. So what if I made their cest look like an English side. The crest is a simple shape with a banner running across it. The name and year the national team was founded ison there. I put the shape on the national flag, balanced with a simplified parrot from the national crest.

The uniforms just needed a face lift. I went with a softer blue and wanted that to be the main focus of the set. With black and yellow to balance it out on the sleeves and shoulders. I went with Admiral because I think they make clean looks. The clash was always gonna be all black, because I wanted a unique look. I did a stripe to match the sleeve holes running down the front and called it a day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - St Vincent and the Grenadines

I liked this one because I thought that the name of the country sounds like the name of an indie band.

So with these guys, I loved the chevrons on the flag. I wanted to use it as the main focus of the crest. I thought that I could put the 3 chevrons on a diamond logo. Then I realized, if i put two on each side, I could make it look like the flag, and the shape would be similar to the Vancouver Whitecaps. The name of the federation is SVGFF but I thought that rearranging it for the sake of design might work.

On the kits, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to copy Brazil. I basically did that, and put some patterns on the home. The road is all white because I didn't want to do a blue clash. The name on the back is "Vincy Heat", which was perfect because I used the Heat font.

Monday, July 21, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Guatemala

So for Guatemala, I wanted to go super classy, and try to start a trend with the team. That's why I took light blue and run with it. 

The logo takes some cues from the Australia world cup logo. I put a wreath around a Resplendent Quetzal, both are found on the crest of the country. The stylized bird is on the current crest of Guatemala. I made a few modifications to make it more bird like. Then I put the federation name and the year it was established underneath. I wanted to do something that looked like it was created years ago.

Guatemala has sashes on both jerseys today, and I thought that that could become CONCACAF's version of the famous Argentina kits. I switched them to Umbro, and I took the font from the England 2010 World Cup jersey. The current home is monochrome royal blue, but I thought light blue and navy looked great together. I was excited to post this because it's one of my cleanest.

Guatemala update

Sunday, July 20, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Suriname

This was the first concept I did after I told myself that this project was dipping in creativity. So for this little Dutch nation I went all out.

The logo was just kinda thrown together. I really wanted to use the flag in some way, so what I did was put the wine stripe with the yellow star on the top, then underneath the abbreviation I put green and wine stripes. The crest looks almost like a cleaned up USMNT crest currently being used. 

The current uniforms are monochrome white and green, but I wanted to do something that stood out in the confederation. I went with all green on the home, with some Argentina World Cup clash hoops on it. The clash was spurred from an old EPL clash concept i did. I love yellow and a deep red together, so I just kinda went wild with it. Wine with yellow stripes on the top, then yellow shorts, and wine socks. I also went the next step and updated my template to match the World Cup template Adidas used.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Dominican Republic

I had this idea for the Dominican team for about a week before I got to actually create it.

The logo is pretty generic. I took Israel and Ireland as inspiration for this crest. The colored ring around the middle is in the pattern the flag is. I put a new ball design in the middle to give it something new.

The kit is the bread and butter of the concept. I did halves on the home shirt. I thought quarters like the flag would be over kill, but halves of two bold colors would make a nice distinct home jersey. The shorts and socks are both white to compliment the top. The clash is white with a sublimated cross like the flag. This whole set might be on of my favorites I've done.

Friday, July 18, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Aruba

I couldn't wait till i hit #12 because after this point almost every country was a fun Caribbean nation.

The colors were yellow and sky blue obviously, but it needed something else. I threw in navy because there needed to be a darker color to make everything go together. The logo is a basic circle with the flag in the center. It wasn't too inspired, but nothing I did using the crest of the nation worked amazingly. I did like the steering wheel on the crest enough to use it behind the neck.

I wanted to do an Admiral kit, and I thought this would be a good chance to do it. I wanted very very simple and classy. I went with the yellow/light blue/yellow pattern, but did very little detail design wise because I thought the white just needed to be compromised by the navy. I think it's a very clean look.

Monday, July 14, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Canada

This is the one a lot of people have been waiting for! I had a long Football manager save with this national team. I know way more about their player than I probably should, but I wanted to make this one special.

So the crest is very simple. I wanted a badge that was based on the Maple Leaf, but also could be used as a strong logo for the national soccer association. Imagine this as the Canadian version of the 3 lions crest. 

The main jersey was always going to be monochrome red. I didn't want black on this so the crest is white. I put pinstripes on the top to give a little life to the kit. The clash is white with black accents. I based this one directly off of the Manchester United clash kit that looked exactly like this. Not sure how recent that kit is, but it looked absolute class.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Cuba

The Cubans was a team that I kinda knew what I wanted to do going into the concept. I love Greece's logo with the flag vertical, and I wanted to try to bring that to the Cubans. The shape is the vertical flag, with the red triangle shape moved to the bottom to create a chevron. The hardest part of this whole concept was finding the right font for CUBA.

For the Kits, it's really a generic Adidas look that I threw some piping and sublimated stripes on. Nothing crazy to write home about, but I did do their traditional colors for home and road.

Friday, July 11, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Jamaica

Here's my rebrand for the Reggae Boyz!

So the current crest is pretty generic, and I wanted to do something out there, and not confined to a crest shape. I love Bolton's old logo, so I wanted something wispy to be the tail of this crest. I did a simple monogram for the Jamaican Football Federation, and played around with ribbons. But I was looking into national symbols, and found great inspiration. The national bird is a humming bird, called a doctor bird on the island. Check out their tail, and you can see how I got inspiration for the concept.

I actually thought Puma did their kits up until researching what color the clash should be. Kappa has those rights currently, but Usain Bolt carries the Puma flag for the country, so why not make them completely dress the nation? The home is pretty simple, and the clash has a wavy pattern I thought would look good for a team nicknamed the Reggae Boyz.

Update for Jamaica

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Haiti

Believe it or not, but this isn't my first Haiti soccer concept. Over 4 years ago, I posted this crap!

But I saw that concept, and I thought that there was definatley something I could build off of. The palm tree wasn't working for me, but I replaced it with a ball. I wanted to use the split flag they have as the main part of the crest. It has a simple Bundesliga look, and I really liked it. I mean, I didn't put too much intensive research into, just what looked good.

The home kits are generic red/blue/red just like their current tops. I did have the design from the clash on there, but I thought that would look bad if thte templates are the same, you know? So I kinda did a lay up on the kits, but I still thought it looked good.

Monday, July 7, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is the smallest nation in population and size to ever make the World Cup.

So their logo was alright, but they had a lot of gradient on it, and too many elements. I wanted to make their new logo simple and bold. I went with a simple shape, and matched the flag on the crest. It's a diagnal black stripe on red, and that was what I wanted to make the main theme of the set. I put the Federation's innitials on it, and a ball in the corner.

I went with Warrior as the new kit supplier. The home jersey has a sash to match the flag. I moved the number under the crest so the sash could be un interrupted. The home is pretty tame, which is what I wanted. But the clash, I went all out. ince it's warrior, I thought it would be perfect to go a little wild. Red to black gradient looks pretty cool, so I did that on everything I could. The sleeves, shorts, and socks all have that transition for a pretty cool look.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - El Salvador

Another team I wanted to make unique from other close looks.

The current crest is a mess and is pretty sloppy. There's like an old ball, and a random ES off to the side of the circle. I made my own crest because it just needed to be done. There wasn't any good symbols I could use on the crest, so it looks pretty generic. I darkened the blue to make it different from other countries, and since France did it, I thought I could too. The crest just has El Salvador, an old time ball, and the year their soccer federation was founded.

The kits are pretty generic. I loved this Puma cut they used during the World Cup for the African teams. So I thought that the look itself could be strong enough to have no actual design. Another thing, I used the Phillies font for this because it looks SO MUCH like the Puma font used during the World Cup.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Honduras

These guys had the worst of the CONCACAF performances at the World Cup.

So Honduras is blue and white, like many teams in Central America. My goal was to make this one unique from other country's kits. I wanted to do some form of stripes. Traditionally, Honduras has had vertical stripes on their jersey. But when I made their crest, I thought that horizontal may work better. The crest has the Honduran flag with an H behind the stars. "La H"s new crest would match a hooped style kit. So I switched them to Adidas from Joma, and gave them a hooped treatment. The white jersey originally had sublimated hoops, but I ditched them for a simple chest stripe. 

I wasn't a fan of the logo or road kit on this one, so I did a little update. The crest is now skinny and tall and I think is cleaner than the original. The white now just has blue sleeves. Pretty template-y and safe, but I tought I really phoned it in on the original.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Panama

They probably deserved a World Cup spot if the US didn't break their hearts.

So Panama was the first absolute blank slate. Their crest looked similar to their coat of arms, and they had no real crest history. I couldn't ind any symbols or icons to use on the crest either. Their flag is great tho. I thought that featuring it on the crest would work. A simple crest with the majority of it being the flag. The top reads FEPAFUT which is the abbreviation for the Federation of Panama Football(in english that is). I thought it woul be more specific than just PANAMA because if it said that and had the flag, it wouldn't be descriptive at all.

The kits I had a harder time with. I kept them with Lotto, but the thing is, Lotto has no recognizable trends. I tried my best to make this uniform look second rate(sorry Lotto), using very little design. I did a white band across the chest number and onto the back. The clash logo just had off color sleeves. I would be down to go back and redo these, but I wouldn't know what to do!