Monday, July 7, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is the smallest nation in population and size to ever make the World Cup.

So their logo was alright, but they had a lot of gradient on it, and too many elements. I wanted to make their new logo simple and bold. I went with a simple shape, and matched the flag on the crest. It's a diagnal black stripe on red, and that was what I wanted to make the main theme of the set. I put the Federation's innitials on it, and a ball in the corner.

I went with Warrior as the new kit supplier. The home jersey has a sash to match the flag. I moved the number under the crest so the sash could be un interrupted. The home is pretty tame, which is what I wanted. But the clash, I went all out. ince it's warrior, I thought it would be perfect to go a little wild. Red to black gradient looks pretty cool, so I did that on everything I could. The sleeves, shorts, and socks all have that transition for a pretty cool look.


  1. What is this number style? Do you have a font for it, or AI of the outlines??

  2. It's the new Charlotte Hornets font, and can be found in here