Monday, July 14, 2014

CONCACAF Redux - Canada

This is the one a lot of people have been waiting for! I had a long Football manager save with this national team. I know way more about their player than I probably should, but I wanted to make this one special.

So the crest is very simple. I wanted a badge that was based on the Maple Leaf, but also could be used as a strong logo for the national soccer association. Imagine this as the Canadian version of the 3 lions crest. 

The main jersey was always going to be monochrome red. I didn't want black on this so the crest is white. I put pinstripes on the top to give a little life to the kit. The clash is white with black accents. I based this one directly off of the Manchester United clash kit that looked exactly like this. Not sure how recent that kit is, but it looked absolute class.

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