Sunday, June 17, 2012

Redwings Concept

Alright, so this was a spur of the moment concept. The wings have one of the oldest-most historic logos in sports, but nothing can't be updated. So I just made the wheel look better, and freshened up the feathers. I connected the rest of the identity, because theres no secondary, and the script doesn't belong to anything.
 The jerseys are the same, other than the stripes at the end of the sleeve, and the collars. I even arched the name!

Gah, the Wings need to do this, and build a new arena. It would be cool.

Norfolk Admirals Concept

Hey... little monsters?
So if you didn't know, the Norfolk Admirals won the AHL's championship last week. The team is the AHL team of my Tampa Bay Lightning, so it's cool to see a bunch of guys that I saw this year(because the Lightning were never healthy) kick ass. Like, they were about 40-3 since the Superbowl with the help of a sweep of Toronto in the finals... oh yeah and a hockey record 28 straight game winning streak.

Unfortunately their logos and uniform look like ass. And not the good kind. I wanted to tie them in with the parent club because I love looks like this. I did a similar ship inside a circle with naval type dots. The alt is an anchor, and I chose an upright font.

The jerseys are based off of a few Lightning concepts I've done with a Canadiens' type stripe. I tried to differentiate between the logo and stripe as best as I could, hope you like! (AHL uses white at home)

I actually posted this on my tumblr, and a friend of mine was like "You know the Lightning will be controlling Syracuse next year right?" I did this concept for nothing, but it looks good.

Calgary United

I did the uniforms first, and wanted an identity that matched. I really didn't have any ideas, or crest shapes. I knew I wanted to do something with the Stampede, but wasn't sure which direction to take it in. But, I looked at the coat of arms, and it was almost exactly what I wanted. I went with it, and gave it the treatment I gave Quebec, and redrew it then tried to modernize it. I think it looked pretty good. I haven't used United yet, and pulled the trigger on the name. I put the hat that is on the Calgary flag in the middle and called it a day.

I was in love with the Flames' Heritage Classic set, because sleeve hoops are fantastic. I did that, and tried to separate the team from the hockey team. monochrome red, with hoops all over for the home. Then I gave the clash white sleeves because all white wouldn't look that good.

Rapid Saskatchewan

I've had this idea for a while, and hope you like it! The design above the banner is meant to be an abstract rapids with grey stones and flowing water. Simple abbreviation for the alt logo(no better idea). The field is checkered because I thought it would be cool with the Mosaic logo. That pattern would show up below.

To match the field, I did a sublimated checkered pattern. Other than that, it's a VERY simple design with some nike stuff. I think the jerseys actually turned out cool, hope you like!

Edmonton Barons

I wanted to use pewter as a color in a scheme for this project, and I thought that a team with an oil-type name would be cool. I thought pewter, St Louis blue, and black looked REALLY cool together. I used a shape for another crest for a soccer concept that I liked. I did an oil rig, with a blue flame for effect.

I thought a chevron was cool. So I put a chevron.

Voyageurs du Quebec

I haven't updated a city crest yet as a logo, and I thought Quebec City would be the perfect team to have that. I updated their crest in 3 colors(and made one of the best golds I've seen) with light blue and navy. The alt logo is a simple QV for the initials of the team.

I did a horizontal bar running across the main logo and adidas logo. I put the same stripe on the sleeves, just to add something down there, after I decided the adidas stripes look the best on the shoulders. I went monochrome light blue because Carolina has light blue/white as their home. Hope you like!

St. John's Labradors

In art class, I just started sketching crests, and REALLY liked a few(which you'll see). I did this logo inspired by the top of the Houston Dynamo crest, nicknamed a shrek-crest by me. I had stripes under the banner, and put them on here because only the Maroons have stripes. I put St. John's on the banner, just so I could put a Labrador on the top, and the crest could be repetitive. If you didn't know, the team is named the Labradors because of Newfoundland and Labrador, the province name.

I realized that UA doesn't have a team yet! Until now! I needed piping in addition to stripes, so I did a modern twist on a stripe design. The clash is me trying to make a huge different between both sets while not using another color. Eat your heart out, Nets.

Halifax Clippers

Alright, so I settled on the Clippers for this team. I've used this name before, and I think it just works for the team. I'm trying to make Halifax and St. John's rivals, so you'll see them soon. But in an attempt to change up some colors in the league, I went with dark aqua, orange, and black. The city flag has a clipper ship on it, so I took it directly from there. I made a simple crest, and an H-anchor logo. Simple. I feel like it can be improved, but I'm posting it anyway.

I watched Goon before I did this logo! So I went with Umbro and simplicity. A shoulder yoke and sleeve stripes at the cuffs. Not much to say!