Sunday, June 17, 2012

Calgary United

I did the uniforms first, and wanted an identity that matched. I really didn't have any ideas, or crest shapes. I knew I wanted to do something with the Stampede, but wasn't sure which direction to take it in. But, I looked at the coat of arms, and it was almost exactly what I wanted. I went with it, and gave it the treatment I gave Quebec, and redrew it then tried to modernize it. I think it looked pretty good. I haven't used United yet, and pulled the trigger on the name. I put the hat that is on the Calgary flag in the middle and called it a day.

I was in love with the Flames' Heritage Classic set, because sleeve hoops are fantastic. I did that, and tried to separate the team from the hockey team. monochrome red, with hoops all over for the home. Then I gave the clash white sleeves because all white wouldn't look that good.

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