Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EPL Jersey Redesign: Pompey

3/20: Portsmouth
Portsmouth currently has a very modern looking kit. I made an entirely new one, while toning it down, slightly. My design is somewhat based off many College Football uniforms, like Mizzou's. So the piping on the front continues onto the back. The white jerseys are pretty much the same, but with the front part coloured white. Not much else to say about this, enjoy.C&C for all of these please. Requests?

EPL Jersey Redesign: ManU

2/20: Manchester United
I'm with most when it comes to ManU's red jersey, I love them. So I kept that relatively the same. The only noticeable change is I made the stripes on the front. The white jersey, I changed the blue pants with red. The alternate, like I said I don't like the current blue jerseys. I made an all black set. I thought it looked pretty good. What do you think?C&C please. For ManU's, and Bolton's.

EPL Jersey Redesign: Bolton

1/20: Bolton
Hey everyone. Recently, I've picked up on watching lots, and lots of soccer. 2-3 games a weekend. So over the last few weeks, I've noticed how I don't like some kits. Such as kits that are random colours, when the teams logo is a completly different set of colours. Such as ManU's blue alternate, or Bolton's green jersey. Sepaking of Bolton, they're my first concept. I remember how I really liked Gordie's Colours of Football posters. The Bolton one was white with a red, and blue stripe going down the side. I kept that basic idea. Sort of how the US kits looked a few years back(or do they still wear them?). So without further (Freddie) Adu here's my Bolton set.I added some striping, but kept the same effect with 2 different coloured stripes.

I forgot to mention, I made dark jerseys home, and light jerseys away. I also will update some of the logos once I get there.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry for no concepts lately. I was out of town this weekend, and this week I have 2 projects, and about 3 tests. I have some sketches for a Cleveland Indians rebrand. I really like my idea, I'm still working out the kinks in my design.

Looks like my next Winter Classic concept will be for Dallas at Minnesota.

Also I want to do an EPL jersey redesign, since I've gotten into the English Premier league recently.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Classic Concept 2

What's crackin' everybody? I was requested on my concept blog to do another one of these. It was for a game at Invesco at Mile High, with the Aves, and the 'Yotes. I thought that I'd change it to the Aves, and Red Wings, so I did! For the logo, nothing special, I used aspects of the Avalance's logo. Enjoy.Anyone see the face where the ice meets the puck? Me niether.
For the jerseys, I kept the Red Wings the same. Just the fact, it's different than the current one. They've kept the same basic jersey for a long time. For the Aves, I thought I'd give a shoutout to all the hockey fans in Quebec City with a Nordiques throwback.I might try to do Fenway, or Minnesota this weekend, but don't hold me against it.
C&C plz. :P

Arizona Cardinals Concept

Real simple concept that I did this Super Bowl sunday. I know most people don't like the Carinals away jerseys, due to the fact, there's too much red. I inverted the Red, and White. I also edited the pants stripe with the stripe on the red pants. Enjoy.Now on a player.What do you think?

Monday, February 2, 2009

2010 Winter Classic concept

Hey guys. I decided to do a Winter Classic concept today. I chose to put the game in New Yankee Stadium, and have the Rangers play the Bruins. I based my logo of this year's logo. Enjoy.Onto the jerseys. I re-made the two teams jerseys from the 1926-1927 season. It was the Rangers first year, and Bruins 4th.The Bruins jersey makes me think of KaTo's Timmy Hortons Alternate jersey.

C&C Please. I'll do another Winter Classic concept if you'd like.