Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vancouver Canucks

I've been working with a friend on his rebrand of the NHL. To show what I was thinking for the Canucks(and proving the V-head logo is vastly superior) I made this! Added navy to the set, and made a V striping pattern on the hem. Since this was a quick concept, my original idea was using a Millionaires alternate, which is the reason I put that logo on the shoulder.

New York City FC

I did a crest for this new NYCFC team coming to the MLS in 2015. The 5 pinstripes are a nod to the borroughs and the Yankees, but the team is predominately light blue for Manchester City. The ribbon wraps around to give the logo depth. I put a NY monogram(from a possible future project?) to give the team it's own identity from the Yankees. Both kits are a mixture of both parent clubs. The home has pinstripes on a light blue shirt, representing both teams. The clash kit is very simple and classy, representing both teams. The whole set has meaning behind it, really.

Oklahoma City FC

Oklahoma City will make the jump to the NASL very soon the way it looks. I took inspiration from the Western Sydney Waderers with a circle, with a monogram and words, no inner circle. The crest is a dreamcatcher, like the state flag. Pcgd did the same thing, and that was one of the concepts I looked at to get an idea. Dgnmrwrw did something similar before too(I think). I originally used Thunder colors, but replaced the navy with brown to be unique, and frankly it just looked better. The kits are simple and Nike-esque. The current crest and uniforms are pretty bad, so I had nothing to look like and had free range to do anything.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Self promoting

So as a project, I'm restarting up my sim NASCAR league. I found a way to import schemes in the game, so everything will be completely custom and cool. if you want to follow along, click this link!

Maybe sometime this week, I will post the reason my concepts have become scarce. Believe me, it's the biggest project I've ever been involved with.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jupiter Hammerheads

Starting with a home league team for me, the Jupiter Hammerheads' logo is pretty awful now. I used to like it, back in the days when them and the Brevard County Manatees were the only non-pro team names out there. but the Florida State League has evolved to almost making the league like every other. The current logo had uneven outlines, crudly drawn shapes, and 5 different aspects all cluttered into one. I took some cues from the Clearwater Threshers logo, and drew them a new hammerhead logo. I did a top view, hiding the teeth, but trying to give it a mean look. I brought back the J-hook logo because it's ingenious. The script is also cursive like the current road script. Some peple might not approve, but the Marlins are unconventional, and I thought it would be better than matching scripts in this case. The jerseys are pretty standard, meant to match the Marlins design wise, I did some things different. The road stands out by remaining mostly greyscale. I went with a black alternate to match Miami. So that's about it!