Monday, December 26, 2016

SportChek Dominion Bowl

Concordia Stingers (4-4)
#8 Carleton University Ravens (6-2)

Ottawa would be a great bowl location, just based on it's location. I have them lined up to host the 4th best Ontario team and the 3rd best Quebec team. As it so happens, Carleton is from Ottawa, which would be a big draw. Canada has a long history with the word Dominion, so it felt fitting to name the bowl in Ottawa that. I just wasn't in love with the "Capital" bowl theme originally when we were brainstorming. The game is sponsored by the Canadian sports wear store SportChek


I wanted to emulate the red check on the SportChek logo, so I wrapped it around the white base. I did my best to match the font on the SportChek, then put a maple leaf inside the O.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stampede Bowl presented by Shaw

Ottawa Gee Gees (6-2)
#9 University of Saskatchewan Huskies (5-3)

This game would be played in a big town with a major college presence. The Stampede Bowl is the second farthest west game, and would feature the 3rd best Canada West team and the 5th best Ontario team. Though this would be a long trip for Ontario, they have such a good amount of teams that 6/8 games is bound to have that happen. 


Obvious cowboy theme here. Originally had a sharper logo with no sponsor but ended up hating it. I used the cowboy hat from the city flag, a red and black color scheme, an old western font, and some barbed wire I had designed previously. Went for a cleaner look overall.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nike State Mascot Series 2

Three more for you, all done in the past day.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Trillium Bowl presented by Air Canada

Guelph Gryphons (3-5)
University of British Colombia Thunderbirds (3-5)

Originally scheduled to be played at BMO Field, we decided to relegate this game to a lower game and move it to the historic Varsity Stadium in Toronto. The stadium has hosted Grey Cups and Vanier Cups, but is now down to 5000 seats. Guelph finished 6th in the OUA, and BC finished 4th in Canada West. The game would feature the teams ranked the lowest in a game,  just due to the amount of 3-5 teams. We ranked them 14th and 15th, the top two 3-5 teams in the league.


In the conference tournaments I mentioned earlier, all of them have 4 team playoffs, except Ontario who has 6. I felt the 6 Ontario teams in our system would be able to hold their own against a team that finished around the same in their conference.

Canadian Bowl Movement by the NeatO Gang

Who doesn't love a good Bowl Movement? Whether it's the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl, or a Toilet Bowl, bowl games are just so much fun.

But there is a place with college football that don't have bowl games. That place is Canada.

A basic rundown of Canada's football landscape is this. 4 regional conferences, and no out of conference games. The conferences have a playoff to determine the champion, then the winners go to their respective semi final game. The easternmost is the Uteck Bowl, while the westernmost is the Mitchell Bowl. The winners of THOSE go to the Vanier Cup to play for the National Championship

Up until this year, their version of the NCAA was the Canadian Interuniversity Sport. They rebranded to U Sport. The new brand is bold, and is a fresh look.

That's where the NeatO Gang comes in.

So Matt, Dynamo, and I created the Bowl Alliance. It's 8 bowl games, then the Vanier Cup. The 8 games are all over Canada, and the final would be the day before the Grey Cup in the same stadium. My thinking is that neutral fans would be more inclined to go to the game if it's a whole weekend event. The games would be played on (mostly) turf fields, so wear would not be an issue.

The 8 games will mostly be towards the east, due to the west being such a big conference. So that's why Regina and Edmonton aren't hosting. That, and there is only 27 schools that have football programs. The saving grace is that there is talk of expansion, and inter conference play.

Ok so moving on. This is heavily like the NCAA's playoff system. We have 4 games that I coined the Bowl Alliance. Then, similar to the "Group of 6" games, we have the Elite Bowls. Two in the east and two in the west, they will host the game no matter. But between the two, will rotate the rights to give away the Uteck and Mitchell trophy. Each conference would host their championship game between the two best teams. After that, the bigger 3 conferences would get an automatic bid to the playoff. With the conference in Atlantic Canada being left out. This is due to them having 4 teams, and for their best team to be ranked #10 with a 7-1 record. The team to play Canada West's champion would be the best at-large team, or the champion of the AUS.

So see those logos? Those are new thanks to yours truly. Here are the current.

They're average to bad, so I remade 3 of them!

I believe that's it. So sit back and we will release each game one at a time! Games and records reflect the 2016 season as it has already happened.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Death to the Block S

Pop quiz! What team does the above logo belong to?

Time's up, the correct answer is Stanford, Michigan State, and Syracuse

While there's nothing wrong with the logo, It's hard to believe this many teams got a patent.Anyways, I decided to create logos for those 3 teams revolving around the letter S and their team name.

Stanford's S sometimes has a nice little tree on it. So I decided to create a logo where they're together. I wanted to make a diamond shape, but realize that hey duplicating the top bit looks a lot like a tree. I connected the branches and added a trunk.

I started this concept MONTHS ago. The only progress I had was an MS alternating because I had another letter to play with. I played around with some stuff, and added a nose plate in the negative space of the S. This evolved into a Spartan helmet. The more I played with it, the more it evolved. It became an M-S-U logo,
 This one is an orange

Nike State Mascot Series

Last thanksgiving, I spent the wee hours of the morning coming up with a logo. The logo had been in my head for a few days, and it was a Virginia Tech logo of a turkey incorporating the shape of Virginia. Made it, got a couple of likes, and that was it. I saw it the other day and thought it was cool, so I tweeted it back out.

It was really well received and a few people told me I need to make more. That's what I did! I made the California one a few weeks ago, and the Tennessee one today. They feel like Nike shirts to me, so I'm calling this the Nike State Mascot Series

Feel free to suggest some if you have an idea!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rays Internship Graphics

Hey guys, big news! After 4 months of being out of school and doing nothing but improving my skills, I finally have a design gig for a major sports team. The Tampa Bay Rays have offered me the position for an internship in their design department. Cool right? I had to work for it, and after the interview, they cut down the field and sent a design test to the remaining people. 

The designs were the following
1) create a print ad for a Kevin Kiermaier gold glove bobble head, and a Rays pennant as giveaways. 
2) create a social media graphic for the Kiermaier bobble head, complete with a custom hash tag.

So here's what I made

Not sure how many people reading this want to make design their career, but my advice to you is to create as much as you can, and create a good network of people whose opinions you listen to. I started posting on the Creamer boards when I was 14, and now I'm 22 and lined up a gig that will surely lead to bigger things.

Follow my twitter @michaeldanger19 if you want to keep up with what I'm making