Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big East Lacrosse Project

5. Rutgers
One of the next teams that actually play D1 lacrosse. I wanted some black in here just for balance. Pretty basic design, like everything Rutgers uses. Though it is modern with the under arm design, and piping.

6. Providence
6 of 7 teams with a team. I went grey helmets, black jersey, and grey pants. I limited the white to the piping and words. I decided to make the road jersey grey just to be different, and its light enough.

7. USF
I based these off the football jerseys a little. Those have the horns on the collar, like what I did here. I went with gold helmet and pants unlike the football team. The same font is used just to tie with every other sport they have.

8. Cincinnati
A while ago, I did a bearcats concept with slashes like this. I kind of really liked this look, and didn't want to use adidas templates. I thought the all black with red piping looked cool.

CBL Identities

I can't believe I've never shown you guys this! I run a sim baseball league, completly by myself. I've made Identities and everything for the 5 teams currently playing, and the 6th expansion team. The Original 4 were Austin(who has changed identities for Season 2), Orlando(Who has beat all the predictions and about to make the playoffs.), Portland(Season 1 Champions), and Virginia(About to make their second playoff appearance). Omaha joined my league this season, and Montreal will join for Season 3.

PLEASE check it out. It's a lot of fun.
Here is the site, and here is the rules.

This is why I haven't been doing much concepts. I just want this season done, and I have 7 games and a series left to do then it should be back to normal. Lacrosse is also starting, and school is going. No promises, but I'm working on stuff.

I'll post some more of this league eventually.

Monday, January 10, 2011

NHL Fauxbacks 1

Up dog?

I was playing NHL 10, and was thinking about what jerseys to use, and I thought to my self, the Lightning don't have fauxbacks. In fact, a lot of teams don't. And for funsies, I made these. I will go division by division making old styled uniforms, for current NHL teams. So whatchya think?

Lets start with the best-est NHL division ever