Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays

4/30 Tampa Bay Rays
Hit or miss concept here. I have always said I wish the Rays got good in their Green and Black set. But I still love the combo of Navy and Light blue. Thus, I mixed it. Currently, 20 teams have royal/navy blue as one of their main 2 colours, when there is 1 green team. I decided to make it 2, with a accent colour you don't normally see with green.

I kept the sting ray logo, since it's the only logo that has survived in this team's history. I made a whole new script. I drew it on paper, and this font pretty much matched it. I went to the green set motif for the cap logo, a TB with a sting ray. The primary is based off the one now, just with the font I used.

THe jerseys are essentially the same ones as now, with number outlines, and green instead of Navy. No light blue jersey. I don't like those.

I decided I hated the one above, so redid it.

4b/30 Tampa Bay Rays
I needed a better script, and a better hat. So I see what they have in their past. The previous logos were onto something, but it was lacking something. The current one is really nice, but it could be added to. I decided to tilt them, and to be honest, it adds a lot. I kept the current scripts, taking out the sun ray. Using the same colour scheme with this one too, but replacing black with dark green. There really was no where I could put a ray in that primary without looking forced. I'm up for suggestions, but nothing wowed me. here is the new work!

The last jersey, they just seemed boring, and needed more green. The Rays used vests before so its no big deal on this one. I based the script colour choice on the number/outline combo. Other than that, these are similar to my concept on page 2.

Houston Astros

3/30 Houston Astros
Huge change right here. I only kept 1 logo, and that was the star logo, since I think its solid, and fit into my theme. The Astros have somewhat of an identity crisis. Their name is for the astronaut program in Houston. Then when they rebranded, they went for a western style theme? So I went back to navy and orange. The scripts, I went Kinda modern/rounded/sci-fi. The alternate logo is Minute Maid Park, in the style of the primary during the 70s and 80s. The primary is the script, with a space ship. Simple? but is it effective?

The jerseys have dual piping on the front, and sleeves. The numbers, and names have a double outline to match the script. Also, I arched the name, I'll do that from now on. The alternate hat has the colours swapped on the logo, just because it is on the current set.

Monday, May 17, 2010

San Francisco Giants

2/30 San Francisco Giants
Keeping it basically the same with this, but making it my own. A few major things, instead of drop shadows, I used dual outlines on almost everything. The primary is probably a hit or miss, but the bottom is the baseball from the current, with the team name, and golden gate bridge on top. The bridge was the main focus for a logo I've done before. It's the G from the script, with a section of the bridge in the middle. Then, FINALLY, I made a script using the same font that says San Francisco. It may be a bit cluttered, but dammit, I finally got a logo like that done.

Onto the jerseys. The same striping style, but the sleeve piping is moved up slightly, not on the edge. The homes now have names on the back, and I kept the off colour. On each set, I changed to a standard block font, instead of the weird wide font they have. The caps are the same as the currents, with my logos. The road features my new script. Here it is!

Texas Rangers

1/30 Texas Rangers
Looking at a poster in my room, I focused on the Rangers for some reason. I noted that they have the same hat, with 3 different options. They all had a T, with a blue crown, and 2 had a little hint of red. Then I noticed that there wasn't an R logo. Why not start them on a concept? With that, I was off. One thing that sucks is that they use a pretty solid T logo, but use a weird script, with many outlines. I cut those down, and went with a font that would match the new cap logos. The primary is a badge, for the rangers. I added lighting affects, and the shape of Texas. Speaking of which, is an alt logo.

The jerseys are revamped. i like the vest look, and my thinking was that it'd look good with this particular scheme. The numbers are simple MLB block, no need for something fancy. I offered 3 different caps, too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Racine Rhinos

My friend started a womens football team up in Wisconsin. He requested a logo set on the boards, so I decided to take a chance so make logos for 100 dollars.

Well I thought I'd give it a try, since Burmy and I are friends from Minor League football, I contacted him, and he said I could give it a shot. So I found a picture of a Rhino statue, since it fit what I wanted to do, and went at it. I tried to make it different than the Grand Rapids Rampage logo. One thing with the logo is that, it looks mildly irritated than just pissed off. I made the logo once, then inkscape crashed and I didn't have it saved. The script is modified Kremlin, I thought a blocky font fit. Then he said somehow he'd like the shape of Wisconsin worked in, thus explains the alternate mark.

Here's the logo I made.

NHL Playoff Redesign: 5 of 8

Hey guys! Finished my 2 newest ones.

I really like the Blackhawks new alt. Especially the tan part. I worked tan into the home and road, just so it fit better. The home stripes on the sleeves didn't match up with every other stripe on the set. The shoulder logos are recoloured without the bright yellow, and used tan. The road is the same, but the middle white stripes are now tan. The alternate is the same as the Winter Classic. Really a hit or miss here.

On the Preds, I used inspiration from previous jerseys. The end of sleeve white section is now part of the sleeve, a la Bruins' stripe pre-edge. I used a hem stripe connecting the 2 underarm sections like the jerseys of old. The home now has a triangle to match the road crest, and each saber tooth tiger is recoloured to match the new shoulder logo! The N Nashville logo is now on the jerseys, because it is so awesome. It also found its way onto the alternate grey.