Thursday, May 27, 2010

Houston Astros

3/30 Houston Astros
Huge change right here. I only kept 1 logo, and that was the star logo, since I think its solid, and fit into my theme. The Astros have somewhat of an identity crisis. Their name is for the astronaut program in Houston. Then when they rebranded, they went for a western style theme? So I went back to navy and orange. The scripts, I went Kinda modern/rounded/sci-fi. The alternate logo is Minute Maid Park, in the style of the primary during the 70s and 80s. The primary is the script, with a space ship. Simple? but is it effective?

The jerseys have dual piping on the front, and sleeves. The numbers, and names have a double outline to match the script. Also, I arched the name, I'll do that from now on. The alternate hat has the colours swapped on the logo, just because it is on the current set.