Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Project

Hey y'all(haven't used that yet). On the boards some one's made a competition, to make an identity for a fake college. So me being me I joined. The Tampa State Manatees. I'm planning on making 6 sports for my college! I'll try to be done by tomorrow or Monday, stay tuned

Friday, November 28, 2008

RtMLB: Mets

Hey again. This time around, it's for the Mets. I did what nearly all Mets fans want to, get rid of the black. I did that, and eliminated the shadow in all the logos. Now for the logos. I have 2 options. Option 1 I kept the skyline, and added a banner type thing in the front. I did Option 2, because I LOVE the tertiary logo I made. I drew up the tertiary logo while flying over New York on my flight to Newark. I also kept the secondary, and script the same. So here's the logos.Vote for Option 1, or 2. Also give me C&C to make them better. Now to the jerseys. I changed a few things. I took out the pin-stripes on the home uniforms, because when I say New York, and pin stripes, who do you think of? I also made a blue alternate. and I made the logo, and numbers blue, because I like the way the Rays BP uni looks. Here they are.I also got a new template.Enjoy!I'm trying to make my Red Sox redesign perfect, still some kinks that im working out. Any ideas for the site? comment! Send in your concepts!

Dutch Soccer Redesign

Hey guys, just got back from Montreal yesterday, so today I did concepts. First of I did a redesign for the Dutch National team. I was looking around, and came across something cool. A logo for The Netherlands, that I've never seen before. That got me wanting to do a concept. first here's the logos. I kept the lion logo, and transferred the windmill logo from the shoe on to paint.Now what I did the concept for is the kits. I love the Dutch's neon orange kits. So I kept them, and added the "sash" like stripe, like the one from the away kit. I also added more orange to the away kit. enjoy.So what do you think? Should I do more? Don't mind the Raysox name, that's my name on the boards. I also have a Redesign for the Mets to post. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Korbyn Redesigns the CFL pt3

Hey everyone, I have the third part in Korbyn's redesign series. Today his redesign is for the CFL Eastern division champions, Montreal Allouettes. Like I've said before, I hate the Al's jersey, and he made a good update on it. He also changed the primary to the bird head logo. I think he did a good job, hope you do too.That's all he sent to me so far. Speaking of Montreal, I'll be leaving for Montreal this Friday, and won't be back for a week. So hopefully Kevin will post some more NFL concepts. Speaking of the CFL, the Grey Cup will be played while I'm up there! So I might do a couple of concepts before Friday so comment, and stay tuned.

Monday, November 17, 2008

NFL Redesign Buffalo Bills

Hey guys. Ive been trying to post more lately but I dont have a lot of time. So tonight I have a late post. A quick redesign, but turned out well.

Basically all I did was add black to the color scheme. I used an old logo as the secondary and made a new script. I think the black helps to modernize the teams look, and is a much needed improvement. Well thats all folks!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

RtMLB: Rays

Hey guys(and the occasional girl). I got done with my Rays concept, and i must say, I really like it. First off let me say the little yellow thing on the R represents a sun ray, AND a sting ray. It has a double meaning, it not just a sun ray! Further proof, they still have the ray touch tank in right center field, and Aki Iwomuras glove is made of gator skin, because they don't make sting ray skin. But Now onto the concept. I cut off the tail of the R, because some have said it's unnecessary. So here's the concept.The primary looks exactly how it looked when i drew it in my English class. Now to the jerseys. I only changes the away, because I put Tampa Bay, instead of Rays.
BUT WAIT, there's more! LEWJ made me a fantasy light blue rays jersey avatar, and I must say, it looks awesome. So i made a light blue jersey!Whew 5 posts in what? 15 minutes? Well that's all the RtMLB I have to post. But there will be more of other things.

RtMLB: Rangers

Hey everyone, I have my redesign for the Rangers. I wanted to use a badge in my primary, so I did, and i must say, I think it looks great. I added a tertiary logo, in the shape of Texas. I kept the cap, and script, because I think it goes well with the Rangers identity. So enjoy my redesign.I kept the jersey's the same, because I like their set now. This is also my first set in the series, with vests.
1 more! and that's the Rays.

RtMLB: Mariners

I have the Mariners redesign done! I think the team colours are too dark, Navy, and dark green, no thanks. So i brought in Light blue, because it looks good with the other colours in the anniversary patch they used last year. I saw that patch, and had an idea for my concept, include 2 Seattle landmarks. I got rid of the compass things in all the logos too, so hope you like.i wasn't sure if in the alternate, the space needle was in the way. As for the jerseys, they're relatively the same.2 More to go!

RtMLB: Brewers

Hey, I have my concepts for the Brewers. I like the current set, but personally I think the Bavarian type logos are the best, because it relates to the city of Milwaukee. So I recoloured the Bavarian logos, with the new colours, and I must say, it looks A LOT better. But since everyone LOVES the glove logo, I included it. So here it is.I think the Cap logo looks better in those colours. So as I always do, I have the jerseys.I really like the whole set. But did you think I'd do a brewers concept, that didn't include the old retro jersey?, not a chance.That's it for the Brewers. Still have 3 more to go!

RtMLB: DiamondBacks

Hey guys, first of 5, yes 5! RtMLB Posts today. It's for the D-Backs I really like the snake d logo, and the A logo, and I was messing around, and made a solid logo combining the two, here it is.Now for the jerseys, I wanted to do something different. So I made the away jerseys sand colour.That's one of 5 planned today! Comment please


for the lack of posts recently. Ive been busy doing my RtMLB series on the CCLSC boards.


I have a BIG day planned for you guys.

-Korbyn's CFL Redesign
-NHL, and NBA recolourings
-and a change on my UGA Rebrand

So stay tuned, and hopefully we can get a fan art post soon!

Friday, November 14, 2008

RtMLB: Twins

Does any one still read this? I haven't had any comments lately, but if you're reading this...I have a concept for you! Its the RtMLB for the Twins. I didn't change much from the first one. I changed the C, and added a logo. Here it is.Well here's the jersey set, i didn't change much from the current ones. Sorry, not much to say now, it's been a long week. I'll try to get the Diamondbacks posted tonight, so stay tuned, also send in your concepts.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RtMLB: Padres

Hey guys. I have my redesign of the Padres. A lot of people don't like the Padres logos, and colours, I do, but I decided to go retro with this redesign. I went with the old brown, yellow, and orange colours, and brought back the swinging friar. Hope you like.I really like this. So as I did with the others, I made a jersey set, based off retro jerseys.I really like this set. I might have the Twins posted today, I just want more feedback from the boards. Come back for that.

Monday, November 10, 2008

RtMLB: Astros

Hello once again. Today's redesign is the Astros. A few months ago, I made a concept for the Astros. Then I posted it on the message boards. Everyone liked it, one even aid that I should send it in to the Astros, as a shoulder patch. So I Incorporated it into a logo, and changed the font. I also turned the Astros star sideways, to form an A. So tell me what you think.I think the Astros have one of the best colour schemes in the MLB. Also with this, I Incorporated a logo from the past, I will do that a lot in this series. Here's the jersey set, that looks pretty sharp.I like this whole set. I'm pretty busy with this project, and I might not get to the NHL Redesign series for a while. Sen in your concepts, they'll get posted.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

RtMLB: Rockies

Hey everyone, this is the first post in the new RtMLB series. Now the Rockies logo seems outdatedsince they haven't changed it since 1993. So I was doodling in my science class. I started to shape a design, that looked like a logo for the Rockies. I decided to work on it and make it into a redesign. It worked it's self into a good looking logo. So without further adu, here it is.I really like how it turned out. My original sketch was the mountains in a circle, and Colorado Rockies inside the circle. I'm glad I changed it. So In the new RtMLB, there will be jerseys. So here's the jerseys for the Rockies.I like those purple alternates. So tell me if you like it, by leaving a comment below. Email us your original concept(no recolourings), and it will be posted. Come back for more.

Things to look forward too

sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been busy. So I have a few announcements. I decided to get more original with my RtMLB series. Such as, all new logos, not just recoloured logos. I'll also make jerseys for the teams. I;m mostly doing this, so I won't get torn to shreds when I post them sometime.

I'll also post some of the other projects I've done for the boards, like redesigning teams.

I'll also post som of Korbyn's work, and it seems liek you guys want to see a Redesigning the NHL series.

Lots of changes, so stay tuned for more

Friday, November 7, 2008

Korbyn Redesigns the CFL pt2

Hey everyonme, part 2 of the new series. This redesign is for the Tiger-Cats. I like the jerseys they have now, but I think Korbyn did a good job redesigning these, so enjoy!I really like the Tiger head logo he used. But I do miss the yellow alternate they wear, but hey, this is a redesign series. So stay tuned for the Alouette redesign he sent me. Come back for more

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Korbyn Redesigns the CFL pt1

Hello once again guys. A reader named Korbyn sent in some of his CFL jersey redesigns. They're pretty good, and he said he plans to make one for each team. So the First I'll post, is his redesign for the Blue Bombers, his favorite team(from what I gathered from his sig on the CCLSC Boards). So here it is.I like the lightning bolt shoulder stripes. I also like that he made a retro alternate, instead of a dreadful gold one, like the one they use now. So stay tuned for more from Korbyn, and send in your concepts!

NCAA Helmet Concepts

I started a thread on the CCSLC, about redesigning helmets. I have some to share for you now. First is an LSU helmet, with an updated tiger under the script. The other is for South Carolina. I REALLY like the SC logo.The next 2 are for Oregon State, and UCONN. The OS logo looks better than the one on it now. The other, the Husky looks better than the UCONN C logo.The next 2 are for App. State, and 'Cuse. enjoy!So what do you think? I'll post more when I make them. Come back for more!

Final Designs for PBHA

Hey everyone, I have my final concept for the PBHA design. I posted the original on the CCLSC boards, and someone said the Black takes away from the crest. So I changed that colour to green, and it looks better. Here it is.So there that is. I hope Fernando likes it. Also I got a concept from a reader. Flyersk27 sent in his take, which looks pretty good too.I actually really like the leaf effect going on. THat's all I have for the PBHA. I got an email from a reader, and he is redesigning the CFL. I'll show some later. Also it looks like you guys want to see a NHL redesign. Ill do them bye the jersey rankings on Icethetics. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 3, 2008

NFL Redesign Carolina Panthers

Today I bring you the second edition of the NFL Redesign series. This time a took a look at the Carolina Panthers. I really like their colors but I think their logo is a little bit too 90's. So I created this redesign to sort of bring them into 2008.
I think it turned out quite well. The new look makes the team look a little more mature. The panther is more realistic and stands out pretty good. I hope you liked it and will be back soon with more NFL Redesigns.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Houston Texans Redesign

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in a while, but school and such have been busy. Well I saw your dislike for the fantasy jersey series so I decided to start something new. The NFL Redesign Series. To start off I give you the Houston Texans. A few simple designs, but I think the team could use them.

Remodeling the Trop

Hey everyone. I've been to many Rays games over the years. So I know the grounds pretty well. In deep center field, there's a luxury cafe type deal. I think it's somewhat unnecessary. So I photo shopped it out, and added seats. I just wanted to see how it would look, not like they'd do it, since were planning on building a new stadium. but here's what it would look like.The red box is what I changed. For reference, this is what it normally looks like. It's funny, the pic was taken vs the Royals, and the game after I went. Looking for a good pic of the trop, I came across this. It's what it was originally going to look like, circa 1983. So stay tuned for more, and send in your concepts.