Wednesday, May 18, 2011

United States of Sports

I made a map of the USA using sports logos for tumblr. I thought it was a fun idea, and got it done pretty fast. Even though in the original post I said "This is a map of the USA made of sports logos. I couldn’t put every team, but I purposely didn’t put yours.", people still complain about not having teams like the Warriors, and White Sox.

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Phoenix Suns

I wanted to keep the whole set purple, orange, and yellow. THat was a big factor. The jerseys are kinda ugly with all the grey now. I wanted a more abstract feel with the swooshes on the side panels. Nothing overpowering on the sides, so no big stripe. The same design can be found on the pants to add some flow to the whole set.

That's what I have now. I might do some more for sure.

Toronto Raptors

Not much of a change from the current, but a change was there. I eliminated all grey on the jersey, and made it a red and black team. That gives the whole set a more Canada feel. The current has 2 slashes on the side. I put three, just to match the logo. Really simnple work here. I used the unused script that matches the logo, instead of the current.

Dallas Mavericks

I didn't realize till I did this that the Mavs changed their dark jersey to royal blue until I did this concept. What I did, was add green. That is really the only MAJOR change to the logos. I wanted to expand the colors of the league, like what I did in the MLB. I made a new type of piping, somewhat similar to the Nike college basketball jerseys.

Cleveland Cavaliers

I wanted to do an NBA redesign, but I ended up getting designer's block and stopping with 4.

On the Cavs, their logo angers me. It has navy, and a weird maroon color. If they want to go maroon and yellow, use it throughout. I am a big fan of the navy LeBron era jerseys with the dashes. I brought that back, but only used the two colors. THe road is in two colors like the ones now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tiger logo

I got a request from a small college for a logo. They wanted a tiger logo, with either black/light blue/white or royal blue/white. Since I'm in the Lightning mode, I went with that.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MLB2: New York Yankees

30/30 New York Yankees
The last team is my least favorite.

The primary logo now is about 75% red, but there is hardly red used anywhere else. I replaced red with grey. I did that, but had navy more prominent. I only used one NY logo, unlike the 4 they use. Also, the scripts are the cursive, but that wont be needed for my jerseys.

Iconic pinstripes on the home, but the road, I put pinstripes with an NY logo on the chest, basically a darker home. Simple navy alt logo that in reality wouldnt be used much.

Thats what I've been doing for the past month! I finished posting these, and please comment. Please. Also go to the Continental Baseball League. Click!

MLB2: Chicago White Sox

29/30 Chicago White Sox
I found out that the White Sox and Tigers use basically the same font, so I went retro with this. I loved the Chicago script that they wore in the 70s, so I tried to match the Sox logo with a similar font. The alternate uses an update sock from a primary logo used in the 50s and 60s. It is surrounded by the diamond in the current alternate. The primary IS the cap logo, like now.

The jerseys are also new. I decided against pinstripes, just to be different. So no pinstripes and the design used on the black alt now on the sleeves and collars. The numbers match the scripts, and the front numbers are on line with the logo. Also notice the white socks! With stirups!

MLB2: Minnesota Twins

28/30 Minnesota Twins
I got help on this one from an ACTUAL Twins fan!

I think the current set is great, but could be changed. The primary, I just got rid of the Minnesota Baseball Club circle, nothing special. I like the current TC logo, but I thought of a way to maybe tie it in to the set better. The T from the Twins script fused with the wishbone c to make the new cap logo. Minne and Paul shaking hands on a logo for a patch on a sleeve. Then a new idea for the Minnesota script on the roads. TC suggested a slanted c on the cap but I wasnt feeling it.

The jerseys have some of the current influence, then some of me. The cap logo is all the same. So is the home jersey, pinstripes just work. The numbers have the shadow and such like the script. The roads also have pinstripes unlike the roads now. The names have an outline to seperate. the alternate just has red piping on a navy jersey, basically the current alt.

MLB2: Detroit Tigers

/30 Detroit Tigers
Now, this might be a little radical. I moved away from the classic Tigers look, and took it into a direction I thought would also be cool. I like the D primary logo better than the D on the cap, so I used it here. I also threw in some outlines to tie it in with the other logos. I realized the cursive scripts weren't doing much, and there wasn't any old English scripts yet. The primary is a throwback to the logo from the 70s-80s. Finally, I used the turn of the century tiger head as a patch, and on the primary. But everyone does that, since its awesome. On the scripts, I put only one outline, to simplify it.

I kept the current chest only piping. I also wanted to implement the colour orange more than they do now. The caps have the same pattern with a white logo on the home and alt, then orange on the road. The alt is navy on navy, that seemed to work best.

MLB2: Kansas City Royals

26/30 Kansas City Royals
Somewhat simple, but adding a bit too. I dropped the light blue, but kept certain aspects. Going on with the gold shadow, all the scripts and logos have a gold shadow. The primary is the same, without the script. The jerseys now have piping, unlike the currents. The numbers match the scripts in attempt to bring the whole look together. Its really nice when the whole jersey has the same look.

MLB2: Colorado Rockies

25/30 Colorado Rockies

Complete rebrand ahoy! So for this there is a lot of purple. I think everyone can agree its for the better. I went for a western font, and a really simple concept, just updating things. I updated the mountains, and the primary is the same basic idea. The cap logo is a simple C in the same font, with a tertiary logo with the mountains. I dropped silver completely, just making them purple and black. I got rid of the pinstripes, but kept the purple going on the jerseys. Howeva, the caps are black like the current set. The numbers match the scripts, too.

MLB2: Boston Red Sox

24/30 Boston Red Sox
Still taking out some red and blue teams, I may be overdoing it. Boston Red Sox, break down the team. Boston's Irish heritage, Red Sox, so red, and the green monster. That is why it only makes sense to replace navy with green. Not much of a change logo wise. Some minute changes to the primary, but thats it. The jerseys are basically the same, with the changes. The cap is green to go with the current navy. The road scripts are now red, instead of the throwback blue script. I decided to not put names on the back to go with the home's retro feel.

Monday, May 2, 2011

MLB2: Cincinnati Reds

23/30 Cincinnati Reds
I normally am one to like adding black when it looks good. One case is the Reds' look. I always add black. I saw some concepts of the reds with just red and white. I noticed something that I would do different. Basically, with the logos, they're the same, but without black. The jerseys are simple, i guess. The mistake I saw on everyones was that NO ONE put a white outline on the road numbers. It separates the two and makes them more visible.

MLB2: Tampa Bay Rays

22/30 Tampa Bay Rays
I needed a better script, and a better hat. So I see what they have in their past. The previous logos were onto something, but it was lacking something. The current one is really nice, but it could be added to. I decided to tilt them, and to be honest, it adds a lot. I kept the current scripts, taking out the sun ray. Using the same colour scheme with this one too, but replacing black with dark green. There really was no where I could put a ray in that primary without looking forced. I'm up for suggestions, but nothing wowed me. here is the new work!

The last jersey, they just seemed boring, and needed more green. The Rays used vests before so its no big deal on this one. I based the script colour choice on the number/outline combo. Other than that, these are similar to my concept on page 2.

MLB2: Texas Rangers

21/30 Texas Rangers
Looking at a poster in my room, I focused on the Rangers for some reason. I noted that they have the same hat, with 3 different options. They all had a T, with a blue crown, and 2 had a little hint of red. One thing that sucks is that they use a pretty solid T logo, but use a weird script, with many outlines. I cut those down, and went with a font that would match the new cap logos. The primary is a badge, for the rangers. I added lighting affects, and the shape of Texas. Speaking of which, is an alt logo.

The jerseys are revamped. i like the vest look, and my thinking was that it'd look good with this particular scheme. The numbers are simple MLB block, no need for something fancy. I offered 3 different caps, too.

MLB2: Pittsburgh Pirates

20/30 Pittsburgh Pirates
The focus on this concept was yellow. I took out all red, and replaced it with a color used a lot, but not enough. One thing I noticed was that the primary logo does not match the home script.
The scripts and numbers are similar to the padres. The popping yellow, instead of a yellow outline. One thing i also did was bring back the vests, and have black sleeves. Now, on the alt, they are black vests with sleeves.

MLB2: Philadelphia Phillies

19/30 Philadelphia Phillies
I LOVED the maroon and light blue scheme, so I brought it back. There's really nothing ground breaking to do with this team. The primary is the shape of Citizen's Bank park. I made a home plate like some stadium logos. The bell included in this set also resembles the bell tower lights in the park. Same old P logo, and script. I WANTED to do a Philadelphia script, but its way too long for a jersey.

I nearly took away the pinstripes, but found they had history when the team won their first championship. The roads are suppose to resemble the currents, but with different stripes. The alt's were light blue, but now they are maroon. Note, the sleeve patch is the numbers from the currents. BUT WAIT, under hem now is the bell. Does that work?

MLB2: San Diego Padres

18/30 San Diego Padres
I'm continuing to get rid of the blues in the majors. This is one of the easier teams to do that. The padres use to have a sweet colour scheme in brown, and yellow. I just HAD to bring it back. But thats it, I kept the current logos. I made the swinging friar more prominent in the set. Consistency was also lacking. The only script with a drop shadow was the Padres one. What I did was use the same effect on the cap logo and the San Diego script.

The jerseys are a little different. Simple piping, and scripts match. The insides are yellow, and outsides are brown. Maybe hard to see, but they pop more. The road is sandy, because the gray clashed too much with brown and yellow.

MLB2: Baltimore Orioles

17/30 Baltimore Orioles
I wanted to do a throwback to previous sets, and I think some new things, mixed with old would work. The orange is slightly lighter, I wanted a lighter set as a whole. I used a Oriole head logo instead of the full body. This was the one before the well known one, look it up. I like the Maryland flag logo as a sleeve patch. The primary is the same logo with the bird head on it. Also, I put the O's logo on the bird cap for effect.

I really like the O's jerseys now, but I'd make a few changes. The piping is the same, but the O's logo is on the cap instead of the bird. The road is the same, with the bird logo on the cap. I made an orange alt instead of a black alt. I went with white things, with black outlines instead of the other way around. Also made a concept cap to make it lighter.

MLB2: Washington Nationals

16/30 Washington Nationals
One thing with this series I tried to do, was explore other colour combos. The NL East currently has 3 red and blue teams. I decided to make it just one in the world of raysox(see the Phillies). I was toying around with red, bronze, and an off white. It needed a darker colour, anything but blue. I tried black, and maybe a darker red. Then I tried brown, and it looked fantastic. I really like the first scripts as compared to the cursive scripts that match the W. I used those as you can see. I wanted to make a W that matched the scripts, but I really couldn't stray away from that classic logo. The primary is a combination of one of the logos they had, with the capital building.

You know how some teams have double piping on their jerseys, well i did the unthinkable. BAM TRIPLE PIPING. No neck piping or anything, just sleeves. The home match the off white from the logo. The names and numbers match the scripts. Thats pretty much it

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MLB2: New York Mets

15/30 New York Mets
I thought it over, and kept black. It added a lot to the blue and orange look. The primary has Mets with a shadow of black. The road script now matches the Mets script. The jerseys remain relatively the same. The home is the same, then the road is a grey version of it. The alt is blue now, with an orange script and numbers.

Simple changes, for a good look.

Thats 15 of 30! half way!

MLB2: Florida Marlins

14/30 Florida Marlins
The Marlins will move to a new stadium in 2012, and they plan to change the name to the Miami Marlins. Also, a changing to orange and black. I also changed the colors, and not the name. The colors are more creole blue, moving away from the aqua. I dropped silver, and recolored the marlin on the F. The F is now blue, instead of black. The script is two tone, adding some effect.
The jerseys are pretty simple, with sleeve piping. Blue is used a lot with the numbers and piping. The alt is mainly blue. Like the rays, the script is the same color as the jersey.

MLB2: Seattle Mariners

13/30 Seattle Mariners
So I've seriously had this idea since the start, and never really figured out what was wrong. I figured out that the font was just lame. So I moved to a more Agency type with the newer rebrand. I dropped the aqua-ish colour, just for the fact that it's basically a new team restarting. I did have seahawks colours, but dropped the lighter blue. I liked the compass logo deal, so I kept it around, but put an anchor on it for the marine theme. I learned how to do that with text too! So I honed my newfound skill and made a new script. If you remember what I said about Detroit's jerseys, I hate jerseys with just piping on the chest, not the sleeves. Piping is now on the sleeves. For the alt, I tried to include some lime green in there more than usual. The contrast makes it pop on the navy.

MLB2: Toronto Blue Jays

12/30 Toronto Blue Jays
Quick, name one thing thats wrong with the current set. If you said everything, and not just the black, then get out. I kinda like where they were heading, they just messed it up along the way. Main thing, is the lack of blue. I say, go blue, and light blue. Coincidentally that's what I did.

The primary is a tilted version of the current, with blue bevels. I threw in navy for a darker colour. The cap logo is the same, but I added an updated version of the beloved first set. The current road has a script and number set that have nothing to do with anything. I brought back the original Toronto script from this era and threw it on here. The jerseys I did put a little piping on the sleeve and neck so there was atleast something. The alternate is a light blue a la retro, and a white front cap with the sleeve logo. Enjoy it!

MLB2: Cleveland Indians

11/32 Cleveland Indians
I went to a Rays-Indians game recently, and the whole time I was noticing how lame the Tribe's set was. Chief Wahoo has random strokes on the feather, and teeth. The outlines are inconsistent, too. I have a Wahoo vector, but it was beyond repair, that means I had to trace it all by myself I fixed everything I mentioned, and added some white to the feather as an update. I dropped the block script/cap logo. I used the cursive fonts, with the C from Cleveland in a new hat logo. Simply a C with the feather. Lastly on the logos, I made the red more red, than a pinkish colour. The jerseys aren't much different. One thing I noticed was the NOB were weird in the sense that there was too many layers. Though, it looked better this way. For some reason, I thought they had a navy alt with the primary logo on the chest, turns out they didn't. So I just made one!

MLB2: San Francisco Giants

10/30 San Francisco Giants
Keeping it basically the same with this, but making it my own. A few major things, instead of drop shadows, I used dual outlines on almost everything. The primary is probably a hit or miss, but the bottom is the baseball from the current, with the team name, and golden gate bridge on top. The bridge was the main focus for a logo I've done before. It's the G from the script, with a section of the bridge in the middle. Then, FINALLY, I made a script using the same font that says San Francisco. It may be a bit cluttered, but dammit, I finally got a logo like that done.

Onto the jerseys. The same striping style, but the sleeve piping is moved up slightly, not on the edge. The caps are the same as the currents, with my logos. The road features my new script. Here it is!

MLB2: Los Angeles Dodgers

9/30 Los Angeles Dodgers
Simplifying a simple team. I took out the red in the logo, so no red ball. The primary is the same, put on a diamond similar to an old Dodgers logo. The LA is the same, then the patch is the primary with LA. The jersey now has sleeve piping, and no red numbers on the front. Really simple and clean look.