Monday, May 2, 2011

MLB2: Baltimore Orioles

17/30 Baltimore Orioles
I wanted to do a throwback to previous sets, and I think some new things, mixed with old would work. The orange is slightly lighter, I wanted a lighter set as a whole. I used a Oriole head logo instead of the full body. This was the one before the well known one, look it up. I like the Maryland flag logo as a sleeve patch. The primary is the same logo with the bird head on it. Also, I put the O's logo on the bird cap for effect.

I really like the O's jerseys now, but I'd make a few changes. The piping is the same, but the O's logo is on the cap instead of the bird. The road is the same, with the bird logo on the cap. I made an orange alt instead of a black alt. I went with white things, with black outlines instead of the other way around. Also made a concept cap to make it lighter.

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