Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MLB2: Detroit Tigers

/30 Detroit Tigers
Now, this might be a little radical. I moved away from the classic Tigers look, and took it into a direction I thought would also be cool. I like the D primary logo better than the D on the cap, so I used it here. I also threw in some outlines to tie it in with the other logos. I realized the cursive scripts weren't doing much, and there wasn't any old English scripts yet. The primary is a throwback to the logo from the 70s-80s. Finally, I used the turn of the century tiger head as a patch, and on the primary. But everyone does that, since its awesome. On the scripts, I put only one outline, to simplify it.

I kept the current chest only piping. I also wanted to implement the colour orange more than they do now. The caps have the same pattern with a white logo on the home and alt, then orange on the road. The alt is navy on navy, that seemed to work best.

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