Sunday, May 1, 2011

MLB2: Seattle Mariners

13/30 Seattle Mariners
So I've seriously had this idea since the start, and never really figured out what was wrong. I figured out that the font was just lame. So I moved to a more Agency type with the newer rebrand. I dropped the aqua-ish colour, just for the fact that it's basically a new team restarting. I did have seahawks colours, but dropped the lighter blue. I liked the compass logo deal, so I kept it around, but put an anchor on it for the marine theme. I learned how to do that with text too! So I honed my newfound skill and made a new script. If you remember what I said about Detroit's jerseys, I hate jerseys with just piping on the chest, not the sleeves. Piping is now on the sleeves. For the alt, I tried to include some lime green in there more than usual. The contrast makes it pop on the navy.

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