Sunday, May 1, 2011

MLB2: Milwaukee Brewers

5/30 Milwaukee Brewers
I like the current scripts, colors, and cap logos, but I also like the old barrel guy. I mixed the two with this concept. One thing, I did NOT use the ball in glove logo like EVERYONE who has ever done a Brewers concept ever before. The current cap logos and scripts look great so I used them. I made a B cap logo for an alt cap. The barrel man is a must, it is just soooo awesome. The primary started out as stripes like the barrel man. But it looked odd. I just had a plain white home. I like the current numbers, so I used them with the same shadow effect. No weird names though, just plain block. Here. Look at it. Now.

I'm glad I changed the colors from royal blue to navy. Much better.

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