Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sporting Los Angeles

I FINALLY figured out how to finish this concept. As you know, I had the palate, and I had the outside done, like you can see on the last page. I put Los Angeles at the bottom, and Sporting at the top. Then, I had a dilemma. I wanted an LA on it, but had to do it different than the Dodgers. I came up with this idea at school today, and ran with it. I simplified the scheme, by dropping some greys, and blues, but I like what I ended up with. I'm so glad the pink came out this good.
These jerseys were sort of influenced by the Galaxy's kits. I did a sash that ran completely around the jersey, unlike the Galaxy's. I broke up the sash to look like the pattern on the logo. I did this for simplicity, but I let the colors make it unique.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Philadelphia Battalion

This was one of the color schemes I really wanted to use. I just didn't have a name, or a logo idea. Someone suggestion Battalion, and I thought that was actually a really good idea. I thought of the Keystone, and KNEW that is what I wanted to use. I modified the shape slightly, and made it look sort of 3 dimensional. I made a cannon for the bottom of the Keystone, and alternate logo. Nothing fancy.

Honestly, of the ones that I've done, the logo set isnt my favorite. But I knew I would make cool jerseys, and I thought i did! Inspired by Oregon, I tried to mix black/grey/highlighter. The black tops and grey pants I thought looked cool, and the grey pinstripes looked better than highlighter. I just used a white version of the home as the clash.

Tampa Bay Tridents

This concept was heavily based on the Lightning's logo. The arena is filled with royal blue color, so I wanted to keep it in the arena. I did try for a dynamic looking logo, with a trident instead of a bolt. I figured, as a tie in to the Area, the weapon of the God of the ocean was fitting. If you think that it wouldn't fit in with the soccer logos, go check out VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. The font is called Kirsty, and I felt matched the theme. The alternate logo is a TB inside the circles from the primary. I wanted simplicity! Every logo could also be in blue like my sig.
For the jerseys, I went for simplicity. You might notice that it is heavily influenced by the Lightning. I put victory stripes in the armpit area because it's a great idea. If you don't know, the original ones on the Lightning jerseys were put there because you'd only see them when the player's arms were raised after scoring, or while lifting the cup. I decided to go no sponsor on the jersey, so put a large Trident in the middle. The clash is a white version of the home! Oh! The socks match the victory stripes. 

Atlanta Rovers

I wanted to do something different, even though this is a team from my MLS division 2 league. I really wanted to use this scheme again, because everything has to do with peaches in Atlanta. Atlanta bros, how many streets are named "Peachtree"? So I completely redid my logo from last time. In a diamond, I had the blue, peach, and orange evenly spaced so it's 3 equal stripes. The peach I used on the last concept, and a script was used on the logo. Like, there was no reason to this madness, it just worked, ya know? I just went for simplicity here. The field is also smurf turf, thought that might be cool.

Since Atlanta is on blue turf, I made them have peach uniforms. I didn't know what I would do with their jerseys, and kinda messed around with a few things. Then I thought of hoops, and really fell in love the way the two peaches looked together. I just went from there using blue as an accent. Then the clash is a navy version for games against, like, IX Counties

Houston Supernovas

Someone mentioned the name, and I thought there could be something I could work off of. A supernova is the strongest force in the universe, so the name really would work. That, and they would be Yakball's version of the Sonics. So I didn't want to use black again in the state of Texas, so this concept was predominantly purple. Then, instead of being cliche, I used a burnt orange color instead of yellow. I used a Juventes like oval, and tried to make it dynamic. I got the script and every thing, then I had to fill the empty SPACE. Great pun on my part. First I just tried to make an explosion looking thing. Then, I thought I could have some meaning behind it. There is 13 points in each spike thing, for Apollo 13. Then, in the middle, I used black, because a supernova explosion causes black holes. Pretty cool on my part.

This might be one of my favorites. I wanted something cool and modern. So I did some unbalanced designs. The left arm would be a different color than the rest, with colored swooshes boxing in the front area. I THOUGHT about putting stars and stuff on the purple, but I thought that was too gimmicky.

Empire NYC

So my original idea for the logo was a triangle, with the skyline(MLS ASG) on top. Then I would have the team name in the white. Then I was trying to find the right font, settled on the Falcon's one and everything just started clicking. I did a banner, and it balanced out the logo. I added a shadow to the banner, and just cleaned up the logo, and got rid of open space. This is my favorite primary so far. The alternate is simply a star with NYC over it. For the field, I put the skyline slightly darker for something I haven't done already for this series.

I want Empire to be a landmark team, so I went simple and classy here. I did a stripe down the left side, that tapers off at the bottom. Simple as that! The same pattern is found on the pant stripe. I did choose white as the home because no other team has yet. Also, this is probably my favorite set so far.

Dallas Outlaws

Black and gold was the color scheme I wanted, because a color similar to the Rangers would be my second choice, but I'm happy with this one. The alternate logo was the logo I originally drew, with a hat forming the top shape of Texas, and I kept it in the logos. THe primary logo is a ribbon effect, which I thought was something different. On that logo, to fill the empty space, I put barbed wire. Then I loved my barbed wire and included it in a few places on the entire identity.

These jerseys were influenced by the logo, obviously. I did the 3 ribbon wrap around effect, which I thought looked great on the black. I thought limiting white would be the best, so it's only on the nike stuff, front number, and sponsor I put on the back of the jersey.

Minnesota Loggers

Whew, I finished one! I have about 5 other teams started, but none finished. But I knew kind of what I wanted with this. I came up with the name, and looked up some concepts to get a logo to build around. I knew I wanted T-Wolves colors, and plaid. I tried some things with the Wild colors, but didn't like it. The primary is a circle logo with some plaid and a cool font, and Minnesota in the middle. I made a ML logo for promotions or whatever. Then did my thing on the field!

The jerseys look pretty cool I think. I did a sash effect running right to left, then plaid in it. I tried to make it pop as much as I could with 3 darker colors. Simplicity with a dash of plaid.

Carolina Flyers

Yes, this is recycled from an old soccer series, but I liked the name too much to pass up. The idea behind the concept was to represent the research triangle, and North Carolina as a whole. The state is first in flight, obviously. Then, I made the propellers in the main logo represent UNC-State-Duke, with the colors representing where each city is located. I went for a classier look for the team, as you can see. I hate UNC with a passion, but carolina blue seemed to work, especially with accent colors. The CF in the middle is circular to match the logo.

I wanted argyle to become the team's style, so the entire front is argyle. It was a BITCH to make, but I thought it turned out pretty solid. I went with navy on the clash shorts to be different.

IX Counties Yakball

Suggested by Burmy, the team based in the Bay Area will be known as IX Counties. There are 9 counties that is considered the "Bay Area" in California. I originally had them in San Jose, but with a name like this, I thought they could also play at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Which brings me to another point, why doesn't San Fran have a decent arena? The idea was to have Sharks teal, Niners gold, and Raiders black. Then I thought a Lightning/Wings/Leafs type concept is needed. I thought that I haven't seen a orange/white team like this, so the decision was easy. I made a crest, and had the Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted simplicity, and there wasn't a great opportunity for an alternate logo. But simplicity was what I wanted.

I wanted to try some stuff Nike would use, with chevrons running down the front. IX Counties only uses orange and white, so the orange had to pop, with a nice contrast. The same pattern is on the pants stripe, too.

Chicago Brigade

Originally, I planned on Tampa having a fire-themed name. Tampa means fire sticks in the Calusa language. But the Great Chicago Fire is more understood, i guess! That, and I thought of a cool name. So I wanted to play off the Fireman theme with this one. I originally had the Fire's crest, but modified it, even though it's similar. I put the 4 Chicago stars from the flag on the bottom part, and arched CHICAGO on the top. I felt like the OKC Thunder font worked well here. THe alternate logo is a helmet and hatchet, to add to the theme. I might work on the hatchet, I think that logo might need some work.

I just did a modern set for this team, and tried a few things. I did the front yellow chest part first, and was going to put a sponsor on it. But I thought some stars would look better. I put numbers above them for balance. Really, I just threw it together, but I like the final product!

Denver Altitude

I went for a very brown and yellow heavy set. I balanced all I could with some simple striping and piping.

This name was suggested by CJWerks. I wanted a mountain themed concept for the mile high city, so I got the name and ran with it. The colors were set, because it's awesome, and the Broncos ditched them. So I felt like I owed Denver a solid. I was going to have a mountain, with a sleek snow cap, a la Nuggets. But I was looking at logos and found that a mountain that looks solid was the realistic looking mountain like the MLS All-Star game in Salt Lake City. The mile high was put all throughout this concept. The alternate logo is a 5280, which is the number of feet in a mile. I included the number on the primary logo. The alt logo is also on the field between the box line, and the 2 point line.

Boston YC

I wanted to have Boston have a team similar to the Celtics. I really like that green color, and it would work nicely because they would also play at the Garden. I just couldn't come up with a name similar to Celtics. I wanted a name for an Irish person, similar to the Canucks. Looking at some old concepts, I had a logo for a team called FC Miami Flamingos, with a circle and the same effect. I like what I had, so I put it in green and white. I wanted simplicity throughout. A simple font, a simple alt, and a matching script.
This set was based off of the logo, and inspired from Blackburn's half and half set. It's something different that would be unique in my league. The clash is black to be different from the home, and I thought the green and white pop on the black.


Yakball Association

Alright, you guys. 

So you probably haven't heard, unless you stalk my posts that I made up a sport that has a cult following with friends in the area. The sport is called yakball, check it out. Here's our website with all the good stuff http://yakball.webs.com/

Basically, it's a 4 on 4 game. You have to pass the ball twice, before you can throw the ball into the box on the wall. Each team has 1 Center, who acts like a goalie on defense. Since it is set up like a half court basketball game, when their team is on offence, they can get the ball and score. It could be easier reading the rules, and watching the video, but that's the basic stuff.

I wanted to make some logos, and figured this would be a good way to make some logos. Basically, my idea was have a FIFA type association. One name, then have leagues in different countries. Not sure how deep this will go, but I feel like it will be better than my UHL concepts, which I became bored with fast. I have the USA started, and cities picked out in a few more countries. 

With the names, I wanted a mix between nicknames, and Euro-soccer type names. You'll see what I have below. The following are the leagues/teamnames/links to concepts. The cities ARE SET. DEAL WITH IT. But the blank team names can be suggested, so feel free. No stupid ones tho. 

Here is the Google Map of teams and future locations