Monday, March 5, 2012

Empire NYC

So my original idea for the logo was a triangle, with the skyline(MLS ASG) on top. Then I would have the team name in the white. Then I was trying to find the right font, settled on the Falcon's one and everything just started clicking. I did a banner, and it balanced out the logo. I added a shadow to the banner, and just cleaned up the logo, and got rid of open space. This is my favorite primary so far. The alternate is simply a star with NYC over it. For the field, I put the skyline slightly darker for something I haven't done already for this series.

I want Empire to be a landmark team, so I went simple and classy here. I did a stripe down the left side, that tapers off at the bottom. Simple as that! The same pattern is found on the pant stripe. I did choose white as the home because no other team has yet. Also, this is probably my favorite set so far.

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