Monday, March 5, 2012

Philadelphia Battalion

This was one of the color schemes I really wanted to use. I just didn't have a name, or a logo idea. Someone suggestion Battalion, and I thought that was actually a really good idea. I thought of the Keystone, and KNEW that is what I wanted to use. I modified the shape slightly, and made it look sort of 3 dimensional. I made a cannon for the bottom of the Keystone, and alternate logo. Nothing fancy.

Honestly, of the ones that I've done, the logo set isnt my favorite. But I knew I would make cool jerseys, and I thought i did! Inspired by Oregon, I tried to mix black/grey/highlighter. The black tops and grey pants I thought looked cool, and the grey pinstripes looked better than highlighter. I just used a white version of the home as the clash.

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