Monday, March 5, 2012

Atlanta Rovers

I wanted to do something different, even though this is a team from my MLS division 2 league. I really wanted to use this scheme again, because everything has to do with peaches in Atlanta. Atlanta bros, how many streets are named "Peachtree"? So I completely redid my logo from last time. In a diamond, I had the blue, peach, and orange evenly spaced so it's 3 equal stripes. The peach I used on the last concept, and a script was used on the logo. Like, there was no reason to this madness, it just worked, ya know? I just went for simplicity here. The field is also smurf turf, thought that might be cool.

Since Atlanta is on blue turf, I made them have peach uniforms. I didn't know what I would do with their jerseys, and kinda messed around with a few things. Then I thought of hoops, and really fell in love the way the two peaches looked together. I just went from there using blue as an accent. Then the clash is a navy version for games against, like, IX Counties

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