Sunday, July 12, 2009


Alright guys, I've been using paint for over a year. I thought it was time to move onto a different program. I have decided to use inkscape. My concepts will be neater from now on.Inkscape is a vector program, which is basically not bitmap.

Here's the concept I made based ont he totorial by fellow board member, gingerbread man.
Then putting my skills I learned into making this 76ers concept. I actually kind of like it.

So that's what you will be seeing from me in the future. I havn't been doing much concepts, since the only vector templates I have are basketball, and hockey. But stay tuned.

Anchorage Bucs

5/6 Anchorage Bucs
Nothing amazing on the logos. MLB Tucson fonts, with a pirate flag on a bat as a tertiary to be used as patched.
On the jerseys, I kept the pinstripes that the team wears now. I added an all grey road jersey.The last will be the Fire, I'll see if I can get that done tonight.

Friday, July 3, 2009

EPLJR: Stoke City

20/20 Stoke City
Alrighty, last one. The stripes are based on the ones in the crest. Then the clash is a blue version of the home, without stripes. Switched to puma from Le Coq Sportif.
Alrighty, that's all I guess.

Gonna work on the Alaska Project, then learn inkscape!

EPLJR: Everton

19/20 Everton
I made my concept similar to the Houston Dynamo kits a few years ago. I added a sublimated castle like the one in the crest onto the jersey. I changed the yellow from the crest into a golden colour, not some faded yellow. The away is sort of based off the current away. Then the bottom one is a yellow jersey with a random design.

EPLJR: Sunderland

18/20 Sunderland
I kept stripes again, but I added a shoulder yoke type thing that they used a few years ago. The stripes on them is based after the Islanders 4 stripes for championships, the team has 6 championships, so I made 6 stripes. The clash is just a black kit, with red and white pinstripes.


17/20 WBA
Just trying to finish this series off, here's my concept for West Bromwich Albion. I went with tradition, and kept the stripes. Just a simple design there. I added hoop socks, since, well they're awesome. Also, the team doesn't have a sponsor, so I left it off. I was thinking about putting a number on the front, but I decided against it. The clash is 2 colours from their crest. I based it somewhat on some World Cup kits from 06