Sunday, November 22, 2009

BCS Buster Concepts

Continuing with my little off and on project. Screw the whole 20 team thing for now, I'm gonna post some at random. Here's concepts for 3 teams trying to crash the BCS bowls. They all have pretty bad jerseys, IMO, but here's my take.

18/120: TCU
Their jerseys are plain jerseys, with a spike pattern on the cuffs. I tried to combine those, and the Pro Combat jerseys. I used a purple helmet, with black streaks, like the blood stripes on the Pro Combat set. I kept the cuffs, but made the sleeves a different colour. I was consistent with the numbers, since they have 2 different fonts for their jerseys. Hmm, the pants are interchangeable. Enjoy.

19/120 Cincinnati
I love the claw mark motif now, but their jerseys are lacking. It's an adidas template with horns, kinda lame. I took the pants stripe, with a pattern on the under arm with claws. The white pants don't have a stripe underneath like so. Also, no outline on stripes or numbers.

20/120 Boise State
Well, their Fiesta Bowl jerseys were pretty... bleh. The current ones are a hot mess. So I went modern, with a modern design. Honestly, this is my least favorite. But here's an opportunity to give me some C&C.


I did another competition on the boards, and once the anonymous voting is done, I'll post it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Minnesota Nike Pro Combat

I was talking to TC of The Clubhouse about the Pro Combat teams, and we were naming some Nike teams that would be cool to have jerseys like this. We said Oregon, and we also said Minnesota. I did Oregon, then had an idea for Minne.

What I did, was use the tail pattern found on a full body gopher logo. I put it on the pants, and helmet. The sleeves are a stripe with halftone gradient, similar to what Nike used on Virginia Tech. I went with yellow, just to be kind of different, that and they're the GOLDEN Gophers. I chose a more modern font, instead of a block. That should cover it, enjoy.
Anyone want to request any team, of any sport? I'll do anything. I'll keep doing the Lapwings concept.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oregon Nike Pro Combat Jersey

Last week, Nike came out with a new kind of uniform. One that's lighter, stronger, and safer. My first thought was witchcraft, but then I saw how cool they looked. Read more about them at The Clubhouse.

If you watch ANY college football, you know Oregon comes out with the craziest jersey combos. But the thing is, they aren't part of this program. Because of this, I made one for them! The Pro Combat jerseys have some really modern design, or a throwback. I took the duck wings on their current jerseys, and put them on the sleeve. I did a bunch of them on top of eachother to look like duck wings. The pants just have Oregon written down the sides. The helmet is suppose to be the carbon helmet that they wear. Well, here ya go.
I might do more if an idea strikes. Here's a list of teams that are a part of the program.
  • Florida
  • LSU
  • Texas*
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida State*
  • Miami
  • Virginia Tech*
  • Missouri
  • TCU*
  • Ohio State*
They're wearing them this weekend. So far the ones with asterisks have been photoed. Follow The Clubhouse to see them all when they get posted.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lapwings request: Part 1

Alright, so I've been working on sketches off and on for this request. I'll admit, I'm not great at strait up concepts, so this first concept is a little sketchy. I will smooth it out as I go a long. From pictures online, I've made up what a lapwing looks like, as a mean hockey player. I only have the head done, and working on the body angles, and things. So how is this?
So anyone care to critique this? I did what he wanted so far.

I'm gonna work on a little NCAA concept for you guys, so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Armed Forces Concepts

So, I was watching College Gameday, and they were at the Army vs Air Force game. Watching that got me in the mood for some NCAA concepts. They're all teams I haven't done in my series, so they all count.

15/120 Air Force
Air Force is one of those teams who fell to the Missu football template. I took them in a more classic direction. I went with sleeve stripes, with an Air Force bolt inside them. The helmet has a bolt, with the number under it.

16/120 Army
I'm not a fan of their current jerseys, mostly because of the random grey stripe in between the gold. I put shoulder stripes, instead of high sleeve stripes. I almost went with the camo pants/helmet but I think it wouldn't work for a team with such a long history.

17/120 Navy
For my last one, I took the style of the jerseys they wore for Army-Navy last year. They wore the pants seen on the road jersey. I similar stripes on the sleeve, and socks.

So how did I do? I plan to use that set up for the next few in my total redsign. I'm redoing most of the ones I said would be posted, since I don't really like most of them anymore.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Football Concepts

Like promised here's some concepts I've been doing. I chose these teams for the out there alternate jerseys.

Here's the Saints, their current jerseys are just a normal jersey. I added similar stripes found on the helmet, and pants. I added an outline on the numbers to match the saints logo. I added a gold sock, and a white pant to get rid of the unitard look(jersey, pant, sock same colour.)
For the Seahawks, I first planned to cut a colour of blue, and add silver. It just didn't look as good as the current colours. I added a similar sleeve design, and put a larger bird logo on the side. The home and away pants are interchangeable, but the green alt had white pants always. That was the one thing that didn't look good when they wore them earlier this year. I also made the jerseys have dark numbers on the alt.
C&C please. I have no idea what I'm gonna do next. I'll probably work on the Belgian logo some, maybe a concept for the Rays(have some AWESOME sketches.) Maybe some new logos for my school. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 2, 2009

CCSLC Competition: Player logo

So I entered a competition on the boards where you designed player logos. I did my favorite player, Evan Longoria. It's self explanatory. Click the link under for a white background.
So how'd i do? Comments are below.

I'm working on some NFL concepts for you all, so check back! I also have some fan art coming!