Sunday, January 22, 2012

Providence Bruins

Now, I didn't want to just reuse the pro team's logos. But since the team is the Bruins also, I felt like I could clean up their look. The logo for Providence didn't get updated when the Bruins got their new logo. That was my starting point for my rebrand. I made the current Bruins B a P, and called that my primary. The alternate logo is actually a current logo, and it looks real nice. OH, I also replaced the black with brown.

The jerseys are different, too. I wanted to make the Bruins' Winter Classic jersey their full time set. I made minor changes, like the number outlines, but that's it. The home is a white version of the WC set, which I am also happy with.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Toronto Marlies

So this is the team I've noticed a lot because of the game. On their logo, they had a lighter blue. On the jerseys, they had silver outlines on the numbers. I felt like this would be a good team to model after the pro club. I combined all the blues to match the Leafs. Then made an alternate logo with the old Leafs logo, which the Marlies use behind the shield. I wanted something simple, so that's where I got that. The script is simply a strait one from the logo.

The jerseys, I did make them slightly different than the pro team. The sleeve stripes are the same, but I added off color shoulder yokes. Then did a stripe at the end of the sleeve and hem. Simplicity!
Next team will be the Providence Bruins!

United Hockey League


So I've gotten back to playing NHL 10 on xbox again. One mode I love is the Be A Pro mode. I decided to try to be a goalie, got drafted to Toronto, and sent to the AHL to get some practice in. Then I realized, how stupid and bad some team names are. That, and the fact there's several Canadian teams in the American Hockey League. 

 So screw Tradition, and I'm gonna try to rebrand or redesign the teams in the newly named United Hockey League. 

 This is my logo! Simple script over a circle, with the top part of the circle red, with maple leafs for Canada. Then the bottom has stars for the USA. The alternates are logos for Canadian teams, and then American teams. I did a UHL logo itself, then finally conference logos.

Monday, January 16, 2012


So I've been super busy in the last few weeks with school, and stuff, so I really haven't been doing concepts, which sucks. I need to get back to that. 

Unfortunately, one of my good friends drowned last week, and he was THE best player of the sport I made up. We always talked about filming the game, and posting it on YouTube to spark interest. So I organized a game Saturday, and got the most people I've ever gotten to come play. We got the game on film, and now everyone is pumped about it.

So here is some game footage I thought I'd share with you. Watching it on YouTube might be better, because you can watch it in HD on a big screen! Those are the rules of the game, which migh not make sense at first, but the video shows game action. I'm working with some friends on making a how to video so it would be easier to learn. I'm in the black shirt, and white pants, if you must know!

If you're interested, ask me about it on my email, or like the facebook page!

Arkansas Razorbacks Rebrand

So I loved doing my Florida State concept so much, I wanted to try my hand on another college team rebrand.On this design message board, I started a contest for college logo rebrands, so I didn't have to do all the teams I wanted to redo myself! 

So the logo above is a redraw and modernization of the razorback logo. I tried to make the lines and outlines consistent with the shape of the pig. I tried to make it look fiercer, and I feel like It did.

Below are the alternate logos, and scripts. The script was suppose to be sharp looking, and have the effect of a razorback, hence the marks. The baseball team uses an A logo, that is similar to the Braves' A, so I made it the A from the script for consistency. The last alt is a state logo, because the Razorbacks ARE Arkansas. They represent the whole state when they play.

So those are the logos! I have to do a uniform concept also, so I'll get that done sometime and post it, when I'm not busy!