Monday, January 16, 2012

Arkansas Razorbacks Rebrand

So I loved doing my Florida State concept so much, I wanted to try my hand on another college team rebrand.On this design message board, I started a contest for college logo rebrands, so I didn't have to do all the teams I wanted to redo myself! 

So the logo above is a redraw and modernization of the razorback logo. I tried to make the lines and outlines consistent with the shape of the pig. I tried to make it look fiercer, and I feel like It did.

Below are the alternate logos, and scripts. The script was suppose to be sharp looking, and have the effect of a razorback, hence the marks. The baseball team uses an A logo, that is similar to the Braves' A, so I made it the A from the script for consistency. The last alt is a state logo, because the Razorbacks ARE Arkansas. They represent the whole state when they play.

So those are the logos! I have to do a uniform concept also, so I'll get that done sometime and post it, when I'm not busy!

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