Monday, January 28, 2013

2004 Stanley Cup Conepts

Just some hockey concepts to clear your palette! First, I noticed that every flames concept trying to bring them back to basics doesn't use black. Well I did simple striping with black and went for a bold fresh look with black to highlight colors.
 Next, I really wish my team would clean up their third jersey. It was good for their last set, but since they changed to super clean and classy, it doesn't fit. I tried my hand at two alternate jerseys. One focusing on vintage white, with BOLTS on the chest, like the current. The other is like the Habs' home jersey with the roundel logo on them.

Aberdeen Energy

The Edmonton team used an oil theme, so that's why I was always so hesitant about the suggestions. Well, one of Aberdeen's nickname is the Energy Capital of Europe, so I thought I could do a really good identity. I LOVED the crest mcrosby used for Angola in his African Soccer concepts(go check it out, it's great). I did a color scheme for the Nashville Predators on my new tumblr that I liked, so I brought it back. I did a lightning bolt, yakball, with scripts on the crest to fill space. I feel like the bold colors helped out the concept a lot.
Another Kappa team, on a uniform that's a mix of Birmingham's uniform, and the old Dortmund ones. I went with monochrome yellow and white, and tried to be as bold as possible!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glasgow Nationals

Finally a team in Glasgow! A national symbol for Scotland is a unicorn, and I thought it was unique enough to include in a crest, hence the name Nationals. I wanted to make it different from other blue and white teams I did, so I used Buffalo Bills blue and white, and went for a more modern look. 

The uniforms have horizontal pinstripe as this motif. Blue with white pants and socks, kinda like Tampa. The clash is highlighter, because it would be unique to the league, and because I can! 

Nottingham Sherrifs

Knocking out the last team from England! Honestly, I didn't know what kind of imagery to use for this team, I just liked the suggested name. I went with a red, vintage white, and black. I made a modern yakball and put it on a crest and made it look good. If anyone has an idea for something to add to improve, be my guest.

The jerseys were pretty cool, I thought. I went with vertical red and black stripes with vintage white to offset that. I wanted a classic AC Milan feel. The clash is off color with darker stripes because it looked better than it did being plain.

Harps YC

FINALLY getting to this team after knowing the name since the Isles league started. The harp is one of the national symbols of Ireland. I used the one from the Dublin flag, cleaned it up a bit and put it on a crest. I wanted this team to have a regal feel, or atleast classy. So I put it on a white and black crest with a cursive script. The field is not team specific, because they split time with the other Dublin team I'm yet to do.

I wanted the team to be recognizable, so I gave them gold pants balanced with a black top. Guinness will be the sponsor for both teams in Dublin so no one is exiled, like Carling sponsors both Rangers and Celtic in Glasgow. The clash is all white.