Sunday, April 26, 2009

RtMLB: Marlins

Alright 30/30 right now.
It's for the Fish.
So like everyone is doing, they're making their concept for the Miami Marlins. Didn't change much though. I made the aqua more blue, brought back the M marlin logo, and added a new script. The primary was originally planned to be a ocean scene. The ball being the sun, and make waves under the script in the primary, but couldn't get them figured out. I decided it looked good anyhow.Now I think this jersey set is really sharp. I dropped the pin stripes, since they don't have the same amount of history as other teams do that use them. I made the piping aqua, and black, and kept it consistent the whole way around. On the primary caps, I made it all black, with an aqua top, and brim edge. I also kept the lettering on the alternate black for the soul purpose of looking really good.Alright that's all of them for my first time through. I'll get to updates sometime this week.
Which ones should be?
I have the Rays, Dodgers, BoSox, Indians, and I guess Braves.

RtMLB: Braves

Lots of tomahawks in this Braves concept.
So some major things that I did was make the white Tomahawk A the primary, dropping the plain A, added a new secondary logo, edited the Braves script, and made a new road script. I pretty much could've said I changed every logo a little. I made the primary white for 2 reasons. 1) It looks really good on TFoA's sig, and 2) The red A had too much red in it. The secondary is a play on the Brewers logo on Wisconsin. But really, all I did was put the primary on Georgia . Added a white outline to the Braves script. Lastly I put the primary as the A in Atlanta. I kept it white so it didn't get lost in the tomahawk. The only thing that's a negative, is the fact it covers up the t a little too much. Enjoy.On the jerseys, I didn't change much since I actually really like them now. I asked 2 Braves fans, JayJackson, and Mike about which alternate they liked better. They liked the red, so I kept it. I kept the same cap on all 3.i actually really like the tomahawk A hat soo much I want to get one next time I'm up there.
So Marlins later tonight, then the redos.
I started the Rays one so that might be the first.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rugby Template, and Concept

Hey everyone. I just randomly decided to make a rugby template today, since I've asked on the template thread, to no responses. Nothing special, just what a jersey looks like.give me your email, and i'll send

Then to show it off, I did a fairly easy concept for New Zealand. If you don't know squat about rugby, they're known as the All Blacks, for their all black jerseys(go figure). They're also the ones that did the haka, before doing the haka was cool(I recommend going to YouTube and searching it.)
I added a "watermarked" fern into it, just to add something, and make it a concept. I made a grey alt, like what they have now.So comments on the template, or jersey?

Gah, I NEED to find Rugby 08. I lost it, and I really want to play it now.

RtMLB: Royals

Now for your AL Central leaders...

The Kansas City Royals!

They're tied with the Tigers, and Sox btw. With this, I wanted to bring back powder blue as a secondary colour(behind, well, royal blue), and get rid of black. I updated the main logo. I made it round on the bottom, instead of a point. The drop shadow on the KC's I changed to powder. I added a powder shadow to the script also. The tertiary is a recoloured logo that the team uses now. I was going to make a lion, but it never turned out good.
Woo jerseys.
I added a 3 colour piping to all of them.
I added a shadow on the Kansas City script.
I took away the front numbers.
Added 2 alternates, Royal, and powder blue.
Braves, and Marlins are the last 2. Then I want to re try...

Red Sox, Dodgers, Rays, Indians, and Padres.
Also add logos to the Cards, and Mets


btw I did a Indians one, but I'm going to post the retry only

Thursday, April 16, 2009

EPLJR: Blackburn

13/20 Blackburn
Back again to present my Blackburn concept. I obviously kept the same half white, half blue kit. But I added something new. I put the flower from the crest into the jersey design. I thought it gave the jersey a nice touch. On the away, and alternate, I used the racing stripes, like what the current away is. I added a thin line between the two stripes. I added a red kit like what they had a few years ago.
Comments, please.
I have sketches for Everton, Middlesbrough, and Sunderland. I'm also open to requests.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Lacrosse Concepts!

So who here likes lacrosse? No one? Well I did some more concepts.
I did another concept for the Syracuse Orange.
I brought back the SU logo, and the script that went with it. The jersey's just a random design that I whipped up.Alrighty, next is Hopkins.
I just did a college football type jersey. I used the Hopkins script instead of something off word art. I couldn't find the font they used, so i used block, like the script.Comments? Requests?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lacrosse Template/Concept

Hey everyone. I watched the Virgina, vs Duke lacrosse game. I thought, hmmm, I don't have a good lacrosse template. So I put together a paint template with one I found from a while ago. I just used a blank template based off a picture I found. The grey-ish part is a mesh effect. Here that is...
I did a concept to to show my new template. It's for Duke. The design on the jersey was originally a horn, you know, cause they're the Blue Devils. I made a new logo, based off the D with hoop in it, I put a lacrosse stick head in it. I brought back the cursive Duke script, since I couldn't find the block letters. Enjoy

EPLJR: Wigan

12/20: Wigan
Woo, first concept with 1K posts. The inspiration for this set was the logo. The logo has a white stripe going down the middle, with blue on both sides, so that's what I did. I added a little gold around the stripes. That's pretty much all I have to say, enjoy.Not sure who's next. I have a project to do the next few days, so I will limit my concept time.
Comments please.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

EPLJR: Arsenal

11/20 Arsenal
First off, I'd like to thank Gordie for his insight that helped my with this concept.
I brought back white sleeves that the team has used for the most of the teams existence. I really like the horizontal stripes that they used a few years a go in their alt jersey. I added some gold piping too. On the away jersey, Gordie said that the away jerseys alternated from yellow, to blue since Nike signed on with the team in the 90s. On the alt, I used maroon,a nd white. Just see for yourself Requests?

RtMLB: Phillies

Next concept is for the reigning World Series champs(Uggggh)
One big thing I changed was getting rid of the blue, since a lot of teams have a red and blue combo now. I replaced blue with maroon. The main logo, I lost the infield shape, and just use the Liberty Bell behind the Phillies script. II brought back the old logo with 2 Quakers as a tertiary, which I updated with the colours in the concept. I also added cream to the colour scheme.I didn't change a whole lot on the jerseys. I did get rid of the sleeve numbers, and replaced it with the tertiary logo. I added a cream outline around the script, NOB, and numbers. I replaced the blue alt cap, with a maroon alt cap.Only 4 more!(not including re dos) I started them all, but can't get the logos perfect.
Marlins- Can't get waves right.
Royals- Lions are hard to draw on paint
Indians- Can't perfect a new script
Braves- See Indians.

But I like you guys, so I'll keep working on them.

Comments please.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winter Classic Jerseys

Hey again. Since I got sun burnt at the beach yesterday, I've had time to do the jerseys for the Minnesota Winter classic, since I can't do much else. The Wild jersey is the same as the one I posted above. Minnesota going downward, Rangers style. The Stars jersey is a North Stars jersey from the expansion year. Yes. I know, I accidentally saved in .jpg.
If you guys are enjoying this, I can do another one.