Saturday, April 27, 2013

A-League Rebrands- Newcastle Jets

The crest was a difficult upgrade, because the colors don't work together on how I normally go about logos, with the darker colors always making outlines. I did what I could, and just tried to clean up the look.I adjusted all the colors a little to try and make them pop. On the kits, I kept the vertical Barcelona looking striped kits on the home, but used white pants. The clash is a old version of their home, because gold is unique to the league and stands out.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A-League Rebrands- Central Coast Mariners

My 3rd A-League rebrand, this time the newly crowned champions. I wanted to put the logo entirely into a circle, so I ended up with a yellow and navy circle. I used powder blue as another color in addition to the main two. Instead of the wave, I put an anchor. On the kits, I did a look similar to Ajax, because the kits they have now reminded me of them. Finally, an all white clash.

A-League Rebrands- Perth Glory

The second team in my series is Perth. Their logo is pretty gradient-astic. There isn’t really imagery for glory, so I took the sun burst and ball and just kinda created around it. I did a vertical oval, took some creative liberties, added the name and year, and thought the final product was pretty good. The kits are nike, and I did some thing Nike has been doing with their soccer kits. some horizontal bars on the home, then a tapered stripe on the clash.

A-League Rebrands- Adelaide United

Thought I would do something different, and stay out of the hair of the US Soccer rebrands going around. Since they follow me on twitter, I decided the A-League would be a good league to rebrand. My goal is to have a 16 team, all Australian league. There is 9 now, plus 1 New Zealand team, so expansion will happen. The league has some meh logos, a lot of gradient. I'm gonna just go with what they have and make them presentable.

So this was the first team I did in this series. The logo had a lot of potential, but it needed to not look thrown together. I made the blue bolder, thickened the outlines, and arched the words to make it look like it isn’t slapped on there. The kits are based off the killer jumpers the Adelaide Crows use, since both teams use the same colors. I read that they were nicknamed “The Reds”, but wanted to make a balanced kit, so the clash has very minimal red.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Portland Australian Rules Football

I got a gig to design a whole 4 team Australian rules league! The team names were determined, but I had full reign on what to do with them. I wanted 4 separate colors, and just made each unique to the team. 
 But what is the best, is that in addition to the payment, I received a jersey with my logo on it, with my number on the back. Very awesome.
More teams, and a tournament logo will come up for me eventually, which I'm excited about.

International Volleyball Association

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted on here in forever, I really haven't had time to do logos very much any more because I've been so busy. I'll post some work I did for paid jobs.

I got a message about branding an entire fantasy volleyball league. The kid wanted 8 teams, all with identities and uniforms, it was a long process but check out my work.