Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seattle Mariners Concept

Hey friends! It's been a while!

So the Seattle Mariners' current look sucks. In my opinion, it's the worst set in the league. The colors don't look good together, the font sucks, and there is too many outlines. So i took the team on trying to make the look cleaner, and connect them more with the other Seattle teams. 

First, I changed to a navy and green color scheme. Seattle could easily be in the same vein as Pittsburgh with their team colors, but the Mariners use that aqua color. The compass look is good, so I kept it around. I redid the whole thing, no bevels or anything. I put the ball on top and tried to be really simple about it while giving it a bolder look. The red pops I feel, but it's the only red in the entire set. The script is modified from a font. It would be the one thing I'd change, but I like how it looked as a finished script so I kept it. The uniforms are also pretty simple, I didn't d anything too wild. Originally, I had a tan color, and wanted to do a cream Sunday alternate but decided against it.

  I also made myself a new personal logo!